Reevaluation of coleoid cephalopod relationships based on modified arms in the Jurassic coleoid Mastigophora

first_imgMastigophora brevipinnis Owen, 1856, is a ‘fossil teuthid’ presently considered to be a member of the coleoid cephalopod Suborder Loligosepiina Jeletzky, which in turn has been placed by various authors in or near the Vampyromorpha Grimpe. Recent morphological and biochemical analyses indicate that vampyromorphs are more closely related to the Octopoda than to the Decapodiformes. Fossils of Mastigophora from the Oxford Clay (Jurassic: Callovian) show soft-tissue preservation and evidence of arm crown specialization. Some of these fossils have up to eight short, thick arms with circular sucker-like structures and filiform distal extensions, plus what appear to be the bases of two thinner ventrolateral arms. The latter lack proximal suckers and curve medially to insert into the arm crown, similar to the tentacles that are the modified ventrolateral arms of living squids and cuttlefishes. This suggests that the thinner structures were decapod-like tentacles. If Mastigophora had tentacles homologous with those of modern decapods, then it was a decapod, because this synapomorphy defines the Decapodiformes. This indication of decapod affinities for Mastigophora brings into question the relationships of the other ‘fossil teuthids’. The inferred relationship of the Loligosepiina, including Mastigophora, with the Vampyromorpha, based largely on similarities of gladius morphology with that of living Vampyroteuthis, may reflect shared plesiomorphic characters.last_img read more

Dodgers to renovate stadium ahead of 2020 season, All-Star Game

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmaildszc/iStock(LOS ANGELES) — The Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday announced plans to renovate their stadium in time for the 2020 season.The improvements to Dodger Stadium, MLB’s third-oldest ballpark, will cost $100 million and come as the team prepares to host the All-Star Game next season.“Dodger Stadium has always been and remains the most beautiful place ever built to play or watch the game of baseball, and these renovations will enhance every aspect of the fan experience with modern and family-friendly amenities,” Dodger President and CEO Stan Kasten said in a press release. “This latest project continues to demonstrate ownership’s commitment to give a first-class experience to the best fans in baseball.”Among the improvements are a new centerfield plaza, renovations to the left and right field pavilions, new elevators and bridges, a new sound system and a statue dedicated to Hall of Fame left-handed pitcher Sandy Koufax.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved. Written by July 24, 2019 /Sports News – National Dodgers to renovate stadium ahead of 2020 season, All-Star Gamecenter_img Beau Lundlast_img read more

The Brookes boy

first_imgI    study publishing here, which is quite a mixed, skills-based course. I applied to this after Eton; it’s a strong basis for going into marketing or advertising. Our workload involves about thirteen to fourteen hours of lectures and seminars a week, which are very interactive and geared towards group-based work. Other than lectures, we have about three personal reports as well as two presentations to do a term. Most people here work very hard; certainly most people I know here are very, very motivated. The publishing course at Brookes is very well respected, and the business school is also very, very popular. Most people I’ve talked to in the city reckon that Brookes is one of the best new universities, and I’ve met a lot of alumni who have all got very successful jobs. I don’t think that Brookes is marketed more towards upper-middle class students: I’d say 60% of our student population haven’t paid for their education. Brookes does have a reputation for Sloanes and husband shopping, but it’s a reputation that I think is ill-deserved, assumed through most people coming up and seeing people with blonde hair. True, there are quite a number of them to see, but I’d say last time I was up in Newcastle that kind of population was a lot more dense.We’re big drinkers as much as any other university. There are quite a lot of large nights out – we go out to clubs three or four times a week, Brookes’ favourites being Escape, The Bridge and Clementines. I’ve heard a couple of wild drunken stories about breaking into Oxford colleges, although for the record it wasn’t me! But let me just say that four or five of the colleges have walls that are very easy to scale. As to which ones, I couldn’t possibly comment. You can sense a different vibe between Brookes and Oxford nights. Brookes students seem more enthusiastic and chatty. This could be because the people there have more things in common and possibly less to prove, but admittedly that’s merely speculation. Do Oxford students have superiority issues? I think that’s something you have to judge on an individual basis. I don’t think you can ever make a generalisation about Oxford students – certainly my friends at Oxford aren’t like that at all. Concerning how we feel about them, there are absolutely no hard feelings whatsoever; everyone I know at Brookes has at least two friends at Oxford anyway. To us, Oxford University is just the place down the road. I think there is actually a lot more animosity from Oxford towards Brookes students than the other way around. To be honest, most people have chosen to go here as their first choice, so have no hard feelings about anything. We’re supposed to be the fittest university in Britain. From personal experience I’d say that’s true, although the types are actually a lot more varied than just the blonde hair and short skirts. Well, a lot of people I know, to be fair, have blonde hair and wear short skirts. Indeed, that’s the stereotype that may be applied to Brookes girls, accompanied by signet-ring wearing, shirt-and-jean wearing, long-haired boys. Degree of superficiality? I’d say no more than any other university. It’s very much a case of “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. People are generally very quick to judge short skirts and bleached blonde hair, but I think there’s a lot more to the look then that. I mean, maybe you’ll have this girl who will wake up tomorrow and think “I’d like to dye my hair blonde” – I don’t know, I don’t know why I’d dye my hair blonde. But I think to take a look at that phenomenon and think they’re all clones would be a gross underestimation.ARCHIVE: 1st week MT 2005last_img read more

Tropical Home Paradise in O.C. Gardens

first_imgThis home boasts an array of amenities including a pool, tiki bar and large entertainment system at 6 E. Aberdeen Road in Ocean City. (Photo courtesy John Giovanni Caccuitti) By Maddy VitaleAnyone who purchases the new home at 6 E. Aberdeen Road in the Gardens section of Ocean City will never be lonely.Guests will be treated to a gaming theater, tiki bar and pool, a Japanese steakhouse-style griddle and a lot more in this Tommy Bahama-inspired coastal retreat.“Garden’s Grand Seashore Estate,” as it is called, is being offered at $2.6 million and boasts 3,200 square feet of living and entertaining space in this five/six bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home.Designers John Giovanni Caccuitti and his daughter, Kellie Caccuitti Meier, spent more than a year creating a showpiece.There are even some surprises nestled in this spacious estate, including a secret passage to a bedroom by way of a wine door.This Tommy Bahama-themed home by award-winning designer John Giovanni Caccuitti is a dream vacation estate and one-of-a-kind showpiece three houses from the beach.“We try to think of what they would want to enjoy on vacation or in a home. We put conversation pieces in,” Caccuitti said while standing in the room behind the wine door.One of Caccuitti’s favorite features is the commercial kitchen. The professional griddle allows chefs to cook breakfast for a crowd.The professional griddle gives people a bird’s eye view of their meals being prepared. (Photo courtesy John Giovanni Caccuitti)“The kitchen island gives people a place to gather around and talk as they watch their meals being prepared,” he noted.When it comes to entertainment, all guests have to do is head outside to the swim-up tiki bar and have a seat, view their favorite games on the two televisions or just watch the waterfall. At night, the LED lighting showcases what feels more like an island getaway than a home in a residential neighborhood.Caccuitti and his designer daughter, Kellie Caccuitti Meier, meld their male and female tastes to create the perfect décor, amenities and entertainment systems that make this year-round home or vacation retreat an inviting setting for entertaining family and friends.“We are really great partners,” Meier said of her and her dad. “He does most of the architecture-based things and is more concerned with the electronics, whereas I am more concerned with where the furniture goes and the female touches.”The tiki bar and heated pool give the coastal home a getaway feel. (Photo courtesy John Giovanni Caccuitti)And when it comes to perfection in homebuilding and designing, nothing the father-daughter duo does is hurried.“It really takes us a year and a half to complete a home because it has to be just right. If we don’t like something, we change it,” Meier pointed out.The gaming theater on the top floor features a drop-down HD theater screen, HD projector and surround sound. Caccuitti and Meier describe it as heaven for kids to play life-size video games.It is just one more way they said they created a home with all generations in mind.The home features large drop-down theater screens. (Photo courtesy John Giovanni Caccuitti)For the grandparents who may want to stay inside and relax, while the party is out at the pool, the great room offers a perfect view of the scene outside, Meier said.Donna Ang, the realtor for the property and an agent with Fox Real Estate in Ocean City, called the home spectacular and added that the special amenities make the property so special.“All of John and Kellie’s properties are built with the family and extended family in mind,” Ang said. “There is space for everyone and really cool features and surprises throughout.”The wooden slats in each doorway are made with the finest craftsmanship. (Photo courtesy John Giovanni Caccuitti)The shore décor throughout includes driftwood color stained slats on the master bedroom doorways to complete the Tommy Bahama theme, creating the ultimate island beach estate look.Other touches that add to the coastal design are lighted etched glass artworks of iconic Ocean City scenes in all of the bathroom showers by artist Farrah Morgan.Caccuitti said there are built-in HD televisions, including two Alexa-controlled smart home computer/TVs, incorporated into the kitchen cabinets. There are also televisions in the bathroom mirrors and a home theater system in the great room.“We wanted to carry through the house the whole theater experience,” Caccuitti explained.The bathrooms feature etched glass artwork on the shower doors depicting iconic Ocean City scenes. (Photo courtesy John Giovanni Caccuitti)Bob and Marykay Lojewski purchased a home in the Gardens section built by Caccuitti and Meier last year.“Kellie and John don’t just construct a house, they build a destination where family and friends can relax, enjoying each other’s company,” the Lojewskis said. “Simply put, they put the wow factor into shore living.”For a private showing contact Donna Ang, Fox Real Estate, at 609-703-8970 or email [email protected] Real Estate Realtor Donna Ang is handling the property.The home has curb appeal.last_img read more

Cape May County Announces Coronavirus Testing Clinics

first_imgFreeholder Jeff Pierson announced Monday that the Cape May County Department of Health and CompleteCare Health Network (CCHN) are partnering to open drive-thru COVID-19 testing clinics.The first drive-thru will be held on Thursday, July 30, by appointment only at the Cape May County Fire Academy, 171 Crest Haven Rd, Cape May Court House, starting at 8 a.m. Other testing dates will be scheduled based on community need.Persons requesting COVID-19 testing will need an appointment with a CCHN providerPersons requesting a COVID-19 test will be screened by the CCHN providerPersons requesting COVID-19 tests can be tested whether they have COVID-19 symptoms or COVID-19 exposure and no symptoms. Many people have had some type of exposure and although they have no symptoms, wish to be tested and that is acceptable. Appointments for screenings can be requested by visiting and clicking the Request an Appointment tab or calling 609-465-0258. To help save time, using the website is recommended.Once your appointment request is received, you will receive a call back from a CompleteCare representative to help you schedule your visit. If testing is required, your prescription will be sent to the Health Department who will then call you to schedule your drive-thru testing time.The full process for scheduling an appointment for COVID-19 drive-thru testing and more information about the virus can be found at accepts Medicaid, Medicare as well as private insurance plans and those without insurance. The test will be free of charge and no co-pay will be required for the screening. Your insurance company will be billed for the test and screening. For those who do not have insurance, the cost will be covered by the federal government. Translation services are available for those in need.Cape May County Department of Health and CompleteCare Health Network will work to ensure people are informed of their results in a timely manner. This is a nasal saline test and results are usually available within 3-4 days, however recently some delays have been experienced due to a surge in testing. COVID-19 testing in Ocean City will be done at the Community Center’s parking lot.last_img read more

News story: Education Secretary warns universities over dropout rates

first_img Computer Science – 9.8% Business & administrative studies – 7.4% Engineering & technology – 7.2% Mass communications & documentation – 7.2% Creative arts & design – 7.2% We have made huge progress in ensuring universities are open to all, with record rates of disadvantaged and underrepresented groups in higher education, but every step we make on access is undermined if a larger number students then drop out of their courses. No student starts university thinking they are going to drop-out and whilst in individual circumstances that may be the right thing, it is important that all students feel supported to do their best – both academically and in a pastoral sense. Today we have announced a new taskforce to help universities support students with the challenges that starting university can involve, but universities need to look at these statistics and take action to reduce drop-out rates. If they don’t, we have given the Office for Students power to take action. I expect them to do that and challenge institutions to look at what support they can offer – particularly to disadvantaged and underrepresented groups – to turn these figures around. In comparison, medicine & dentistry and veterinary science students had the lowest non-continuation rate among young entrants to UK HEIs at 1.5%.Government reforms created a new watchdog for the higher education sector in 2018 – the Office for Students (OfS) – with the remit to act in the best interests of students. The OfS has been given range of interventions and sanctions to use where necessary, which can include fines, suspension from the OfS Register, or ultimately de-registration.Damian Hinds wrote to the OfS last week to make clear that access and successful participation is key priority of his and he expects the regulator to continue their efforts in this space.The Department for Education is already taking a number of actions to mitigate drop-out rates even further, which includes the introduction of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework, alongside a record amount of data on universities – both of which give students information on which university is the best place for them to study.This forms part of the government’s drive to make sure students know exactly where they can get the best value for money, excellence and teaching to make informed choices for their studies. Universities must do more to cut ‘damaging’ dropout rates or risk undermining the progress made in improving access to higher education, Education Secretary Damian Hinds has said today (8 March).As new figures are published showing dropout rates by institution – identifying those with the worst non-continuation rates – Mr Hinds has challenged universities to focus on successful participation as well as admissions, particularly for students from disadvantaged and under-represented groups who are more likely to drop out.The Education Secretary has told universities with the highest dropout rates that their figures create the impression that providers are only interested in ‘bums on seats’, rather than offering all-round support for students throughout their studies to complete their degree.The new data published today by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) shows that in 2016/17, disadvantaged students were more likely to drop out of university in their first year (8.8% of full-time first degree students under-21) compared to their more advantaged peers (6.0%) – a figure that slightly widened from the previous year but has broadly remained stable over the past few years.Starting university can be both exciting and challenging for some and the figures released today come as Mr Hinds has announced a new task force to help universities support students with the challenges that going into higher education can present. The taskforce will look at ways of helping students manage challenges in four key areas, which includes aspects of student life including managing finances, getting used to independent study, and finding your feet among a large new group of peers.The Education Secretary is urging universities to look at the data published today and the work of the new taskforce to make sure their students are supported.Whilst recognising that a range of unpreventable circumstances may lead students to drop out, Mr Hinds is concerned by institutions with rates worse than their benchmarked ‘expected performance’ – an indicator that predicts the non-continuation a higher education provider ought to achieve given its student profile.Education Secretary Damian Hinds said: Other headline figures published by HESA today show that 7.6% of full-time first degree entrants at English HEIs were no longer in HE the following year, while 6.3% of students who were younger than 21 at entry were no longer in HE the following year.The data also revealed the subjects where students had the highest non-continuation rate among young first degree entrants at UK HEIs. The subjects with the five highest non-continuation rates include:last_img read more

A man of many talents

first_imgThis is one in a series of profiles showcasing some of Harvard’s stellar graduates.Let’s just say that Elliot Schwab knows how to multitask.While at Harvard Law School (HLS), he worked for an Israeli supreme court judge, raised two small children with his wife, studied Talmudic law, labored on a U.S. Supreme Court petition, served as a project manager for an international legal and policy consulting firm, took classes at Harvard Business School and Harvard College, and prepared for a career in real estate law, all while doing pro bono work with aspiring musicians.Oh, and he’s a songwriter too.“I have a hard time turning down cool opportunities that arise,” said Schwab, who will head to New York with his family for a job with the firm Simpson Thacher after graduation. “And in a place like Harvard, cool opportunities arise all the time.”The New York native’s route to Cambridge was less traditional than the average HLS student’s. Schwab had studied exclusively in yeshivas in the United States and Israel, educational institutions whose prime focus is on ancient Jewish law. The work perfectly prepared him for HLS and beyond, he said, teaching him how to analyze theoretical underpinnings and providing him with “a strong foundation in moral, religious, cultural, and ethical spheres.“That sort of an education turns out to be excellent training for law school and life.”But Schwab’s life could have taken a very different turn during his first HLS year when the music production team behind artists such as Lady Gaga, Moby, and Linkin Park came calling after hearing one of his demos.Schwab’s formal musical training amounted to a few years playing the piano as a child, but he always loved “thinking holistically about chords and the relationships between notes.” As a teen, he taught himself the guitar, harmonica, and ukulele, and dabbled in songwriting.In 2009, as a first anniversary present to his wife, Aliza, he recorded her a song in Israel. She begged him to do another. He recorded a handful of songs and then reached out to local music producers, hoping they might produce his work with other artists.“I was persistent. I kept recording more songs and harassing their email inboxes until somebody started listening.”Listen they did. Schwab knew he’d found success when he hopped into a Jerusalem taxi during a clerkship for an Israeli judge last summer, and one of his songs started playing on the radio. “It has been both humbling and encouraging to shoot for a seemingly unattainable goal, work hard to realize it, and then watch my efforts reach fruition and snowball,” he said.His musical experience came in handy at HLS. He provided free counsel to music industry artists and producers through the School’s Recording Artists Project clinic. He also helped craft a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court with HLS Professor Charles Nesson that urged the court to hear the case of Joel Tenenbaum, a Boston University student sued by the recording industry and fined by federal courts for illegally downloading and distributing songs.It also was a priority for Schwab to maintain his Talmudic studies. And he worked closely with HLS professors Alan Dershowitz and Noah Feldman, helping them with research and book projects.When he wasn’t busy at HLS, or writing the occasional song, one of Schwab’s favorite pastimes was hosting dinners at his home in Brighton with his wife and children Shimon, four, and Yisrael, two.“At Harvard Law School there are so many brilliant, talented, and fascinating people coming from a diverse array of backgrounds. There were so many people from whom to learn and this was a great way of connecting.”There were many opportunities to seize at HLS. For the man who always loves to do more, Harvard was the perfect fit, though he didn’t necessarily know that coming in.“I was very excited, but also a bit nervous, and didn’t know what to expect,” said Schwab. “My experience here has surpassed my very high expectations. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s really true.”last_img read more

Flexibility Reigns for Women in Technology at Dell

first_imgFlexibility. It’s a powerful term that can oftentimes make or break a work experience. At Dell, women are pleasantly surprised at how flexibility comes to life, in fact, it’s consistently ranked as one of the top benefits. Here’s a glimpse into how flexibility enhances work life for several women working in Dell’s Silicon Valley offices.Flexible WorkJacqueline Thomas, Director“Many companies are staunch believers in the old adage you come in every day, you punch that eight to five clock and you go home and your work day is over. Dell understands that we don’t live that way. They’ve created an environment that allows you to think flexibly to resolve problems in flexible environments. If I come up with an idea at two o’clock in the afternoon and it’s after five in Boston, I can jump online and send off that email or I can ping someone on IM with my idea and that gets the ball rolling. It’s not nine to five do your job and go home. We have a problem to solve, and where you are when you solve it doesn’t matter.”Jessica Huening (above), Dell Channel Account Manager“I like the flexibility of owning or building my own company, per se, I’m an entrepreneur, it’s my business. However how much work I put into it is what I’m going to gain from it. I can work from eight to five or I can work from eight to three or I can take a break in the evening and then come back to and work all the way to 10 or 11 p.m. I like the flexibility of not having to be in the office, tied down, so to speak. I can be out with my partners face-to-face, interacting.”Motherhood Calls, Dell AnswersNaushin Shaikh (above), Software Quality Principal Engineer“I had my baby and during the first year, I was going through a tough time balancing work and baby. After a year, I told my manager that now I’m ready. I need new challenges so I can step up to the next role. She helped me, she guided me as to how to get to the new level. Two years down the line, I was there.“I think that having a baby should not stop you from taking up new responsibilities. It may just slow you down.”Yolanda Coleman (below), Senior Project Manager“As a Dell employee, I work from home 100 percent of the time. That affords me the opportunity to be present at my daughter’s school events. When she has something going on at school, I send an instant message or an email to my manager and to my teammates, letting them know I’m going to be gone for an hour. I run over, take care of her, then I’m able to come back and pick right up where I left off.“I also don’t have that commute time. My commute is two minutes. I do have to manage myself to make sure I’m not working all the time, but being able to balance my personal life with my work life has been very easy.”Pamela Hennard, Vice President“My dad was in the military and we moved every three years. People say that it builds character, it exposes you to a lot of different cultures, and it’s true. But when I started having kids I wanted them to have lifelong friends. I didn’t think it was possible, what company in Phoenix, Arizona, is going to give me the career development and upward mobility that I was looking for?“The interesting thing is, it’s not a company based in Phoenix, it was Dell, a company based in Austin. They’ve given me the opportunity to lead an organization from my home, even though I’m not in the corporate headquarters.  That has given me more flexibility than I could have ever imagined.  It has allowed me and my husband to give our kids a life full of family and friends that I didn’t think was possible. Every day I’m so thankful for the flexibility at Dell – it’s phenomenal.”Family MattersKaren Washington, Regional Sales Director- California, Nevada & HawaiiOne of the reasons why I came to Dell is the work/life balance. Dell gives you room to balance your work and family life. I have found that to be very true. My mom has developed pancreatic cancer and Dell has been wonderful for support during these difficult times of me traveling back and forth to my hometown.Dell was recently named #9 on FlexJobs’ 2018 list of the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs. Learn more about this honor on FlexJob’s webinar today or visit us directly to view our current remote opportunities. FlexJobs Webinar: Dell, VIPKID, and Hilton Discuss Hiring for Remote Jobs   Tuesday, February 6th at 1:00 p.m. ET (12 CT, 11 MT, 10 PT)This webinar will be recorded, so be sure to register. Even if you can’t attend the live event, you’ll receive a link to view the full recording!last_img read more

Novi turistički vodič kroz tri hrvatske županije “Zima na sjeveru”

first_imgVodič „Zima na sjeveru“, čije je tiskano izdanje objavljeno ovog tjedna kao prilog dnevnim novinama, dostupan i za preuzimanje s weba – predstavlja turističke sadržaje i ponudu Međimurske, Krapinsko-zagorske i Varaždinske županije.Kontinentalna Hrvatska, a posebice županije sjeverno od Zagreba imaju mnogo toga za ponuditi te su u vodiču navedene mogućnosti zimskog odmora i doživljaja na području ove tri hrvatske županije te kuponi s popustima koji se mogu iskoristiti u 2018. godini. U besplatnom vodiču “Zima na sjeveru”, na 12 stranica velikog formata, otkrivene su sve čari odmora na sjeveru, a čitatelji mogu upoznati zimsku turističku ponudu Krapinsko-zagorsku, Varaždinsku te Međimursku županiju.Cijela kampanja je bila fokusirana na Zagreb i Zagrebačku županiju, a sadrži insertaciju brošure u nacionalni dnevne novine koja je sasvim sigurno dobila puno širi doseg kampanje, distribucija brošure po raznim lokacijama, kao i pdf brošura koja je promovirana po internetu i društvenim mrežama. „Imali su odličnu suradnju sa svim turističkim subjektima tako da smo uspjeli prezentirati široku paletu turističkih sadržaja i ponudu koju nudi Sjever hrvatske. Glavni cilj je da damo do znanja zagrebu kako postoji i kvalitetna turistička ponuda i na kontinentu.“ istaknuo je Saša Vugrinec iz agencije Scribo PR iz Čakovca, koja je bila zadužena za cijelu impelmentaciju i promociju “Vodiča na sjeveru”.Side dish: Zima na sjeveru<br />
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Greenwich Group spun off from US operations

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