Venture 8 years after moving from the crooked brains to undertake the sewage business without punish

some people start a business in order to get more income, some people start to meet the pursuit of career. No matter what the purpose of entrepreneurship, should comply with the provisions of the law, profit according to law.

2 15, the reporter learned from the Pudong New Area City People’s court, the court recently sentenced to a criminal detention of environmental pollution in Shanghai for a period of 5 months, and fined $2000. The case is the first case of environmental pollution in Shanghai Pudong court verdict.

to deceive the public, a private purchase of a second-hand tank for waste transport, hire villagers Humou 200 yuan to help the cost of each choice in the night, the shipment, as far as possible not to be found. Every time after the tanker to open a tank of petrochemical storage and transportation company’s plant, the process of a hint of its rapid departure, and then personally battle carefully away from.

2015 August 18th, Cheng from the petrochemical storage and transportation company once again shipped 10.42 tons of waste liquid, which will be sold to another person of the year of 5 tons. The evening of August 21st, near a drive to Pudong New Area Ling Road, green belt forward in channel the remaining waste dumping, seized by the police on the spot, the abandoned car to escape, after the notice of the public security organs after appearing in court. After identification, the vehicle involved in the waste liquid is a state expressly hazardous waste.

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