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in fact, I also know that to do technical work, a lot of knowledge must be understood, good, I am a person who really likes a lot of things, there is no learning fine.

since the promotion of Guangzhou takeaway – UU network, he encountered a lot of predecessors, pay more attention to the inside of the master, listen to a speech by Jiang Likun, in fact, I am also a kind of advanced even in front of me, I don’t know who to master, may be too little care the focus of these characters, like I really seldom pay attention to the celebrity and made what sensational event, but from now on, I will pay more attention to these people, because I know that I want to go beyond the old timers, they must first learn to do stand method, that I will be inquisitive the spirit, I will also make a thorough study of the attitude of competitors, I know this, at this time, I can only do such an industry, can not be careless and casual like. Time is up.

since the promotion of Guangzhou takeaway – UU network, I study the other seniors website, look at their advantage? Your own replacement way to combat their advantages and leisurely site, of course, now even the master still far away, I’ve been asking you to study.

I finally know my shortcomings, and many times I keep learning the code. I used to look at the code and want to throw it away. Anyway, I knew I couldn’t do the work.

believes in himself and will eventually achieve even greater success in a day.

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