Please treat customers’ needs well

mentions the customer’s demand, believes that most webmaster and I have the same view:

1, customer requirements are too exaggerated, I would like to do a day similar to Sina’s website;

2, he was so critical, a picture made me move 5 times;

3, so good page design, by this layman changed beyond recognition, I am not willing to admit that this is what I do Dongdong;

yes, who keeps our customers in relative positions? We are the products, they are the owners of the products or the end users. It is normal for both sides to consider their own issues in the light of their respective needs. I have been involved in the Internet business since 04 years ago and have met many clients. As the saying goes, "people are one hundred, different."". In addition to experience their cunning and unreasonable, more, I recognize their shortcomings and lack of.

take common home page design, page designers generally do home page, let customer acceptance. Few customers take a look and nod their heads. They often put forward a pile of proposals for change, which often made designers frustrated. There was a colleague who had just graduated from school. After 4 major changes to the home page, he was still rejected by the client and resigned. He was the most tragic colleague I have ever met.

designers are superior to customers in technology, but they are definitely inferior to customers in understanding products. Some designers have spent a lot of time using plenty of special effects to enrich their pages without thinking about the design of the page, ignoring the features of the product, which ultimately led to the failure of the page design. My former technology supervisor, who attended art classes at college, had been pestering him to draw me down. He has a pretty good sense of page design, and few people can say when designers are "and you can talk about the design page".

"the customer sees the page and feels bad, but he doesn’t know where it’s going to be," he said. "It prompted him to change his mind." – that’s what my supervisor said.


good, and to be able to customers sit together, discuss the "I do, is to…" and so on, if the customer nodded, or "do you consider very carefully, then, the designer is to win customer recognition. Next, the client and the designer should discuss how to make the page more rational and user-friendly. No customer wants to point to what you’re paying for. Who doesn’t want something useful and useful as soon as possible?

technical staff are usually very confident, feel that peers are inferior to their own level, despise peers; think customers are outsiders, and thus contempt for customer demand. We really should take a good look at ourselves. I don’t know if you’ve ever shouted to the customer in your mind. "You have to click on the OK button first, and then click the OK button below to save it."

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