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assumed threshold is more and more high. "Circle of friends", restaurant dinner let people even praise melancholy, cook and put disc chic, shooting elaborate delicacy to win a round of applause, the kitchen has become a way of life and social fashion.

since September 2011 on-line so far, "kitchen" mobile terminal applications have installed capacity of 13 million, 300 thousand active users, the user produces more than ten thousand recipes. You know, the most popular dish is "sweet and sour pork ribs". It is the first dish in the kitchen to break through the 10 thousand people ‘s "done" to upload learning works after the teaching menu.

What’s the most uncomfortable thing about "

exploded in front of the kitchen, with two problems: telling the user what to eat and trying to find out what he made".

does not support fuzzy search and cannot manually sort. Its own sorting method, not in accordance with the menu score, popularity, timeliness, correlation and other single indicators sorting, but comprehensive index sorting. Users often have to roll over several pages to find the recipe they want.

has accumulated more than ten thousand recipes, and then "go to the kitchen", and then help users find the recipes they want. Search as the most typical content discovery way, is Wang Xusheng and his team to exert the most, but also the most tangled place. Technical problems can also be >

as a Web2.0 version of the menu application, "kitchen" to meet the multiple needs of a chowhound; for what to eat tonight inspiration; a fresh approach to the fridge with food; engraved yesterday at the restaurant to eat good food. Just collect your recipe and you can check the purchase list at any time on your mobile phone. Different from the one-way transmission of recipe books, here, you can also display their learning outcomes, and can become the new Menu Creator, teaching the two sides can communicate with each other, launched between social chowhound delicious.

kitchen"? More than one answer is: "search.".

tools and community entanglements

in the "hunger breeds discontentment" nation, and "eat" the entrance has a great imagination. In front of the "red kitchen", there are two problems: keep telling the user what to eat and try to find out what you earn".

, but I haven’t been to the New Oriental school cook. I only cook instant noodles. At most, how do I add eggs? In the mobile Internet era, all the needs are thought of for you first.

2011, out of their love of food, designer Wang Xusheng left the work for two and a half years of watercress, created a cookbook application, "under the kitchen."". Now, the kitchen team from the initial 2 personal development to 12 people, rent a small villa in Beijing, Huilongguan, the first floor outside the garden vegetables, cooking dinner, two floor office meeting, underground movement, environment are much more comfortable than most startups, is in line with their product tonality.

global each big search engine provides up-to-date, or real-time search report.

page every 10 seconds automatically update the latest search words

every refresh new list is the display of goods sold

page every 15 seconds automatically update the latest search words

the most searched keyword statistics

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