The hook Wangzhuan the categories and characteristics of industry

hook is a Wangzhuan cable, called a computer on the Internet can make money, make money this way on the Internet there is a title: lazy wangzhuan. This lazy Wangzhuan temptation many domestic users and early into the Wangzhuan, I long ago in a group of friends in the chat Wangzhuan people get that hook Wangzhuan don’t do what is good, every day can earn a few, the fact is that


onhook Wangzhuan first: small train hook

the hook of the way through the free way, join a group, then the group says it is hanging 100 thousand can get 50 yuan every day, the endless computer hook can get hundreds of thousands, or hundreds of yuan of money. But in fact it is not so, the little train hook Wangzhuan is free, but you every day of the computer into electricity and supplies costs money, but according to insiders, the day most can hang tens of thousands, want to rely on this money is not possible, and a lot of the time you score but the money will not be paid to you.

The characteristics of

hook Wangzhuan is: do not need to pay the deposit, do not need to bear the risk, but the income is relatively low, there may be a hard month only can get 200 – 300 yuan.

onhook Wangzhuan second: the money

was born in a money mode before the train hook Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, this is a fee paid to you, then you hang up a long time for you to return more money. I met a Wangzhuan who first entered a few days ago, he lost 700 dollars in it, he told me at the beginning of the day he rushed into the 20 yuan of money, only need to hang up 30 minutes to get 25 yuan of money, so he test a few days one day for gospel truth, he rushed 600 yuan of money, only need to hang up 3 hours to be able to get 900, know where the 600 to not return, this Wangzhuan mode is the money, but is a deceptive Wangzhuan mode.

The features of

are: Hang Wangzhuan pay some money, you hang up for a period of time to return more money, this is purely a scam Wangzhuan hook, if there is really such a good thing you can get


third: true hook hook Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

this hook Wangzhuan project is real, but it is also the most difficult to earn money, I just start to end up with a hook Wangzhuan task in an alliance website, for hanging for 4 days to get 10 yuan of money, but this Wangzhuan hook is the most real, the object is relying on a hook Alliance every day, a stable hook for 5 hours, then every month can get tens of dollars, this is actually a waste of time Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, software running on the computer too much loss. This is the kind of object for Wangzhuan students, can the hang up when they play the game every day, getting a little extra income is feasible.

This hook is Wangzhuan


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