SEOer learning website optimization experience sharing

contact SEO for a long time, stop now sum up the experience this time, the way to share some experience to learn SEO friends, learning SEO this time, the blog keywords do up, although not very good rankings, but should be encouraged, today to talk about this period of experience.

remember theory, but never read

when learning SEO, I also had to find books everywhere on the network, all kinds of books on the SEO looking for it again, began learning journey, and I believe that learning method we are about it, but the book is read, every expert theory also studied, but no a little improvement for ranking back to find reasons, too many people find themselves fusion theory, instead in the end no one played a role, in addition the author also noted that the SEO theory is very important, but learning time should follow the official search engine as well, other SEO personnel and good learning theory also, who is not all play a role in the current search engine, the author is dead in the reading, the result is not very ideal, we should focus on understanding the basic theory of good will The.

practice is better than everyday tools

first we talk about the actual operation of the view, the second step begin to do, as long as there will be results, this is also why there are so many SEOer do SEO optimization is a very tiring thing, for the novice to learn SEO, suggestions of building an independent website better practice the author. Because the third party platform website we control without too much, resulting in a lot of things we can not operate, for the test of SEO technology is relatively difficult, apart from this, I also think don’t rely too much on tools, tools are quick office tools, not really to be able to help themselves, said so much finally, it is recommended that you go to combat.

is good at summarizing and communicating so that you can make rapid progress.

A lot of

SEO learning staff, and thus a lot of exchange forum, QQ group and so on, so the lack of communication in the process of learning SEO, progress is not fast, what if you encounter problems in learning, should as soon as possible to resolve this problem, also can learn a lot of knowledge, but a lot of learning SEO people will share their experience, so that you will learn a lot of their own is not to learn things, and communication is on their own understanding of the situation, such as learning a lot of SEOer after a period of time, for their technical knowledge is not very good, can help others solve problems to improve your ability.

is above three SEO in the learning process, and the blog keywords Mo Xiangzhao do ten or so, this is a fortunate thing, also confirmed that the technology is not only learning, more time to practice, SEO is now very popular, whether you are through self-study or reference >

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