From garbage stations to regular stations 5 months P reached 5000

as a growing second rate webmaster, to tell you the truth, the purpose of my website is to make money, so at the very beginning, I chose to do the garbage station. Because the garbage station can bring a lot of traffic in the short term, so that it can gain profits in a short time. Here, I will talk about the construction, operation and profitability of my garbage station.

in order to obtain a large amount of traffic, I constantly pursue hot keywords, and a large amount of information collection. You can see my site Road Leisure network " hotspot information module, " this section is my purpose of the site, and all around him, the plate in the pursuit of popular keywords at the same time, the crazy collection. GOOGLE has a feature is special treatment for new sites, keyword ranking is very high. So I stood in the early days of the station, even reached the average daily IP around 4000, and up to more than 6000. This time I met the purpose of fighting money, that is my station put 2 popups, but also put an exchange chain, advertising revenue of about 50 yuan a day.

, but happiness was short, and soon GOOGLE took down my station. K dropped a lot of web pages, and the rankings were limited to eight pages. I began to find out why, and found that GOOGLE was strictly restricted to the garbage station, and I would judge it through the GOOGLE algorithm. Later, I began to change my mind and put my station into a regular station. I could gain long-term benefits instead of the garbage station.

I began to plan their own website, decided to do a comprehensive station, involving all aspects, on the first page of the weight I have been taken into account, if you do a comprehensive home station, the weight will difference, so I care more about the inside pages of the keyword rankings, so I began to arrange the layout of the site for the content, also began collecting into artificial, although tired, but it can get the trust of Baidu Google. This formed the overall style of my West Road repair network.

as a regular station, how to get traffic is the key, this problem is also a lot of online, here I just say my own 2 methods.

first, search engines. How do we get the likes of search engines and rank them first?. You can see that my website does not have any special features, but the only valuable thing is to update it every day. I repeated the daily work, also at the beginning of August, Baidu began to my station. I wrote the article, the day, the day can also be included, and ranking. There are many people like the problem, so the index relative to the more popular keywords competition is relatively small, while the flow is impressive. With the increase in the collection, my small station from Baidu to IP a day on the stability of about 1000IP. But for GOOGLE, because I just started the garbage station, it was estimated that I was closer to the sandbox, slowly >

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