Easy venture big secret the student’s money is good to earn

there are a lot of students’ consumption level continuously improve, shop around the school must make money, more is affected by the pendulum stalls junior high school girls welcome, now the junior high school students, especially girls, all the love beautiful dress, I hope he is in the crowd a bright flower, so what shop next to the junior middle school adolescent girls? Nice to earn money, a beautiful clothes on the girl’s purse to swallow.

in material relatively poor in 80s the last century, many engaged in self-employed, the shortest is self-employed clothing. Now we see the rich person in that many have done such as clothing business, with a great reputation the Jianye Group founder Wu Lisheng is from the sale of cloth and clothing started by cloth, clothing wholesalers, vendors to undertake garment factory, and then entered the real estate industry, the establishment of Jianye group, eventually became today’s billionaire.

in the commodity and relative shortage of single product’s choice of clothing people, clothing manufacturers only target the one or two styles of mass production can make a lot of money, almost no investment risk; now, with the great wealth of goods, including clothing in the consumer, and agents have to choose great space. Suppliers in order to provide better quality and more brand effective products, can only increase the cost of the product, and the terminal retail price was as low as possible, so the profit margins of garment investors have been worse than before.

although clothing apparel industry still profit worse than before, but as a magnet to attract small investors, especially some business experience of the white-collar workers and college students who want to invest in, "wanpiao" in the clothing business, as the introductory lessons. Therefore, we see in the fierce competition in the market, almost every day there are some clothing stores in the transfer, closed, but also a lot of new clothing store opened.