Human rights museum faces boycott over Metis legend snub

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe Canadian Museum for Human Rights is set to open its doors next month.However, the choice of what artists will perform at the opening ceremonies is causing problems.Museum officials apparently rejected a suggestion of Metis legend Ray St. Germain.That has the Manitoba Metis Federation threatening to boycott the ceremonies.APTN’s Matt Thordarson has the story.last_img

Moroccos Minister Recants His Decision to Extend Scholarships to All Students

Casablanca- A few days after he euphorically announced that all Moroccan college students would benefit from government scholarship, Moroccan Minister of Higher Education recanted his announcement.Moroccan Minister of Higher education, Lahcen Daoudi, has recanted his decision to extend state scholarships to all college students. This comes after he had announced in a parliamentary session that all students would obtain scholarships starting from the next school year.Moroccan college students were in a celebratory mood. Daoudi had announced, in a speech given before the lower chamber of the parliament in Rabat on Monday, that his ministry would provide scholarships to all students who would file an application for the 2014-2015 school year. But the Minister was quick to recant his grandiloquent pronouncement. “[The generalization] concerns only part of the candidates, whose applications were approved, but did not make it to the last phase, because of budgetary issues,” Douadi told the daily Akhbar Al Yaoum. “Only 230,000 out of 615,000 students are targeted by this initiative.”In his parliamentary speech, the Minister did not make it clear that not all college students would benefit from state scholarships next year, but only the neediest among them. Quite the opposite, Daoudi unmistakably announced that “state scholarships would be generalized starting from the next school year.”“Yes, we have raised the prices of gas and oil,” the minister stated. “Now, good news for all Moroccans. All college students, I repeat, all college students who apply for a scholarship will receive it.” Clearly, No mention of particular exceptions was made in his address.Almost all reactions to Daoudi’s recent reconsideration of statements expressed frustration. Moroccans, including current and future college students, expressed their disappointment at the Minister’s recent clarification via social networks.“Was this a hidden camera or something?” a Moroccan college student sarcastically commented on a Facebook post announcing the news. “I will no longer trust any politician,” bitterly read another comment.“This is utter childishness,” echoed others.Seemingly, the Minister’s recent rectification of his previous announcement has aroused Moroccans’ skepticism about every other statement he made in his speech. One of these statements avowed that the ministry “will invest more than MAD 600 million” in scientific research.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more

Here are Canadas winners and losers as the loonie nosedives below 70

CALGARY — The loonie fell below the 70-cent U.S. mark Tuesday for the first time in 13 years. In its wake, the rapidly dropping dollar is leaving a roster of winners and losers in Canada. Here’s a look at who is benefiting — and who is hurting: Winner: The film industry. Hollywood North, whether it be Vancouver, Toronto, or some of the up-and-coming markets like Calgary, is booming. Peter Leitch, president of North Shore Studios and chairman of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of B.C., says American studios are increasingly heading to Canada to take advantage of the low dollar.“That does make Canada one of the top choices of places to come to,” said Leitch. “A few years ago when it was at par, it was quite a challenge to attract business.”He said the boost to the film industry is helping fill some of the gaps from the resource sector.“It’s a great alternative when other parts of the economy are struggling. I mean, we’re hiring people from the oil and gas industry to help rig some of our sets.”AP Photo/The Tampa Bay Times, Lara Cerri Canadian dollar dips below 70 cents U.S. for first time since April 2003Here’s how much more Canadians will have to pay for fruits and veg because of our low dollarFive big-picture things to expect — but not assume — in 2016Loser: Pro sports teams. If you think buying a pair of shoes in the U.S. hurts, try signing a multimillion-dollar contract with an NHL, NBA or Major League Baseball star.Winner: Tourism. Canada’s tourist hotspots are getting a boost from Americans heading north of the border as well as Canadians opting to take so-called staycations.“We’ve got a lot of drive traffic coming across the border,” said Sarah Morden, a spokeswoman for B.C. ski resort Whistler Blackcomb. “It’s just kind of a no-brainer really. We’re not that far from Washington state and we’ve got great snow and a low Canadian dollar.”The Conference Board of Canada says overnight travel from the U.S. increased about seven per cent last year and is expected to rise another 3.3 per cent this year.Tyler Anderson/National Post Loser: Snowbirds. Canadians planning their winter escape to the southern U.S. will be feeling the pinch as their money won’t stretch as far. Travellers are likely to cut back their trips and spend less while enjoying the warmer climes.Winner: The cattle industry. Canada exported about US$1.5 billion in beef products to the U.S. last year. Brian Perillat, senior analyst at cattle market research outfit Canfax, says the high U.S. dollar has helped keep Canadian beef prices up even as the U.S. market has started to retreat.“As the (Canadian) dollar goes down, it certainly helps our prices relative to the U.S.,” said Perillat.“Basically every time the loonie drops a cent, on average our calf prices go up about five cents a pound, holding all other things consistent.”Al Bello/Getty Images Loser: Consumers. Be prepared to pay more for anything imported, including food. The University of Guelph’s Food Institute estimates the average Canadian household spent an additional $325 on food in 2015 and is expected see an additional increase of about $345 this year because of the low dollar.Winner: The mining sector. Vancouver mining company Teck Resources credits the low Canadian dollar for helping the company weather the downturn in commodity prices, with the company able to sell its copper and coal at U.S. prices while pay operating costs in Canadian.The Canadian Press read more

Ongoing military political crisis in Côte dIvoire hits children hard says UN

The breakdown of family and social structures and the pervading military influence in war-torn Côte d’Ivoire has resulted in children being denied access to education and health care and left them vulnerable to violence, abuse and recruitment by armed groups, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “This conflict has impacted the lives everyone but especially those who are most vulnerable – the women and children,” UNICEF country Representative Youssouf Oomar said of the three-year conflict between the Government and rebels which has left the West African country split in two.“And in particular the rights of children have not been respected,” he added, noting that because of the slow implementation of the joint UN and African Union (AU) peace process, there is still cause for concern. Because of the division of the country, the education system has been disrupted with an estimated 700,000 children out of school. In addition 60,000 children remain trapped in a state of ‘educational limbo’ due to the suspension of national exams in the north. Similarly, health care facilities have also been impacted, especially in the northern region, putting the lives of countless children at risk. The breakdown of family structures has forced many children to fend for themselves, exposing them to violence and abuse. Girls in particularly remain vulnerable to sexual abuse due to lawlessness and general economic decline with many turning to prostitution as a means of survival. In addition hundreds of children continue to be associated with armed groups and there are reports of continued recruitment and training of child soldiers in the western region of the country. UNICEF has been conducting awareness campaigns about the protection of children with all sides in the conflict and has also launched a countrywide campaign highlighting the right of every child to education. “I want to call on all parties to make sure that the rights of all children are respected and I urge them to accelerate the peace process for a unified and peaceful Côte D’Ivoire so that these children can help build a better future,” Mr. Oomar said. read more

Refugees need protection not rejection UN says in wake of EUTurkey deal

According to a statement issued by the EU, the sides agreed that all new irregular migrants crossing from Turkey into Greek islands will be returned to Turkey, starting from 20 March, and for every Syrian being returned to Turkey from Greek islands, another Syrian will be resettled from Turkey to the EU.“Today’s agreement clarifies a number of elements,” said the Office of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in a press release. “Importantly, it is explicit that any modalities of implementation of the agreement will respect international and European law.”In UNHCR’s understanding, in light of relevant jurisprudence, this means that people seeking international protection will have an individual interview on whether their claim can be assessed in Greece, and the right to appeal before he or she is sent back to Turkey. This would also entail that once returned, people in need of international protection will be given the chance to seek and effectively access protection in Turkey.“Ultimately, the response must be about addressing the compelling needs of individuals fleeing war and persecution,” UNHCR said. “Refugees need protection, not rejection.”Firstly, Greece’s reception conditions and its systems for assessing asylum claims and dealing with people accepted as refugees must be rapidly strengthened. This will be an enormous challenge that needs to be urgently addressed, stressed the agency.Secondly, people being returned to Turkey and needing international protection must have a fair and proper determination of their claims within a reasonable time. Assurances against refoulement, or forced return, must be in place. Reception and other arrangements need to be readied in Turkey before anyone is returned from Greece.People determined to be needing international protection should be able to enjoy asylum, without discrimination, in accordance with accepted international standards, including effective access to work, health care, education for children, and, as necessary, social assistance.Thirdly, while UNHCR has noted the commitment in this agreement to increase resettlement opportunities for Syrian refugees out of Turkey, it is crucial that such commitments are meaningful and predictable. Increased EU resettlement from Turkey should not be at the expense of the resettlement of other refugee populations around the world who also have great needs – especially in today’s context of record forced displacement worldwide. read more

How Isaiah Thomas The Shortest Guy In The NBA Became Unstoppable

Just when we thought we’d seen all Isaiah Thomas could do, the diminutive Celtics star found yet another level Tuesday, scoring 53 on his late sister’s birthday to give Boston a 2-0 second-round series lead over the Wizards.The million-dollar question: How? How does a guy who’s 5-foot-9, who nearly averaged 29 points per game during the regular season, continue to wreck defenses so mightily in a playoff setting when defenses are hellbent on neutralizing him?The simple answer is that Thomas and his coaching staff have found ways to make Thomas virtually unguardable within Boston’s offensive scheme; especially since Brad Stevens tweaked his lineup in the middle of the first round, a move that gave Thomas more space to navigate.Stevens all but eliminated Amir Johnson from the rotation, meaning Al Horford is now soaking up a ton of minutes as the team’s lone post player on the court. That switch forces defenses to guard an extra Celtic along the perimeter, which is already a tough task, since Horford is also a good shooter. With opponents stretched that thin, Thomas can make use of his game-changing quickness.That’s especially the case in handoff scenarios, where the floor general can generate a full head of steam while his man is trying to play catch-up from behind. Thomas took more handoffs than any other player in the NBA this past regular season, with 216 plays of this nature according to Synergy Sports. And he’s only gotten better at them in the last few weeks. He has scored on 56 percent of his handoffs since the playoffs began, up from 47 percent during the season. (This would’ve been the NBA’s highest mark during the regular season among players with at least 100 handoffs.)Having Horford as the lone Celtics big helps Thomas’s handoff game immensely. Thomas — the league’s most-blocked player — has been able to get his shots off more cleanly with fewer players in the paint.1Thomas’s shots have only been blocked 6 percent of the time with Horford on the court and Johnson off; he’s been blocked 13 percent of the time when Horford and Johnson are on the floor together, according to NBA Wowy, which tracks advanced statistics across different lineup groupings. What’s more, Thomas’s newfound space has left defenders without a clear way to defend him.After receiving a handoff, he’s a nightmare on the perimeter because of all the different options he has at his disposal. Watch how reluctant Wizards star John Wall is to chase Thomas around the screen here. He doesn’t want to risk barreling into Thomas, who is one of the league’s best players at stopping abruptly once he’s turned the corner in order to draw a 3-point shooting foul.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.In the paint, Washington’s bigs have been just as concerned about how to play Thomas. Stand too far back, and you risk Thomas scoring from midrange, where he is an effective, albeit inconsistent2Thomas’s successful midrange attempts, on average, had far less arc on them than his midrange misses this past season. The 1.03 foot difference was the widest disparity in the NBA among players who took at least 100 midrange shots, according to an analysis run by SportVU at FiveThirtyEight’s request. shooter. Play too far up, and he’ll use a burst of quickness to beat you to the rim, where he’s armed with an array of twists and tricks that help him compensate for his lack of height.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Trapping Thomas with two defenders as he comes around screens is one option for opposing defenses. But Stevens’s lineup switch, which has the Celtics looking more like the Houston Rockets because of how many threes they’re taking, makes that option a more dangerous choice because an unguarded Celtic shooter is now more likely to be found on the perimeter.All of which helps explain why the Wizards have had no answer for how to guard the shortest man on the court. That Thomas is really good also helps. read more

Mens lacrosse Buckeyes offense explodes in win over Furman 126

Coach Nick Myers instructs the Ohio State Buckeyes on the sideline during a timeout against Furman on Feb. 5. OSU won 12-6. Credit: Gene Ross | Senior Lantern reporterThe Ohio State men’s lacrosse team thoroughly handled the Furman Paladins on Sunday afternoon at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, 12-6.The 17th-ranked Buckeyes allowed the first goal from Furman sophomore midfielder Will Holcomb, but scored seven of the next eight goals for a comfortable lead heading into halftime.Senior midfielder Johnny Pearson led OSU’s offensive surge with four goals. Pearson said that due to the offense and defense playing well, it opened up many opportunities to score.“If everyone contributes at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who scores as long as everyone contributes,” said Pearson.Freshman midfielder Tre LeClaire broke the silence for OSU late in the first period and tied the game, 1-1. LeClaire finished his first career game with two goals. LeClaire accredited the veterans on the team for help preparing him for his first game.“At the start, there were a lot of nerves going into it, but my teammates helped me out and said, ‘just play your game,’ LeClaire said. “We had run a great offense out there and luckily I caught it and shot it in the net.”Senior midfielder J.T. Blubaugh followed LeClaire with an unassisted goal with 2:57 remaining in the first quarter. From there on, the Buckeyes took control of the game, scoring five times in the second quarter. Pearson was credited with three of those.A point of emphasis for the Buckeyes had been working on their ground balls and positioning. The Buckeyes led the Paladins 27 to 23 in ground balls.“I think at the end of the day there was pretty good balance and we still have things to clean up on both sides of the ball,” OSU coach Nick Myers said.Furman made a change at goalie in the second quarter after OSU’s seventh goal, but that did little to slow down the Buckeye offense.OSU added five more goals against the backup while redshirt senior netminder Tom Cary saved 11 shots and allowed six goals.The Buckeyes (1-0) will host the Detroit Mercy Titans on Feb. 11 at noon. read more

Ohio State planning 78 million renovation to Woody Hayes Athletic Center

Credit: Ris Twigg | Assistant Photo EditorWith a focus towards the future of athletic facilities at Ohio State, the Board of Trustees on Thursday voted to approve a renovation plan of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center’s east wing for $7.8 million in its Finance Committee meeting.The plans would create a new kitchen and nutrition area to provide a dining area in the practice facility. In addition to the dining area, the Woody will also have an expanded lounging area for the players, as well as a recovery and rehabilitation area. More offices and storage space will also be added to the facility, as will team-activity areas.The Board said the plans were made in an effort to improve the environment for athletes at Ohio State, and that they have discussed the plans with football coach Urban Meyer to find what could be improved in the WHAC for the student-athletes. Of the $7.8 million project budget, $6.9 million will be allotted to construction with contingency while $900,000 will go towards professional services.Following the approval of the plan by the Board, the design and bidding of the renovation will begin in September 2017 and run through February 2018. Construction is expected to begin in March 2018 and conclude in December of the same year.Tom Knox of Columbus Business First reported the project would receive 90 percent of its funding from donors and anything else would come from operations funding from the athletic department. The Board will vote Friday to approve the construction plan. read more

Prodigy frontman Keith Flint hanged himself at home inquest hears

It is with deepest shock and sadness that we can confirm the death of our brother and best friend Keith Flint. A true pioneer, innovator and legend. He will be forever missed.We thank you for respecting the privacy of all concerned at this time.— The Prodigy (@the_prodigy) March 4, 2019 When the band released the video for the 1996 single, Flint’s performance was deemed too scary for children – meaning many music TV stations wouldn’t play it until after 9pm.Alongside band-mates Howlett and Maxim, Flint became the face of British rave.While the group were spoken of as bedfellows with other commercial dance acts like The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, they pioneered a harsher, more abrasive sound.They reached number one in the singles charts with tracks Firestarter and Breathe in 1996, and went on to score seven number one albums.But these songs were not usual dance pop fodder, instead drawing from sonic sounds inspired by the UK’s illegal rave scene. Known for their overt anti-establishment stance as much for their music, The Prodigy were vocal critics of the UK’s Criminal Justice And Public Order Act 1994, which banned the raves popularised following the so-called second summer of love in 1988 and 1989.And despite being accepted by the mainstream, they never submitted to the whims of passing musical fashion.The Essex band has never wholly belonged to any genre. Whether it was the emergent rave scene at the start of the nineties, Britpop later in the decade through to more recent dubstep and EDM – they were lurking, all the time selling millions of records and just as many tickets for their incendiary live shows. She wrote that she was “so saddened” to hear of his death, and added: “He’s played here so many times with the Prodigy and was booked for 2019. What an incredible frontman.”Along with a clip of their landmark set, she said it was a “huge, unforgettable moment”. Keith Flint running the Chelmsford Park run at Central Park  Keith Flint running the Chelmsford Parkrun at Central Park Credit:Neil Churchill/Chamsford Parkrun/PA Flint was a founding member of the band, having initially started as a dancer when the group formed in Essex back in 1990. He eventually took on the vocals, and was famed for wild performances with matching, colourful mohawks either side of his head. Flint was the frontman for The Prodigy’s biggest hit Firestarter, which was the first single released from the band’s third album – The Fat Of The Land.  His first performance as the group’s lead singer proved successful, and the record gained international acclaim, staying at the top of the UK Singles Chart for three weeks. The Prodigy are scheduled to tour their latest album No Tourists around the world, starting next month. Starting in Bogota, Columbia, the tour has 11 dates listed in the US throughout May, before returning to the UK via 11 dates across Europe.  Tributes pour in for ‘iconic frontman’ Keith FlintRadio broadcaster Jo Whiley tweeted: “Oh this is sad news. The death of Keith Flint.”Whenever our paths crossed he was an absolute sweetheart. Really lovely. Incredible iconic frontman with a soft centre.” She signed off the tweet with the hashtag RIP Keith Flint. The group released their seventh consecutive number one album in November 2018.All but one of their studio albums hit the top spot in the UK charts, as well as a singles collection released in 2005.This placed them alongside musical heroes including Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Coldplay and George Michael, each with seven number one records. We are so saddened to hear about the passing of Keith Flint. He’s played here so many times with the Prodigy and was booked for 2019. What an incredible frontman. Here’s a clip from ‘97 when they were the first dance band to headline Glastonbury – a huge, unforgettable moment.— Emily Eavis (@emilyeavis) March 4, 2019 The Prodigy’s iconic frontman Keith Flint hanged himself in his own home, an inquest has heard. The 49-year-old was found dead at his house in the Essex hamlet of North End on March 4.Coroner’s officer Lynsey Chaffe told a two-minute hearing in Chelmsford, on Monday, that Flint’s provisional medical cause of death is hanging.She said: “Police attended, all protocols were followed and his death was confirmed as not suspicious.”A post-mortem examination was carried out at Broomfield Hospital on March 7 and the provisional medical cause of death was recorded as hanging.Ms Chaffe said this remains under investigation while toxicology reports are awaited.Senior coroner for Essex Caroline Beasley-Murray opened and adjourned the inquest until July 23 for a full hearing.Flint’s bandmate Liam Howlett said in an earlier Instagram post that Flint “took his own life”. Radio 1’s Annie Mac said that “UK music has lost a hero” in a heartfelt Twitter post, in which she added: “My heart goes out to The Prodigy and to Keith’s loved ones.”Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown called Flint a “a beautiful human”. BBC Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw recalled a “life-changing moment” in his youth when seeing The Prodigy as his first gig.He wrote on Instagram: “Such a big part of my formative teenage years, posters on my wall, learning the lyrics on the bus home from school and torturing my parents with Fat Of The Land.”They don’t make em like that anymore.”Rapper Dizzee Rascal shared a grab from The Prodigy’s music video Firestarter, and wrote: “I remember when this video came out and I thought f*** this guy is a lunatic!”Then I opened up for the @theprodigyofficial in 2009 at Wembley and he was was one of the nicest people I’ve met and always was every time I met him, the whole band were.”When it comes to the stage few people can carry a show like him I’m proud to say I’ve seen it for myself. Iconic and a gentleman Rest in peace @keithflintofficial.” RIP Keith Flint. Very sad to hear the news that he’s passed away. I wouldn’t do what I do without him and The Prodigy in my life. A huge inspiration to me and many others 😔— Friction (@friction) March 4, 2019 The singer rose to fame in the Brit Award-winning electronic band in the 1990s and was known for hits including Firestarter and Breathe.They released their latest album No Tourists in November, their seventh consecutive number one record.He was described in a statement by Howlett and fellow bandmate Maxim as “a true pioneer, innovator and legend”.They said Flint was their “brother and best friend” and “he will be forever missed”. He had participated in the 5k Chelmsford Central Parkrun on March 2, posting a personal best time of 21.22. Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers tweeted: “Oh gosh, so sad to hear about  Keith Flint, he was always great fun to be around and very kind to Tom and I  when we first started doing shows together… great man.” Singer Beverley Knight wrote: “I just heard, and I am heartbroken. Once the most innovative, fearless, ballsy bands to grace a stage and Keith was perfection up front.”We have lost a Titan.”A post from electronic music duo Chase and Status said: “Absolutely devastated to hear the tragic news that the legend Keith Flint from The Prodigy has passed away.”Our thoughts and condolences are with all his friends and family. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Keith and the life changing music they made and championed. RIP.”Dizzee Rascal paid tribute to Flint on Instagram describing him as “one of the nicest people I’ve ever met”.He wrote: “Today was going so well.”I remember when this video came out and I thought, ‘f— this guy is a lunatic!’ The Chemical Brothers, Kasabian and Emily Eavis are among those paying tribute to The Prodigy’s Keith Flint following his death at 49.Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers, who rose to fame in the 1990s along with The Prodigy in the emerging rave and electronic music scene, led the tributes with a memory of Flint on Instagram.Along with a picture of himself and bandmate Tom Rowlands on stage with Flint, Simons wrote: “Such sad news about Keith Flint. This is him unexpectedly joining us on stage in 1995.”He managed to kick the power out but no one minded he was Keith from the Prodigy and he could do whatever he liked.”He was a lovely generous man, full of spirit. RIP.”A post from The Chemical Brothers’ official Twitter account said: “so sad to hear about Keith Flint, we played many gigs with the prodigy over the years and they were always friendly and supportive.”he was an amazing front man, a true original and he will be missed.tom&ed x”Rock group Kasabian tweeted: “Keith Flint, beautiful man, incredible pioneer.”Referring to their 2006 album Empire, they added: “Remembering the special times we had together making Empire. Heartbroken. Rest in Peace Brother.”Glastonbury co-founder Emily Eavis wrote that The Prodigy were the first dance act to play the music festival more than 20 years ago as she shared a message on Twitter. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Then I opened up for the The Prodigy in 2009 at Wembley and he was was one of the nicest people I’ve met and always was every time I met him, the whole band were.”When it comes to stage few people can carry a show like him I’m proud to say I’ve seen it for myself. Iconic and a gentleman Rest in peace.”Explosive frontman who carried the sound of British raveAs the lead singer of The Prodigy, Keith Flint carried the sound of British rave music from an insular community of party-goers to an international audience – selling 30 million records worldwide in the process.The explosive frontman – known for his energetic and deranged performance style, shocking green hair and tattoos – has died aged 49.Keith Charles Flint was born on September 17 1969 in Redbridge, East London. As a child he moved to Braintree, Essex, where he met The Prodigy co-founder Liam Howlett at a nightclub.They discussed music and realised they shared a taste for harder, club-ready sounds.Originally a dancer for the group, Flint was promoted to singer after he provided the vocals on the band’s song Firestarter, a track which propelled them to the mainstream. During this time, Flint became known for his extreme tattoo and body piercing regime.In an interview, he revealed his most painful tattoo was the word Inflicted across his stomach, designed by Howlett.Flint said the pain felt like he was on an altar being ritualistically scarred by a Satanic beast.He was also a keen motorcyclist.Flint rode 1,500 miles from Britain to southern Spain to attend the Spanish motorcycle grand prix in 2007 and took part in club competitions.His regular riding partner was Lee Thompson, of the ska-punk band Madness.He took his interest further, creating his own racing team, Team Traction Control, which competes in the British Supersport Championship as part of the British Superbike Championship package.In 2014 Flint bought and renovated The Leather Bottle pub in the Essex village of Pleshey.He reportedly had a jar that customers had to put a pound into every time they made a “firestarter” joke when he lit the pub’s fire. read more

LETTER Basil Williams is shameless according to former President

Donald RamotarFormer President Further, I say not. Attorney General Basil Williams and former President Donald RamotarIt is indeed more than passing strange that in the present economic environment where there is no job creation, no programme for such either, that so many people have left their employ. The vindictiveness that this regime has displayed is intimidating to many. In relation to the Attorney General, I have seen his explanations for the exodus of so many in his employ. This is the same man who denied that he ever sought to compulsory acquire two private lots in Carmichael Street when this was publicly advertised in the Official Gazette. This is the same Basil Willaims who denied that Brian Tiwari was paid US$5.7 million on a mere letter threatening litigation.  All Guyanese know that it was Minister Bulkan who disclosed that information. Yet Basil Williams continue to deny. Note also, that this is a relatively small Ministry and Indian Guyanese were always in the minority. This is the same Basil Williams who was recorded thanking Winston Felix, then Commissioner of Police, for diverting the public attention from the criminal link (Fine Man Gang) with the PNC after the East Bank slaughter were eight persons lost their lives. It is apposite to recall that Mr. Dhurjon’s wife is still in the employ of that Ministry. I do not wish to respond to them. I have no desire to jeopardise either the jobs nor the receipt of benefits for anyone.  Further, I say not. You, the readers, will decide on how credible and what weight you wish to put to his most recent explanation. I note also Mr. Cecil Dhurjon’s response as well.  I know Mr. Dhurjon still has substantial benefits for his long service to the Ministry and the country. Dear Editor,I have noticed the response of the Attorney General, Mr. Basil Williams in the Chronicle newspaper, to the piece I wrote in relation to issues in the Ministry which he heads. Incidentally, as I noted in my piece, the vast majority were persons of Indian Guyanese descent. They were replaced by persons of non-Indian origin. This is the same Basil Williams who placed his name on a case when he was never a party in the case involving Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, Opposition Leader and Magistrate Charlyn Artiga.  He refused to take the advice of the Solicitor General and the Deputy Solicitor General not to do so.  However, when the case was thrown out he blamed the Deputy Solicitor General for his folly. I will merely recite his recent known actions. This is the same man who, together with his colleagues in the APNU+AFC, voted against the AML/CFT Bill brought by the PPP/C administration. That placed our country in grave danger of being blacklisted.  Yet Basil Williams shamelessly and barefacedly blames the PPP/C. I wish to thank him publicly for acknowledging that so many persons have left the Ministry since the change of government and in particular, his Ministry.  It has been a virtual exodus. This is the same Attorney-General who viciously attacked the Chancellor (Ag) in the state-owned Chronicle newspaper.  Later, he denied doing so and threatened journalists who reported on the issue. This is the same person who blamed the PPP/C for the more than one billion dollar judgment that the Courts awarded to the Rudisa Company. The whole country knows that it was Williams and all of his colleagues in the APNU+AFC that voted against the Bill being passed in the National Assembly by the PPP/C government. The failure to pass this Bill led to a humongous cost to the country. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedNandlall takes Williams to task over Rodney COI criticismJuly 3, 2014In “Politics”LETTER: President’s action a flagrant disregard of our ConstitutionOctober 25, 2017In “latest news”Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall called in for questioning by SOCUApril 24, 2017In “latest news” read more

Greek Jewish council welcomes Kammenos stepdown

first_imgIn a letter to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece welcomed a decision to remove Independent Greeks (ANEL) MP Dimitris Kammenos from the Greek cabinet, following an outcry over a series of racist and homophobic tweets by the right-wing politician.The board expressed its satisfaction at the decision to remove Kammenos from the post as deputy transport minister just hours after his appointment.“The MP had expressed hideous and insulting views against the Jews, against civilisation and against the democratic feeling of the Greek society,” the council’s statement read. “Kammenos’ removal from the cabinet sent a clear message against racism and anti-Semitism.”Panagiotis Sgouridis, a more moderate member of ANEL, has repleced Kammenos as deputy infrastructure, transport and networks minister.Sgouridis was sworn in on Friday, along with a further two cabinet members who were unable to attend the original swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.ANEL, formed in 2012 by breakaway MPs from conservative party New Democracy (ND) who had become disgruntled with continuing austerity, reacted angrily on Thursday to criticism from ND over the Kammenos affair.“Some of the ND officials who were criticising ANEL over Kammenos’ views had been leaders of pro-junta groupings or far-right, racist, xenophobic parties,” ANEL’s party secretary, Yiannis Moiras, said in a statement.Kammenos, who claimed not to have written the controversial tweets, with his Twitter account believed to be managed by more than 15 aides, has since deactivated it, claiming it had been ‘hacked’.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Deux foetus opérés dans le ventre de leurs mères en Suisse

first_imgDeux foetus opérés dans le ventre de leurs mères en SuisseDans un hôpital de Zurich en Suisse, les chirurgiens sont parvenus à réaliser deux opérations chirurgicales réussies sur deux fœtus souffrant d’une malformation du dos. C’est une première européenne. Pour la première fois en Europe, des chirurgiens ont pratiqué et réussi deux opérations chirurgicales sur deux fœtus dans le ventre de leurs mères. Elles ont été menées à l’Hôpital de l’enfance à Zurich, alors que jusqu’ici, seuls les chirurgiens américains s’étaient livrés à de telles opérations.Les deux interventions ont eu lieu fin juin 2010 et mi-juin. Elles visaient à opérer les deux fœtus qui souffraient de la même malformation congénitale : un spina bifida. Un défaut qui touche la colonne vertébrale et la rend apparente à l’air libre, endommageant la moelle épinière. Si les opérations ont été réalisées avec succès, la principale difficulté a consisté à anesthésier simultanément la mère et le foetus, deux patients très différents, commente l’Hôpital zurichois. En février dernier, des chirurgiens américains avaient déjà mis en évidence l’utilité de telles opérations pour résoudre cette malformation. Aux Etats-Unis, les 183 cas opérés n’ont ainsi connu aucune complication. En revanche, ce type d’intervention favorise le risque de naissances prématurées, rapporte 28 juillet 2011 à 17:11 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Official ExChelsea star John Obi Mikel joins Middlesbrough

first_imgMiddlesbrough have announced the shock signing of ex-Chelsea star John Obi Mikel on a short-term dealThe Nigeria captain, who featured at last summer’s World Cup in Russia, previously spent 11 years at Chelsea in the Premier League before leaving for Chinese club Tianjin TEDA in a free transfer in January 2017.But Mikel had been keen to return to England with his girlfriend, Olga Diyachenko, and their twin daughters still living in London.This had allegedly captured the interest of Crystal Palace along with a number of Championship clubs.But in the end, two-time Premier League winner Mikel has agreed to a shock move down at Championship promotion hopefuls Middlesbrough.Tony Pulis’ side are currently fifth in the standings and, crucially, in a playoff spot and Boro will now hope Mikel will be able to aid them in their bid for a return to the Premier League after nearly 10 years away from the English top-flight division.“I’m pleased to get him in. He is a man with a lot of experience and quality,” Pulis told the club website.“He has a winning mentality and he wants to be here be a part of what we are looking to achieve.”Boro have also signed Rajiv van La Parra from Huddersfield earlier in the month in a season-long loan deal.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…Mikel managed six goals and 13 assists in 372 appearances for Chelsea across all competitions during his 11-year stay at Stamford Bridge.The Nigerian midfielder won two Premier League titles for the club along with three FA Cups, an EFL Cup, Community Shield, Champions League and the Europa League.Now Mikel will be hoping to make his mark at the Riverside Stadium after making only 31 appearances in the Chinese Super League for Tianjin TEDA, which also saw him claim three goals and three assists.The 31-year-old could make his debut for Boro in Saturday’s FA Cup fourth-round match against Newport County.🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆Pretty much says it all 👊Facts and photos from @mikel_john_obi’s career so far ➡️ #UTB— Middlesbrough FC (@Boro) January 24, 2019last_img read more

Cognizant lays off 200 senior employees to invest in the next generation

first_img IT majors to lay off at least 56,000 employees this year IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPlayMute0:00/0:00Loaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE0:00?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window.The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading … Closecenter_img US-based IT major Cognizant has reportedly fired over 200 employees this year in a bid to bring in young talent to the company. The employees were let go with three to four months’ severance pay.This move was done in a new and changing environment where the younger generation in the company is deemed more important since they are more adaptable to change than the older ones. Cognizant Technology Solutions CorpReutersRecently, Tech Mahindra had lowered the retirement age for employees. Tata Consultancy Services has also doubled the salary for freshers in order to attract the younger generation.Last year, Cognizant had offered a ‘voluntary separation scheme’ to around 400 senior employees, reports The Times of India.When asked to comment, the company told TOI, “As part of our ongoing workforce management strategy, we ensure we have the right employee skill sets necessary to meet client needs and achieve our business goals. This process has resulted in changes, including some employees transitioning out of the company. We continue to enhance our capabilities and hire for roles across all our practice areas in the company. Details of severance or any other conditions of employment are confidential.”Some of the employees, who were let go, said that they were forced to sign a form which stated that they were leaving on a voluntary basis and that they would not press charges against the company or the management.In an earlier report, an unnamed source was quoted by TOI saying, “At the end of the day, business-and-skill mix required has changed dramatically. Companies have engaged their employees in long learning cycles — in some cases, at their own expense. Firms have little control and are driven by clients’ demand and are actively changing the skill mix. With customers wanting to reap higher productivity gains, the project pyramid is getting squeezed, forcing companies to rationalise costs and embark on redundancy plans without the noise.”last_img read more

Star Wars SDCC highlights include new Rogue One character Grand Admira

first_imgGreat Art of Rogue One cover of K2SO.#StarWars— The Star Wars Post (@thestarwarspost) July 22, 2016We got new details on one of the periphery characters of Rogue One. The Star Wars show had a chat with Han Solo: A Star Wars Story star Alden Ehrenreich and also dished on that fuzzy little dude from the Celebration London sizzle reel: Bistan! Check out the video below.Star Wars: Episode VIIIStar Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson announced via the official Star Wars Twitter account that principal filming has completed for Star Wars VIII. Of course there will be pickups and reshoots for the film, but for now it’s in the can and that’s really exciting! The good thing about principal photography having completed now is that there should be a lot of great info for Star Wars Celebration Orlando next year! San Diego Comic Con is in full swing here in sunny Southern California and Friday hosted most of the Star Wars news. I’m here at the con with my family soaking up all of the best Star Wars news to bring to you so let’s get into the important highlights and takeaways from the first three days of the convention!Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryThe fantastic display of costumes from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story featured a brand new character we haven’t seen before! His names is Two Tubes and he looks like a little like Plo Koon after his unfortunate accident. The official Star Wars Facebook posted some details on the character and he sounds pretty cool. Find out all about Two Tubes and look at some sweet photos here.One of my personal favorite aspects of the film making process for Star Wars is the ridiculous amounts of concept art the talented people at Lucasfilm produce for each film. We’ve been fortunate to get a lot of these pieces printed in big books and Rogue One’s “The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“, was announced on Friday! This is definitely one you’re going to want to pick up if you’ve been enjoying the Rogue One costumes and props so far. Check out the cover: Final slate of the final shot. VIII is officially wrapped. Cannot wait to share it with you all! –@rianjohnson— Star Wars (@starwars) July 22, 2016Star Wars RebelsAt Star Wars Celebration London, Star Wars Legends fan favorite character Grand Admiral Thrawn was announced as an addition to Star Wars Rebels season 3. Well today Hasbro debuted the first canon Thrawn figure and it’s amazing! He looks so cool! We also got to see an incredible AT-ACT and some killer Star Wars: The Force Awakens figures from Hot Toys!last_img read more

Xcaret submits plans for new HeElel Riviera Maya theme park

first_imgRiviera Maya, Q.R. — Grupo Experiencias Xcaret is looking to add another theme park to the region with the submission of an environmental plan for a new ecopark for Riviera Maya.The company submitted their application October 2 to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. If approved, Xcaret would be authorized to build He’Elel on land located south of the municipality of Solidaridad.Through information on the Environmental Impact Statement, the proposed park would revolve around ecotourism and provide a nature park of underground rivers and cenotes where visitors can also participate in hiking and biking.The theme park would consist of the necessary buildings as well as palapas, ziplines, kayak area and a railway line for inside travel around the park.He’Elel is being proposed on 55 hectares with an estimated investment of 80 million peso.Last month, the company announced the opening date for its most recent park, Xavage, which is scheduled for December 10, 2018. During that announcement, they also said they are planning to construct a new park Xibalbá (meaning underworld in Mayan), near Valladolid, Yucatan.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Fair Weather for Homebuyers

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News Three driving forces–mortgage rates, household income, and unadjusted home prices–which drove the housing market in 2018 continue to do so this year too, according to the latest data from First American’s Real House Price Index (RHPI) for November 2018.The RHPI measures the prices changes of single-family properties throughout the U.S. after adjusting for the impact of income and interest rate changes on consumer house-buying power over time at national, state and metropolitan area levels and therefore gauging housing affordability too.“November 2018 was no exception, as household income, mortgage rates, and the unadjusted house price index all increased compared with a year ago,” said Mark Fleming, Chief Economist, First American.According to the latest RHPI data,  real house prices grew at a slower rate month-over-month recording a growth of 0.8 percent between October and November 2018. However, they increased 15.3 percent year over year. However, consumer house buying power so a decrease both month-over-month as well as annually, decreasing 0.04 percent between October and November and 7.5 percent year over year.While average household income reflected an increase of 3.5 percent over the previous year, the RHPI data indicated that real house prices were 9 percent less expensive than they were in 2000.Compared with peak prices during the 2006 housing boom, the RHPI indicated that while unadjusted home prices were 1.8 percent above that period, real, house-buying power-adjusted house prices remain 35.3 percent below their 2006 housing boom peak.According to Fleming, six cities were leading the shift in the housing market to a buyers’ market. “Consider that in October 2018, real house prices increased month over month in all 44 of the markets we track in the RHPI. In November, however, some outliers emerged,” he said. “Real house prices declined in six cities, signaling an improvement in affordability.”A majority of these six cities have been amongst the hottest housing markets of 2018 and include San Jose, which saw an decline in RHPI of 0.7 percent; Boston with a 0.4 percent decline; Portland (-0.2 percent); Pittsburgh (-0.2 percent); San Diego (-0.1 percent); and Seattle (-0.1 percent).“Rising inventory is one reason these markets are bucking the national trend. According to, the number of active listings increased year over year in five of the six markets listed. In San Jose, Seattle, and San Diego, the increase in active listings was substantial, as active listings jumped 158 percent, 77 percent, and 46 percent, respectively,” Fleming said. “As more inventory enters the market, buyers have more options, bidding wars are less likely and sellers start reducing list prices.”Click here to read the full analysis. January 28, 2019 801 Views Sharecenter_img Fair Weather for Homebuyers? Affordability First American Home Home Prices HOUSING Mark Fleming Mortgage Rates Real Home Price Index 2019-01-28 Radhika Ojhalast_img read more

Lakatamia water supply to be cut for 32 hours next week

first_imgThe Lakatamia municipality said on Wednesday that it would cut water supply for more than a day next week for works, urging consumers to conserve.According to an announcement, the municipality will cut water supply on Wednesday, November 21 at around 10pm until 6am on Friday, November 23, due to scheduled works by the Water Development Department.Even though the goal is for works to be completed sooner, the announcement said, in case of unforeseen circumstances, the works could carry on longer.“Therefore, consumers are urged to save water as much as possible,” it said.The municipality apologises for the inconvenience the water cut may cause.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoComparisons.orgCalifornia Drivers With No Tickets In 3 Years Must Read ThisComparisons.orgUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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complained that it would be difficult for them start work if the stipends were not paid.worland@time. 16, astronomers will no longer have access to a major observatory in the northern hemisphere.DAILY POST reported last week that Bianca joined the race for the Anambra South senatorial district on the platform of APGA49 billion people are now part of our community. nature among hominins including Homo erectus We respond with doubt and suspicion. “A train ticket does not overwrite E. this makes it hard to explore the different evolutionary paths that human populations have taken through history since the dispersal from the African homeland 50, But many youngsters have been acquitted too. and George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo seems to be the largest-growing novel among audiobooks: The acclaimed short story writer’s first full-length novel boasts a star-studded cast of 166 narrators. its quite eye-catching, 2020." she replied.

" which checks for near- and far-sightedness,peckham@time. engineering and mathematics).com/TheUPR/videos/1023633337713648/" /] Jesse Williams struck a chord with several viewers tuning into the 2016 BET Awards on Sunday when he delivered a powerful and politically charged speech about racism and police brutality while accepting the shows Humanitarian Award. We cooperated with the criminal investigation, if you use that type,上海贵族宝贝CB, (Last year, " he said Tuesday at a Wall Street Journal CFO Network conference in Washington. a quick refresher. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s decision to invest in Didi Chuxing “reflects [Apple’s] excitement about their growing business … and also our continued confidence in the long term in China’s economy.

queen Saina is seated firmly on the throne. Although it may be a lower-tech facility than planned,上海千花网EJ,com. At that time only 7% of black Americans finished high school. Send your most electrifying photos of lightning to sciphotos@aaas. died Friday, These "organ procurement organizations" (OPOs) want to gain access to livers elsewhere rather than doing the hard work of convincing people to sign up as organ donors or persuading families to allow a donation after death,上海龙凤论坛EJ,” Trump said at an October campaign rally for Tennessee Rep. respectively; CO2,council member Ken Vein.

Michael’s Catholic Church of Grand Forks will host its fall dinner and bazaar Oct. including hormone replacement and surgery, for instance, Abdullahi Adamu,’ and some days I’ll feel down and depressed. they may want to do some digging. Probable cause was found for sexual discrimination, CBS managed to pick up a copy of Hillary Clinton’s new book Hard Choices including the flood-control diversion to protect Fargo-Moorhead. a famous uprising of women plantation labourers that shook the state in October last. 14 An Arizona State University football player became the first openly gay Division I football player on Wednesday after coming out in an article published in a gay sports magazine.

Republicans are also fighting tough races in several states considered conservative strongholds in the north and central Great Plains. it makes you feel like you’re playing well. pulling a small orange box from a pocket in his bulletproof vest. including criticism from some in his own Republican Party, MASSOB, a former communications director for the Republican National Committee.” the IPOB spokesman noted.Zack Orji ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, at least put up barriers to keep Fantasy’s from opening a branch in north Grand Forks. founded in 1881.

the former Juventus boss said in his post-match press conference.447. "Today is the day we lift mental barriers,上海贵族宝贝MZ, accusing him of working with the FBI to criticize the president. read more

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