Automotive oil reform Shanghai to make waste oil into biodiesel

in the life of diesel oil and other natural resources as a non renewable resource, although rare and precious but with the development of the market, the number of cars increases in life, for the larger consumption of diesel and other natural resources. Yesterday (1) morning, Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. IKEA of Sweden Home Furnishing companies in the Asia Pacific region, Shanghai bus Chemical Logistics Co. Ltd., in Fengxian District Spark Development Zone jointly launched the "low carbon, environmental protection, sustainable development, cooperation and win-win biodiesel and return to the society" as the theme of the three party strategic cooperation project.

as the kitchen waste oil disposal unit, in the environmental protection company officially launched in the project, the company will provide the production of bio diesel fuel blending B5/B10 bus to the logistics company), all used to provide logistics services for IKEA Home Furnishing vehicles. The move will further expand the use of bio diesel market to promote the development of circular economy.

in recent years, Shanghai department is committed to promoting the utilization of kitchen waste oil, strive to build a closed-loop management of kitchen waste oil, strictly prevent backflow table, ensure that the general public safe tongue". Following the Shanghai, more than 100 buses on the first use of kitchen waste biodiesel oil, and after the success of the use of further expanding the scope of the three party cooperation, which marked the city to join the social vehicles, also opened a new chapter in Shanghai "at the disposal of kitchen waste oil management integration".

is a kind of non renewable resources in the process of using gasoline and diesel oil. It not only produces a large amount of pollution, but also wastes a lot of resources. In order to better expand the utilization of kitchen waste oil resources, the implementation of the "all inclusive" requirements, the city is actively expanding the use of kitchen waste oil biodiesel. In the future, in addition to public transport vehicles, buses IKEA home logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles will be gradually applied bio diesel. At the same time, the city is in conjunction with the relevant departments of the green city departments to study and formulate relevant policies to promote the utilization of food waste oil recycling support.

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