The beauty of the twelve constellations to the entrepreneurial style is quite different

Match 8 Women’s Day coming, of course to see women entrepreneurs style, different constellations have a different style, a different feeling, style and charm of the twelve constellations of the beauty to entrepreneurship!

: Taurus is very slow, but more enthusiastic, dare to love and hate are not afraid of setbacks.

– angeljuliet constellation representative: Orange entertainment founder Tang Yiqing. She worked in the "bazaar", around the big show, with many big names like stars sit down and talk, together with Xun Zhou and Zhang Ziyi talk about smoking acting, walking in the mountains in the wake of painful memories. This looks awesome work outside, but in 30 years of the mark, let her give birth to "are doing" the lament. Hard to write the manuscript, the influence is limited, and sometimes even less than the star assistant issued a big impact on micro-blog". Tangled in the heart, she quit her job and went to University of Southern California to read the media.


  cancer: cancer mother cancer, no matter what the tube. Go to the supermarket to buy most of the discount is the toilet paper, favorite program is to see the little common sense of life.

– angeljuliet constellation representative: Sweetheart rock founder Wu Jingran salad. Wu Jingran’s resume is simple. In 2001, she got her first job in Beijing and then went to NOKIA. While working at NOKIA, her salary doubled 25 times. It was during this time that she met her current partner, Yu Wenlu. They worked together for three years because of their work. Two people like to eat salad, which is an opportunity they can quickly become friends.

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