What preparations should be made before doing the website


has recently been puzzling about meditation, how to make a website promotion, even to the bookstore has turned for a long time marketing books, still to no avail.

in Baidu search site promotion, can find a lot of articles, it is seen for external links, write text, do SEO like the article, looking for external links can improve the site weight, write the purpose of soft is to improve the site weight, do SEO Shu way are playing together, Baidu’s idea. In order to more traffic from Baidu. And this is the lifeblood of most personal website is not Baidu, the website is very difficult to have traffic, even escape from death in a great catastrophe will be weakened. So I have to consider how to survive when the website leaves Baidu,


before, many people say that content is king, do station, the most important thing is, so as to retain users, in order to accumulate traffic. But I think the content of the website is important, but it doesn’t need to be the first one. Do stand is to do promotion, as to do a product, in the product before, first have to find a good market. Website promotion went out, website content is not a piece of cake yet.

in order to find the promotion of law, I chose a website theme, want to see if you can find effective promotion method, but without effect.

back to the careful reading promotion methods in some articles found, write soft this promotion means in some website theme also used, but now many webmaster write soft purelyto increase the chain site, rather than directly to the website in order to import traffic. Yes, not all websites can bring considerable traffic through soft text. For example, you do a health station, can write what type of soft Wen in order to import high traffic for the site, I can not think of it. But for some soft Wen site theme can have very good effect, in 06 years, I made a QQ station, then QQ space code station was also not so that I couldn’t stand innumerable, in QQ space code, but the statistics show that the QQ space code column traffic accounted for more than the whole site 90%. Perhaps at that time just contact, do station, very passionate, did some promotion work. At that time, the two pronged approach, on the one hand write soft Wen, on the one hand done a few QQ space code topics, and in the soft text embedded in the topic of the link, the relationship between a IT search portal, published several articles. A few days later, their own soft text of the volume of reprint reached more than 1000, I that station, so not in less than three months time to do the 5000IP.

I did more than two years of the station, on this QQ station to do the best promotion, and then the state is also the best, but this means of promotion in the station after I did not succeed in copying. But suffered setbacks, the station to do not have more confidence, there is time to do a military history class website, was influenced by some articles, think more Pianmen website theme, do better, and look at some of the military class website popularity is very high. The promotion of that station at that time

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