Procedures are not good or bad sorting they are familiar with the best


site procedures in wares, and do not say some non mainstream program has not formed the scale, only domestic companies operating there are many: the forum has Discuz! And BBSMAX, PHPWind, CMS, CMS, DEDECMS is PHP168, the Empire blog is WordPress, PJBlog, ZBlog etc.,…… It can be said that as long as you think of the procedures, basically, the ancestors have developed. And most of these programs are free, and many are open source, and we can use them.

but the problem comes with it: too many choices often make it impossible for us to choose.

often see people in the major forums inside ask: "I want to build XX class website, what program is good? Please recommend one, and then the following enthusiastic webmaster recommend, say what all have.". See so many recommendations, often let the landlord not know what to do.

actually, the Nazis thought that most famous procedures didn’t matter whether they were good or bad, and that only the ones they knew were the best.


said, if someone asked what the program immediately, there are many webmaster recommended procedures; the owners of these recommendations are what procedures? They can not be as can be imagined, each program is proficient, impossible to test the pros and cons of these procedures, their recommendation, probably because they are now using the program, they are familiar with the handy, natural feel is a good program, so recommended.

, for example, you are more familiar with LAMP, then you can delve into a program is enough, as long as a program you are familiar with, basically what station can be established.

, someone has a question: just one program. How can you do that?

, we illustrate with the famous blogging program WordPress and the CMS program DEDECMD.

, look at WordPress first.

we all know, this is a PHP blog program, is to set up a blog choice, but the Nazis to say, as long as you master him, don’t say a blog, you can create the CMS, you do not believe? Look at these two stations.

joke, Lao Li said, ", this is the CMS station built with WordPress. If I don’t say it’s WordPress, everyone will see it for the first time. Will you know that this is a blog program?"


jokes, Lao Li says

look at this station, the new network,, the feeling is not very familiar? Yes, that is the effect of DEDE, but not by DEDE>

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