Personal webmaster user experience can also do very well

"user experience" is a personal weakness, because we all. We have to play the role of copy, promotion, editing and so on. We also need to look at the facial expression of the search engine, and the bitterness is only known by the webmaster himself.

because the webmaster constantly pay, some things can’t take into account so comprehensive, but the Internet won’t pity you. We can only rely on their own efforts to share a cup of internet.

in many webmaster forums, I saw many places have Hangzhou 19 floor free template. This pair of individual stationmaster is a temptation really. As everyone knows, Hangzhou 19 floor user experience is done very well, both from the interface or functional, practical, have access to the user’s favorite. And grassroots Adsense even better ideas and design solutions, suffer from no technology, no funds in the real society, can only apply to other templates.

here, Xiao Bian teach you to choose your own good template. Take Discuz for example. The official template is very generous. Although it is not distinctive, but it is simple and generous. When doing web sites, the overall feeling can not allow users to feel a sense of damage suffered by the soul, giving the user a trusted, dependent feeling. Also does not suggest that we use flash and JS to increase the special effects, we are only the pursuit of tonal coordination, in line with human visual perception. Even if you use the official template, with a little change, it is also a very good template.

since the style of the website is decided, that is the user experience on the content. Many webmaster to so-called "pseudo original", regardless of the user experience. Of course, I do not oppose pseudo original, but the pseudo article must be able to let users love. For example, I’m browsing a news site, and I just want to know what’s going on, so I don’t need to give me some experts’ long speeches. Therefore, to do user experience, so that users quickly find what you want, this is also the best way to reduce the rate of jump out. When I visit the embarrassing 100, often just to see the first to see the joke, unable to restrain the emotions half hours of embarrassment. This is "the temptation of content", in content can not allow users to browse aimlessly, and disappointed to leave.

style and content are ready, the user experience is very good? No, this is just the first step of the user experience. User experience is not only technical optimization, but also to make the site more user-friendly. Stand a row of BBS webmaster, because after the baptism of Baidu, has not ranked. But the activity of the website still does not decrease. In the essay contest, more than 20 submissions were received in just a few days. And each has dozens of webmaster reply, this kind of site completely out of the search engine "bondage". Communicating with users is not a painful thing, but a happy thing.

not long ago, Xiao Bian saw an article about the Seo and user experience can not exist independently. I agree with that. All free resources are a great temptation to the webmaster, so there is "Ctr>"

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