Islam Maytat The Sad Story of a Moroccan ISIS Bride

Rabat – Since it took the centre stage internationally as the fiercest and bloodiest terrorist group, ISIS has been successful in attracting thousands of men and women from all over the world.Many females joined the terrorist organization where they became brides of the group’s fighters, dreaming of “Jannah” (Heaven) and wives, greater in number and beauty, than the ones they already have, whether they willingly offered their bodies to them, or were forced to.Some of these brides were neither captives, nor recruits who joined the group by their own free will. One of them was a Moroccan who was lucky enough to escape her sordid life as an ISIS sex object. Here is her story, as she told it to the media. An Ideal Husband“It was a family marriage. I was just like any other girl getting what she wanted: a husband”, said Islam Maytat, a Moroccan young woman who lived  for three years in ISIS camps, as she recalled her very sad experience.Maytat was first married to an Afghani man. They met through social media and soon connected. Her suitor came to Morocco and the two got married afterwards.Her spouse had a British nationality, and so Islam was hoping to live in Britain. The sweet dreams of life in a foreign country would turn, later on, to the worst of nightmares.Islam’s husband convinced her they had first to go to Afghanistan to see his family. After a month there, the Moroccan young woman could not bear staying in a country plagued by war, so she asked to go back home.She spent month and a half in Morocco before packed again, and this time her destination was Turkey. Her husband had convinced her he found a job there.Everything seemed normal until the husband started asking her to change the way she dressed. She got rid of her “Abaya” (traditional dress worn by women in Gulf countries), and put on a modern dress “in order not to arouse suspicions of the Turkish police”.Shortly after, Islam Maytat found herself crossing the Turkish-Syrian borders along with her husband and other strangers she met in the border city of Gaziantep.The Road To Daech“We are going to the land of Islam and Khilfah,” said the husband to the Moroccan young woman.She was in a state of shock but could not say anything. She could not protest even though she knew she was going to an inferno where war and destruction were all around.“I was afraid, and I thought I would better keep silent lest I get hurt. I was a stranger in the country. I decided to remain silent until I find a way to flee the place. I was scared they might discover what was going on in my mind and accuse me of apostasy or something like that. My fate would have been terrible”, said Islam Maytat.In her early 20’s, the Moroccan woman became a widow when her husband was killed in battle in 2014 after he joined the ranks of Daech. The young widow was pregnant with her first son, Abdullah.An ISIS BrideApparently there is not such a thing as a single mom in ISIS camps. That is why Islam soon got married to a friend of her late husband when she was in Raqqa.But soon after she asked for divorce and moved on to another house. Yet, she could not escape the fate of being married once again.The third husband was an Indian ISIS fighter who later on became the father of her second child, a baby daughter. Islam put on a condition to live among Syrian civilians and not the people who immigrated to join the terrorist group.Her idea was to look for a person who would help her escape from ISIS. “There, I met individuals from People’s Protection Units (YPG) and they were the ones who helped me get out of Raqqa. They took me to the territories held by Syrian Democratic Forces,” she said.The nightmare ended with her leaving ISIS held territories. She told the world about her plight in a press conference as she sat holding her young daughter on her lap, while her son was looking with amazed eyes to the many cameras filming the trio.It is hard to say it was a happy ending, but it is surely a new start for a woman whose determination helped her flee the inferno of ISIS. Hopefully, she begins a better life now. read more

TSX rises amid higher oil earnings from BCE Suncor

TORONTO — Financials and energy stocks gave the Toronto stock market a solid boost Thursday amid volatile crude prices and a well-received earnings report from the oilpatch.The S&P/TSX composite index jumped 129.27 points to 15,124.92.The Canadian dollar ran up 0.9 of a cent to cents US after tumbling more than a cent Wednesday as a four-day rally in crude prices came to an end on data that showed American inventories at their highest level in 80 years. U.S. indexes were sharply higher ahead of the release tomorrow of the government’s employment report for January.The Dow Jones industrials shot up 211.86 points to 17,884.88, the Nasdaq rose 48.4 points to 4,765.1 and the S&P 500 index was 21.01 points higher at 2,062.52.The March crude contract in New York closed up $2.03 to US$50.48 after tumbling $4.60 or almost nine per cent Wednesday. Prices had shot ahead 19% over the previous four sessions on hopes that a string of cutbacks by oil producers had started to bite into a huge supply and demand imbalance that has sent prices plunging by 50% since last summer.But those hopes took a hit from data showing U.S. inventories grew by 6.3 million barrels last week, about two-and-a-half times the amount that analysts expected.“Obviously the inventory numbers highlight that we’re not out of the woods yet,” said Stephen Lingard, managing director at Franklin Templeton Solutions.“In some ways, the pain really hasn’t been felt. A more drawn-out, extended lower oil price  environment will, I think, cause some more discipline on the high marginal cost producers. We have seen it in the rig counts, we have seen it in announced spending cuts, but it’s still early days.”The steep decline in prices was reflected in the quarterly earnings report from Suncor (TSX:SU), Canada’s biggest oil and gas company. Its net earnings shrank to $84 million, down 81% from the $443 million it posted a year earlier.Earnings ex-items were $383 million or 27 cents a share, eight cents short of estimates. Cash flow from operations fell to $1.49 billion from $2.35 billion. On the plus side, Suncor finished 2014 having spent $300 million less than its $6.8 billion forecast and its stock rose $1.06 to $38.55, helping send the energy sector up two per cent.March copper was unchanged at US$2.59 a pound and the base metals group also gained 2.5%.The TSX was also supported by the industrials and tech sectors.The gold sector was slightly lower as April bullion faded $1.80 to US$1,262.70 an ounce. Telcos and consumer staples stocks were also under selling pressure.BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE) posted net income of $542 million in the fourth quarter, up nearly 10% from a year before. Adjusted earnings were 72 cents per share, up nearly three per cent from least year and a penny ahead of analyst forecasts.BCE also says its annual dividend will be rising by 5.3% to $2.60 per share and its shares gained 18 cents to $58.97.After the close, Twitter reported quarterly adjusted earnings per share of 12 cents, far higher than analyst forecasts of six cents and its stock was up five per cent in after-hours trading. read more