Open features in rural lo mei shop what advantage

what kind of food and beverage programs in rural areas? As a native of rural small I tell you to open a lo Deli good, why, think now, rural development, is not like before and reluctant to spend money, now inside the countryside rich people may be more. Maybe they don’t spend money on eating out, but buying ready-made food has become a Chinese habit. In rural areas most suitable for what to do, join the characteristic lo mei shop will bring enormous benefits, Lo has been the country’s favorite, due to its special flavor, attractive color and affordable price. The characteristics of joining lo mei shop does not need too much cost can have a stable income, is a good choice in rural small business.

The following

features to join lo mei shop advantage:

1 one billion and three hundred million people three meals a day, the huge market demand, family, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel ubiquitous consumer market, thousands of cities and towns can develop a few thousand stores in the market space.

2 location easy, all markets or farmers market place or near, non-staple food supermarket counters or residential facade, facade is the best address three halogen. Store area only 5 – 20 square meters, low rent, decoration style features but low cost.

3 investment is small, small and medium cities with a minimum total investment of about 20 thousand yuan, in the big city to open a standard store only need to invest $5 – $80 thousand. Effective, from the selection of projects, technical training, site selection, product trial, the preparation of the opening, completed within 20 days.

4 return fast, tracking service from the agency to investigate the feedback information, daily turnover from 800 to $10000, the average daily turnover of more than 1500 yuan accounted for the total proportion of more than 60% agents.

5 no off-season, year-round operation no off-season, weekends, holidays business better than usual.


do in rural areas most suitable for joining the characteristic lo mei shop has a strong market demand, the characteristics of the style of decoration, small investment, quick return, no off-season and peak seasons, in the countryside for what to do, join the characteristic lo mei shop a lot of advantages, not to be missed!

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