Huang Jingwei resigns partnership to open a moving company

in this era of rapid development, the move has become a norm, but most people will move to use large trucks, but basically things are their own handling. The reasons for this situation are many, because many things are small things, do not need professionals, and that in many people’s minds to move the company’s cost should be very expensive, and because the Chinese market is also very small moving company. In fact, the real use of moving companies should know that the cost is not expensive, but also thoughtful service, the key is that the current market in China is still very large space. Huang Jingwei is taking a fancy to this market, the resignation of the partnership opened a start-up venture.

quit after more than 10 thousand months of work, less than 3 months time, Huang Jingwei’s start-up company will be officially opened in Beijing. From Hubei, Enshi, he graduated from Minzu University of China, majoring in philosophy, work for 5 years, was removed in the consulting firm, real estate companies, logistics companies. Although doing good, but he has a dream, is to start a business.

coincides with him, is the last company in the office of the colleagues, the British returnees master Xu Zeyu. Xu Zeyu has just returned from the United Kingdom after a year, he resigned and he opened up the moving company, they moved to the company named e move".

Huang Jingwei move e positioning for the Internet moving company, at the beginning of the choice, he learned that China’s moving company market has many problems, but the demand is great. Inadvertently, he saw the move to do a good job in Japan, and therefore went to Japan to study a trip, he was determined to open a specialized moving company in china.

no workers, they are workers

business know more difficult, two people out of their savings, but also to find a friend to borrow some money, lobbied for the venture capital. Move the e mode is single pay online and offline door-to-door service, but the beginning can’t afford workers, Huang Jingwei had to run their own. One end of three cases, be nothing difficult for him.

Huang Jingwei hired a number of drivers and trucks, produced a web site, customers can order online. Huang Jingwei in addition to processing orders in the office, when there is demand, but also with the workers to carry boxes to move.

Huang Jingwei spent more than 5000 yuan in Yizhuang rented a two bedroom house, as the company’s office space. Less than 100 square meters of office space, both the office, but also the storage of goods warehouse. Every day, Huang Jingwei to clean up the paper box, their goods are charged by the box, open and transparent. In their office, there is a bedroom, only placed two single bed, sometimes too late to work, Huang Jingwei and Xu Zeyu live here, the next second days >

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