Sharing some tips for promoting web sites in forums

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is the webmaster go anywhere in the forum to promote their website tricks, it can not only bring a lot to the website traffic and popularity, and the promotion of high quality links can also improve the site included number and the PR value, a small experiment included with forum to promote some website based on, draw some small promotion skills, special to share with you

1. is based on different site types, areas, and different forums. For example, your station is webmaster, you’d better go to the webmaster gathered, and webmaster related laggards, stationmaster net to promote! It can not only attract webmaster customers can also increase your standing outside the chain, improve the site weight


2. according to different search engine weight to the corresponding BBS propaganda. For example, we all know, Baidu Baidu and Baidu products that Post Bar is one of the most popular places for propaganda in these areas can significantly improve the Baidu on your station included speed, and update frequency, can also increase the weight of search. In addition, YAHOO and Ali mother can be said to be a flag, many webmaster forum posting in Ali mother can improve YAHOO on your station and included the chain number, I had a station outside the chain of YAHOO nearly 2000, of which more than ninety percent are in the chain, the importance of post Ali mother remarkable! Also, search relevant forum on Baidu, GG, YAHOO and other engines, according to the forum’s ranking can be learned in the Forum Search in weight, for example, the "forum", Baidu’s ranking is to Chinese webmaster forum, respectively, the laggards webmaster Trading Forum, so you go to the China Forum post can improve the weights on Baidu, GG are China webmaster forum, the forum of stationmaster, the laggards, energy-saving, also to help you China webmaster Forums Station included. Other things are similar, not one by one.

3. should pay attention to quality when posting in the forum. Do not see someone seeking connection on the post, and do not send more than once on the same stick N, so that not only does not increase the weight of the engine, but may be sentenced to machine posting, malicious post and so on. This will reduce the weight. It informs everybody to moderate propaganda. Exception, the best in the same site for connection places, thread, and to popular post there thread, these are can improve the weight.

Just do a few more than

and found that many Webmaster Station since the reaction problems, summed up for reference, we hope to be able to repeat and reasonable use of the forum post, let your website grow up as soon as possible.

GG search technology world class, this is no doubt, and Baidu technology to be inferior, under normal circumstances, normal site, GG within a week can be included (>!

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