Collection courier can bring more revenue to the store

is now a lot of retail stores will carry out a collection of fast service, although the owner is a little tired, but the store has a very big help to the operation, you can create a higher income for the owner. This does not, I operate a small supermarket located in the cell door, not far from a secondary school.

one morning, a man walked into the store said to me: "boss, I am the courier company, in front of middle school students have a package, just call her to take, she is in class, temporarily put you here? I’ll send her a text message later." I hesitated for a moment and then agreed.

soon, the store a few female students, one of them said to me: "uncle, just express a message that I express here with you." I nodded and checked the message with her and gave it to her. The girl didn’t go right away, but she bought something with the other students in the supermarket. Before leaving, another female student asked me: "uncle, if we have to express, then put you here?"" I quickly replied: "no problem!"

send this several female students, I think a lot, just a return of more than 100 yuan of consumption. So many people now online shopping, my supermarket door every day there are many couriers to send express, and this time is the district residents to work, students class time, if I help them collect the courier, even if they are not shopping can also help me gather. Thought of here, I immediately took an old brand out of the supermarket, wipe clean after writing a few words, "the collection express".

seems to be more free to provide a service, the owner is to assume greater responsibility, however, if the experience of the people should know, since the courier collection, although take me some time, but every shop is not only benefit People are hurrying to and fro., courier, express people and myself.

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