What kind of Feng Shui location suitable shop

no matter whether the letter is not believed, Feng Shui has always been an extraordinary influence in the entrepreneurial market in China, if you want to successfully open a shop, you still need to choose a better location Feng shui. So, what kind of Feng Shui location suitable shop?

Feng Shui Feng Shui is popular, good place, in here, can help the personnel prosperous and rich, the offspring of wealth, or. Strictly speaking, it is in line with the "rich" and "expensive" principles and standards (so-called "good feng shui"). What kind of Feng Shui location suitable shop? Let’s go and have a look.

although the scientific theory has been popular, but the traditional theory of Feng Shui is still much of our attention, especially in the store location in this regard, many stores are very confident that Feng shui.

should choose open lots

In the choice of house site

store, in front of the house be open, accept eight party angry, this business and pay attention to attract visitors to the Quartet meeting. In accordance with this principle, the choice of the store’s address, should also consider the store in front of the open, requiring no shelter, such as walls, poles, billboards and trees covered too much cover, etc..

emphasizes the shop door open, can make the store for the Quartet, not only to store the broad field of vision, so far in the customer and pedestrians can see the pavement, so conducive to the dissemination of information goods square store management to the customer, to pedestrians. Feng Shui to pass this information, called the flow of gas, with the flow of gas, it will be vibrant. From the point of view of business, customers and pedestrians to accept the store’s merchandise information, it may come to buy.

should choose auspicious meaning lot

choose business address, there are many factors to consider. For example, some people consider choosing a lucky street name, or choose a can bring good luck to the house number, as the shop address. Such a choice, in addition to the business and the customer in the psychological comfort to a certain extent, but also has the significance of Feng shui.

summary: the location of the Feng Shui shop, mainly to choose a business can ensure that the spirit of vigorous, inviting customers, conducive to trade, can bring good business environment. In Japan, Hongkong, Singapore and other places, the location of the rich businessman shops are very good, are also set by the views of Feng Shui, so good fortune. Choose business shop, commonly known as the folk choose dock. The location of the dock is good or bad, the business is good or bad, have a great impact.

finally reminded that although Feng Shui is indeed a good sign, but the shop can not only pay attention to Feng Shui, while ignoring the other more

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