How to open tea chain stores in big cities

we are from China to the end is a tea drinking country, but also the birthplace of tea culture, in China, there are a lot of people like to drink tea, tea shop in the market is still very popular.

tea stores how to choose a suitable location, is each to understand business franchise investors should first consider the question. Because the location of the tea shop is good or bad, will play a decisive role and impact on the future development of the business. Some tea franchisees marketing due to lack of experience, individual subjective, central location set tea stores hasty, results to the management of the enterprise to bring many unimaginable trouble, in the end not only tourists are hard to find, even cause serious losses.

open tea stores location to determine the object to follow. Tea shops to enter an area before the first investigation of the regional competitors, and select the location and you close and successful in. Investors to join the tea shop can be a number of objects, because the location of any competitor is limited, it is impossible to cover all the appropriate values.

tea stores location to store competitors as the center, around the location of the diffusion type. The diffusion area should be well controlled and can not be reduced or enlarged without limit. Ensure a principle: the selected locations must have sufficient market capacity.

now in China to successfully operate a tea shop, still need to pay attention to some operating mode, only in this way in the tea shop business process, to be able to continue to profit, eventually become rich.


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