Ottawa ready to unveil details of 21billion fund for trade transport projects

OTTAWA — The federal government is set to unveil details about just over $2 billion in infrastructure spending targeting the country’s ports, airports and border crossings.Transport Minister Marc Garneau is slated to make the announcement this morning in Ottawa where he will detail how $2.1 billion set aside in this year’s budget will be spent.The money is expected to target trade corridors that are operating at capacity and in need of expansion to keep goods moving around the country and across the border.Public consultations on airline passenger rights will soon begin, Canadian Transportation Agency saysOttawa won’t set national electric vehicle quota for manufacturersThe cash is part of $10.1 billion the federal government plans to spend over the next 11 years on trade and transportation corridor projects.About half of the money, $5 billion, will flow to projects through the soon-to-be-created infrastructure bank.The bank will use federal cash to try and leverage private investment to help pay for projects that can generate revenue and provide a profit to private investors.The Canadian Press read more