How many rules do you know how to choose online

is starting to have more people trying to create a network, but also a lot of choices. May be because too many choices, so that a lot of people feel a bit flustered. Now continue to raise the threshold of entrepreneurship, is no longer simply need a high level of thinking and understanding, but to understand the unspoken rules.

advertising in the peer group inside don’t

this rule we should be able to know, after all, peer is the enemy, if you advertise in their group, which is in a flagrant way the poaching, nature is very distasteful, if you really want to bear the advertisement, that is next to the person to send information, not directly inside the group otherwise, kick you out without any discussion of the group is!

don’t pry


for online business now that the industry is very lively, but not to normal, many of which are need to be further standardized, so we are in this line to eat, as long as they don’t involve unspoken rule things can go to help others, so that the online business market is becoming increasingly large. We will make it easier!


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