28 push Liu Bing correctly put nternet advertising avoid foam risk

is now the Internet bubble has begun gradually, especially the group purchase websites have fallen, let people out of nearly ten years of Internet spring is gone, it is time to the Internet fall, if there is no further specification, do not believe that the future of the Internet, the winter is coming soon!

when the Internet bubble, the need for advertising advertisers to find good potential if the correct site on the Internet is very necessary, because even if the Internet bubble burst, but has trained nearly five hundred million of Internet users is a very large market, so these users will not be lost because some Internet site closures of interest, so as to find the potential website advertising to ensure the risk averse! 28 push Liu Bing (small stay soldiers) for everyone to summarize in the Internet nowadays, the correct way to choose to advertise the


1: it’s important to choose potential stocks,

what is the potential of stocks, with the growth of the site is good, for now is the huge potential of the webmaster website site type, the site advertising can be said to be varied, which put the soft advertising is the best way, because in this type of website, a lot of experience, technical information can be by the amount of the transfer, can stimulate the effect of natural soft viral marketing, like the 28 push BBS, in terms of growth, or reputation in the circle in the industry is the best choice, because now the 28 push BBS is still in the growth stage constantly, now in this website advertising often get more cost-effective! This is advertising on the potential benefits of


two: according to marketing products to select advertising sites

some people sell slimming products to 28 push Advertising Forum, nature is not enough, because it is not in tune, even if someone clicks on the ads, because it is not the target groups, basically not interested in the product, but for these websites and tune the product type, but can get through the effect of publicity in the 28 push BBS writing mode, especially the construction and optimization of the SEO chain, through the soft Wen still has a very good effect of


three: advertising should pay attention to the location of the launch

a lot of people on the site in order to put the banner ads, if at the bottom of the home page, or in the middle position, often the effect is not good, because in a data survey, now when users open a new website, can from top to bottom all finished only 20%, while browsing the upper half the user is as high as 80%, so don’t choose cheap tens of dollars in advertising on the site at the bottom of this product for publicity is no good


how to effectively enhance the sales force of the website, correct advertising, enterprise and webmaster have been in pursuit of the topic of discussion. Reprint articles, please indicate the way out: 28 push Liu Bing (small soldier)

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