The 15 worst types of Web site user experience


1, extra long page loading time

if the page is loaded for more than 30 seconds, it’s hard for a user to like your site. Of course, 30 seconds is already more exaggerated, and now the general electricity supplier sites are required to load within 3 seconds. Mobile terminal requirements are higher, generally require no waiting interval loading, that is, millisecond loading speed, it is relatively slow, there are transitional loading prompt.

2, unlimited use of flash and pictures

admittedly, the proper use of some pictures and flash can increase the vividness of the site and increase visual impact. But unlimited use of flash and pictures, will result in large page files, occupy the browser’s CPU resources, and is not conducive to page updates and search engines crawl on the site. Mobile terminal should be good, the current design specifications are not said to use Flash, and the size of the picture used in the mobile terminal is generally limited.

3, page layout is too long,

rarely have visitors are interested in watching the content, do not take themselves as an example, 90% users open a page, just browse the first screen content that saw it all, and will not scroll down. In a front page of the site, can see only the third screen content below 10%, visual fatigue of a long page is easy to cause the visitor, not to mention most of the visitors are likely to have been the first two screen content attracted to other pages.

4, unfriendly navigation,

unfriendly navigation is the most affecting user operation, and can not make it easy for users to find what they think. Users come to a page and don’t know how to return to the previous page. They don’t know which column the current page is under. It’s likely that users will never come back again, and that’s why the emphasis is now on information architecture design, which is part of the information architecture. PC end is OK, the product of mobile end does not have good navigation design, it is experience disaster simply. Each time the user has to re open the APP to find content, it is difficult for users to retain.

5, expired information,

long time no update information, very easy to let visitors feel disgusted, and in mind will also to your product brand image is greatly reduced. Imagine, when you use a product, not easy to see the content of interest, results in the point that has expired, what is the feeling? Feel the product is in the bluff, overdue news, promotional information, event information expired are fatal.

6, dead connection or connection error

does not say this. It’s worse than the expiration date. This is the most basic mistake

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