How to improve the competitiveness of the paint shop

no matter what do you intend to open shop, you should think of ways to enhance their competitiveness so as to open shop, paint stores, stores only constantly improve their competitiveness in the market, in order to avoid being out of the market. Here are some ways to improve the competitiveness of the paint store.

maintain the smooth flow of information transmission

paint store orders fast reaction and processing ability of coatings enterprises should adhere to the order as the core management consciousness, through the decomposition of orders in the process of the implementation process, standard and efficient order processing, by means of IT and the only production coordination systems to achieve integration, the formation of relatively open order processing system, in order to to achieve rapid response in real sense, high profit.

to establish advanced logistics system

paint stores online sales and online sales, all the goods should implement the central warehouse distribution way. Paint companies should be based on the survey of Internet consumption, a week’s delivery cycle is a reasonable range of acceptance, and the central warehouse based goods can generally be delivered within 3 days. The establishment of a logistics model based on the central warehouse or the method to improve the efficiency of coating enterprises.


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