A webmaster regrets do station such as life need to be kind

with the rapid development of the network, small living space is limited, how the law of the jungle in our network to survive? Actually do stand as the person, need to stand as their own kind! Home, all the visitors are my guests. First of all, the page must be clean, safe, responsible for guests and responsible for yourself. Do stop the most taboo Trojan, do not do a lot of popups. Secondly, we can not touch the contents of political high voltage lines, as well as illegal content, of course, can play the edge ball, the webmaster is also a person, want to live, earn a little money is not easy,


after the establishment of a new station, we have small owners to worry about traffic, normal methods are optimized to do keywords, and live for the Baidu search engine, and trouble! Will even have such a feeling: "as also defeated Baidu Baidu", and then walked into a blind alley. Network may have a new station every hour to build, and if everyone in the search engine and live, search engines in front of a few pages can only accommodate a few stations. Say bluntly, the first page of the auction there are so many, we do the station can be said to be the social network edge crowd than social vulnerable groups! Network also cruel, no sympathy who, nor the so-called rescue organization, we can only rely on their own, to live, to live only until tomorrow thanks! (graph king, because A5 has been accompanied by the growth of many of our webmaster.


if our station is kind and honest, it conforms to the taste of Internet users. Then our website will have a viscosity. Internet users are our customers, is our God, everything we do is directly facing the Internet, do is word of mouth, not Baidu! I don’t know by Baidu and other engines survive and how many friends do not exclude those online really powerful SEO master, but more small webmaster and I not what rookie. I don’t have any light on Baidu anyway, and it’s more than 100 at most.

I stand ready, I is updated every day, regardless of the weather. Some people do not believe that "update is king" this sentence, but my experience is: my return is increasing. Although I updated it every day, 3 months, Baidu also only included a few pages, I guess someone doubts that statement. The online promotion experience is Baidu loves diligent updates station, don’t see so many things, in fact, is the best use of their own way out! Someone will see Baidu snapshot daily habits, I’ll think it is trouble, my habit is to look at the statistics, customer loyalty, looking back the more I relieved, I know that my efforts are not in vain. Interested can go to see my station, no popups, no Trojans, updated daily.

on the Internet to see friends say new sites looking for the chain, the more the better, I feel not necessarily good. My principle is that I would rather have no chains, nor do some chains that have no reputation or content to exaggerate, or stand idle. You can find some early new high quality flow alliance, through other stations brought some of our customers, if your station is good, then we will retain a group of loyal.

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