Avian flu cases reported in Cambodia, Egypt

first_img The Cambodian boy died last night, said Michael O’Leary, World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Phnom Penh, who was quoted in a Reuters report today. The boy was from the southeastern province of Prey Veng, adjoining Vietnam. The girl was hospitalized Apr 2 and was said to be in stable condition, according to an AFP report today. Officials said her family raises poultry at home. A Cambodian health official said a sample from the boy tested positive for H5N1 avian flu at the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report today. The official said the boy had eaten sick chickens before he fell ill. Although fewer human H5N1 infections have been diagnosed in Cambodia than in China, Vietnam, or Thailand, all six known Cambodian victims have died, according to the WHO. April 5, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Avian flu has resurfaced in two countries, killing a 12-year-old boy in Cambodia and sickening a little girl in Egypt, according to news services. A concern for human health in Gaza is the lack of oseltamivir (Tamiflu), the drug most widely used to prevent or treat H5N1 infection. Manenti told Reuters the Palestinian Authority does not have enough Tamiflu. Although Israeli officials are providing gear and 300 doses of the antiviral drug, Manenti said Gaza needs at least 1,000 doses. In addition, a 16-month-old girl in southern Egypt has contracted H5N1, according to a Reuters story today that quotes the Egyptian health and population minister, Hatem el-Gabali. Hers is the ninth case of avian flu in Egypt, el-Gabali said, although the WHO to date has confirmed only four cases. (Samples in the other cases are still being tested.) Authorities have confirmed the first instance of an H5 virus spreading to domestic poultry in Germany, in the eastern state of Saxony. Preliminary tests at a farm near Leipzig with more than 14,000 turkeys and geese showed the H5 virus, Reuters reported today. The neuraminidase subtype has not yet been determined, authorities told the news service, but the flock will be culled. In addition, another 250,000 birds will be killed in the Gaza Strip as officials try to stop the spread of the virus there, according to Reuters. Fourteen more villages in India’s western state of Maharashtra have avian flu in poultry, Reuters reported today. The neuraminidase hasn’t been typed yet, but authorities suspect they’ll receive confirmation that it is an H5N1 virus, the story said. In Africa, Niger has culled another 26,000 birds in 47 villages in the Magaria district, the Angola Press Agency reported today. Culling is expected to last a week, and owners will be compensated, the story said. Meanwhile, the H5N1 virus continues to spread among wild birds and domestic poultry, causing fear and economic woes. The election of a Hamas-led government has further cooled relations between Palestine and several countries, prompting some nations to administer aid through third parties, such as United Nations agencies, the story said. Chicken is the main source of animal protein for Gazans, said Ambrogio Manenti of the WHO office for the Palestinian territories, the story noted. Outbreaks have occurred on five Gazan farms to date, and about 250,000 birds, or 10% of all the flocks in Gaza, have been culled, the story said.last_img read more

IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National Point Standings through March 11

first_imgSmiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMods – 1. Dean Abbey, Roanoke, Texas, 266; 2. Damon Hammond, Burleson, Texas, 202; 3. Kevin Manning, Kaufman, Texas, 192; 4. Gregory Muirhead, Mabank, Texas, 152; 5. Kevin Ward, Abilene, Texas, 139; 6. James Skinner, Burleson, Texas, 127; 7. Gabe Tucker, Carbon, Texas, and Danny Cavanagh, Fort Worth, Texas, both 120; 9. Christopher Stewart, Tatum, N.M., and Mark Patterson, Merkel, Texas, both 119; 11. Jake Upchurch, Red Oak, Texas, 114; 12. Justin Nabors, Kemp, Texas, 111; 13. Kaden Honeycutt, Aledo, Texas, and Brandon Blake, Odessa, Texas, both 110; 15. John “Jay” Coone, Weatherford, Texas, 109; 16. Jason Cook, Grand Prairie, Texas, and Dan Day, Farmersville, Texas, both 103; 18. Jeff Reynolds, Godley, Texas, 99; 19. Casey Brunson, Lott, Texas, 96; 20. John Rabozzi, Midlothian, Texas, 92.  Mach-1 Sport Compacts – 1. Steven Bevills, Granbury, Texas, 159; 2. Steve Riojas, Waxahachie, Texas, 150; 3. Darren Sage, Yuma, Ariz., 137; 4. Jacquelyn Parmeley, Phoenix, Ariz., 133; 5. Billy Ayres, Glendale, Ariz., 132; 6. Frank Lackey, Joshua, Texas, 107; 7. Patrick Miller, Rhome, Texas, 105; 8. Bondy Cannon, Mineral Wells, Texas, 99; 9. Kaleb Watson, Mineral Wells, Texas, 95; 10. Harold Clifton, Stephenville, Texas, 93; 11. Frank Cordova, Yuma, Ariz., 78; 12. Ryan McNaughton, Yuma, Ariz., 72; 13. Matthew Schlamann, Yuma, Ariz., 71; 14. Jesse James, Yuma, Ariz., and Derek Cates, Woodway, Texas, both 70; 16. Dylan Rivers, Irving, Texas, 69; 17. Jack Bransom, Burleson, Texas, 68; 18. Shelley Marnell, Kennedale, Texas, 66; 19. Shawn Rico, Yuma, Ariz., 64; 20. Zachary Taylor, Irving, Texas, 62. IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars – 1. Chanse Hollatz, Clear Lake, Iowa, 562; 2. Cody Center, Mesa, Ariz., 497; 3. Raymond Doyle, Chandler, Ariz., 422; 4. Brendon LaBatte, Noonan, N.D., 409; 5. J.C. Parmeley, Peoria, Ariz., 392; 6. Andy Altenburg, Truman, Minn., 342; 7. Westin Abbey, Comanche, Texas, 338; 8. Aaron Spangler, Dove Creek, Colo., 337; 9. Dennis Losing, Apache Junction, Ariz., and Leslie Gill, Odessa, Texas, both 324; 11. Irvin Kevin Roberts, Gresham, Oregon, 307; 12. Steffan Carey, Bloomfield, N.M., 305; 13. Ricky Thornton Jr., Adel, Iowa, 276; 14. Kenny Gill, Peoria, Ariz., 265; 15. Lonnie Foss, Glendale, Ariz., 262; 16. Derek Green, Granada, Minn., 260; 17. Ty Warner, Glendale, Ariz., 251; 18. Troy Jerovetz, Iowa Falls, Iowa, and Wayne Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif., both 224; 20. Ryan Powers, Joshua, Texas, 221.  IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks – 1. Brad King, New Town, N.D., 491; 2. Jason Duggins, Farmington, N.M., 356; 3. Joshua Cordova, Yuma, Ariz., 306; 4. Steve Bitting, Phoenix, Ariz., 296; 5. Scott Tenney, Yuma, Ariz., 294; 6. Paul O’Connor, Surprise, Ariz., 281; 7. Jason Beshears, Yuma, Ariz., 275; 8. Chandler Dodge, Casa Grande, Ariz., 273; 9. Jason Penny, Yuma, Ariz., 271; 10. James Robinson, Yuma, Ariz., 265; 11. Francisco Cordova, Yuma, Ariz., 247; 12. Tim Gonska, Brainerd, Minn., 237; 13. Reven Bitting, Phoenix, Ariz., 228; 14. Ron Roe, Phoenix, Ariz., 196; 15. Andrew Pearce, Meadow, Utah, 175; 16. Oscar Duarte, Yuma, Ariz., 174; 17. Rick Hibbard, Yuma, Ariz., 149; 18. David Callis, Yuma, Ariz., 139; 19. Kyle Williams, Glendale, Ariz., 138; 20. Charles McDaniel, Phoenix, Ariz., 128. Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods – 1. Taylor Kuehl, Cave Creek, Ariz., 587; 2. Cody Thompson, Sioux City, Iowa, 511; 3. Mark Madrid, Laveen, Ariz., 474; 4. Clay Erickson, Glendale, Ariz., 471; 5. Shelby Frye, Casa Grande, Ariz., 410; 6. Ty Rogers, Somerton, Ariz., 380; 7. Justin Erickson, Glendale, Ariz., 371; 8. Chris Toth, Holtville, Calif., 340; 9. Miles Morris, Yuma, Ariz., 326; 10. Darin Center, Mesa, Ariz., 321; 11. Michael Wells, Pahrump, Nev., 320; 12. Kyle Salo, Peoria, Ariz., 318; 13. Camron Spangler, Dove Creek, Colo., and David Pitt, Rock Springs, Wy., both 307; 15. Manny Baldiviez, Yuma, Ariz., 302; 16. Slade Pitt, Rock Springs, Wy., 261; 17. Jimmy Davy, Yuma, Ariz., and Steve Bitting, Phoenix, Ariz., both 258; 19. Bryan Miller, Phoenix, Ariz., 251; 20. Tate Johnson, Homestead, Mont., 244. center_img IMCA Modifieds – 1. Chaz Baca, Mesa, Ariz., 717; 2. Alex Stanford, Chowchilla, Calif., 528; 3. Ricky Thornton Jr., Adel, Iowa, 472; 4. Zachary Madrid, Phoenix, Ariz., 436; 5. Jeff Taylor, Cave City, Ark., 387; 6. Lance Mari, Imperial, Calif., 382; 7. Kollin Hibdon, Pahrump, Nev., 377; 8. Tim Ward, Chandler, Ariz., 348; 9. Spencer Wilson, Minot, N.D., 338; 10. Jake O’Neil, Tucson, Ariz., 336; 11. Casey Arneson, Fargo, N.D., 335; 12. Ryan Roath, Peoria, Ariz., 320; 13. Jon White Jr., Red Oak, Texas, 295; 14. Braxton Yeager, Green River, Wy., 286; 15. William Gould, Calera, Okla., 283; 16. Kelsie Foley, Tucson, Ariz., 261; 17. Jason Noll, Peoria, Ariz., 256; 18. John Parmeley, Phoenix, Ariz., and Bill Miller, Yuma, Ariz., both 255; 20. Bricen James, Albany, Ore., 249. Junior National Championship – 1. Raymond Doyle, Chandler, Ariz., 422; 2. Kollin Hibdon, Pahrump, Nev., 377; 3. Justin Erickson, Glendale, Ariz., 371; 4. Chandler Dodge, Casa Grande, Ariz., 273; 5. Michael Thing, Campo, Calif., 233; 6. Reven Bitting, Phoenix, Ariz., 228; 7. Jerry Flippo, Bakersfield, Calif., 187; 8. Blake Clark, Joshua, Texas, 175; 9. Brock Rogers, Yuma, Ariz., 156; 10. Jake Pike, Pahrump, Nev., 140; 11. Abby Meulebroeck, Gilbert, Ariz., 131; 12. Kaden Honeycutt, Aledo, Texas, 110; 13. Dann E. Perry III, Laughlin, Nev., 103; 14. Casey Brunson, Lott, Texas, 96; 15. T.J. Wyman, Laveen, Ariz., 94; 16. Dylan Thornton, Santa Maria, Calif., Colby Thornhill, Enumclaw, Wash., and Cameron Williams, Mohave Valley, Ariz., each 89; 19. Matthew Day, Farmersville, Texas, 86; 20. Jerrett Bransom, Burleson, Texas, 83. IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Colby Thornhill, Enumclaw, Wash., 89; 2. Danny Wood, Norman, Okla., 79; 3. Andy Shouse, Oklahoma City, Okla., and Steven Shebester, Mustang, Okla., both 74; 5. Chris Kelly, Oklahoma City, Okla., 60; 6. Zach Patterson, Yukon, Okla., 58; 7. Jason Martin, Lincoln, Neb., 54; 8. Tanner Conn, Oklahoma City, Okla., 51; 9. Cameron Hagin, Broken Arrow, Okla., 49; 10. Alison Slaton, Edmond, Okla., and Trey Burke, League City, Texas, both 44; 12. Casey Burkham, Combine, Texas, and Brendan Warmerdam, Lemoore, Calif., both 40; 14. Rob Solomon, Fresno, Calif., and Jesse “Chip” Graham, Lewisville, Texas, both 39; 16. John Ricketts, Burleson, Texas, Grant Champlin, Hanford, Calif., and Brandon Anderson, Glenpool, Okla., each 38; 19. Michelle Parson, Abilene, Texas, and Eric Matthews, Conway Springs, Kan., both 37.last_img read more

What would the Stanley Cup playoffs look like if they started today?

first_imgOn Thursday, the NHL “paused” the 2019-20 season indefinitely amid growing concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.The pause in the season comes agonizingly close to the NHL Playoffs, which were scheduled to start on April 8. It’s unclear whether the season will eventually resume but league commissioner Gary Bettman seemed optimistic.  MORE: Latest NHL Power Rankings with season on holdVegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg JetsThe Golden Knights have taken advantage of a weak division to seize first place in the Pacific, currently holding a two-point lead over the surging Edmonton Oilers. Some oddsmakers have even installed them as favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile, against all odds, the Winnipeg Jets still find themselves in a playoff position despite battling defensive woes all year. Paul Maurice has done a commendable job, but it’s still likely that the Jets slip out of the playoff spots before the end of the season. Nashville, Vancouver or Minnesota could all find themselves facing off against Vegas if and when the postseason begins.Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary FlamesWouldn’t this be fun? The Battle of Alberta roared into life once again this season with some feisty matchups featuring a goalie fight and plenty of other extracurricular activities. There will certainly be no love lost between Edmonton’s Zack Kassian and Calgary’s Matthew Tkachuk after the two feuded on and off the ice throughout the season. Edmonton was hot in the weeks before the season paused, with superstar duo Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl providing an explosion of offense. The Flames have been inconsistent and sit just one point above Vancouver for the third spot in the Pacific Division, but they did win three out of their four games against the Oilers during the regular season. “Our goal is to resume play as soon as it is appropriate and prudent so that we will be able to complete the season and award the Stanley Cup,” he said. “Until then, we thank NHL fans for your patience and hope you stay healthy.”MORE: How has coronavirus affected the NHL?While NHL teams still have between 11-14 games remaining in the regular season, it’s unclear how the league would handle the schedule if it were to resume. One potential option would be to forego the remaining games and skip straight to the playoffs based on current standings, which would certainly set up some juicy first-round matchups.With that in mind, here’s how the Stanley Cup playoffs would look if they started today:Eastern ConferenceBoston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue JacketsThe Bruins, who looked poised to lift the Presidents Trophy for the league’s best regular-season record, would host the Columbus Blue Jackets in round one. The Blue Jackets are currently clinging on to the final wild-card spot just one point ahead of the Islanders, but they’ve also played two more games than their closest pursuers. Regardless of who sneaks into the final wild-card spot, the Bruins will clearly be heavy favorites given their dominance all year.Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Toronto Maple LeafsThe end of the season can’t come soon enough for the Maple Leafs, who have been limping towards the finish line while holding on to third place in the Atlantic Division. The Florida Panthers just won’t go away, and a late-season slump could ruin Toronto’s postseason hopes. The Lightning has once again been one of the league’s best teams throughout the regular season, but an injury to Steven Stamkos has coincided with a dip in form. The team is also trying to erase the embarrassment of a first-round exit last year. For what it’s worth, these two teams played each other in their last game before the pause and Toronto won 2-1. Washington Capitals vs. Carolina HurricanesThis would be a rematch of last year’s first-round series in which the Hurricanes bounced the defending Stanley Cup champs in seven games. The Capitals have had another successful year thanks in no small part to their captain Alex Ovechkin challenging for the Rocket Richard Trophy, but the Philadelphia Flyers are breathing down their necks for the top spot in the Metropolitan Division. Meanwhile, the Hurricanes have been fighting for their playoff lives much like they did last year before shocking everyone with a run to the Eastern Conference finals. This is a matchup that will more than likely look different if and when the Playoffs start.MORE: Follow the race for the Rocket Richard TrophyPhiladelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsAn all-Pennsylvania series would certainly be fun to watch. The Flyers have been the hottest team in hockey for the past few weeks, winning nine games in a row before falling to the Bruins in their last game before the suspension. The Penguins, on the other hand, have lost eight of their last 11. You never know in the playoffs, though, and the Penguins have enough offensive firepower to compete with anyone in the league. Western ConferenceSt. Louis Blues vs. Nashville PredatorsThere’s been no Stanley Cup hangover in St. Louis, with the Blues looking poised to make another deep postseason run. They strung off eight wins in a row just a few weeks ago to establish themselves in first place in the Central Division, but the Colorado Avalanche remain just two points behind. Nashville has a precarious grip on the final wild-card spot in the West, with a slump from Vancouver dropping the Canucks one point behind the Predators. The Minnesota Wild are also still lurking in case anyone slips up. Colorado Avalanche vs. Dallas StarsThis would be another must-watch series. Nathan MacKinnon has helped give the Avalanche the offensive boost they needed to turn back into a contender this season. He did fall victim to a lower-body injury just days before the league was paused, but the timeline was short enough that he’ll almost certainly be back when play resumes. The Dallas Stars have turned their season around after a dreadful start and have the look of a playoff dark horse about them. Interestingly, Dallas has won all four of the matchups between these two Central Division rivals this season. last_img read more

ESPN offered Peyton Manning more money than Tony Romo to join ‘Monday Night Football,’ per report

first_imgESPN wants Peyton Manning — but the future Hall of Fame quarterback is playing hard to get.Manning turned down an offer from ESPN to work as the “Monday Night Football” color commentator according to a report from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post: “Sources say the overriding factor was whether Manning finally wanted to enter the broadcast booth and commit to the weekly schedule in the fall. The answer remains no. Manning has declined to be an ‘MNF’ analyst on multiple occasions, turning down basically every network since he retired from the NFL in 2016.”MANNING NIGHT FOOTBALL: How ESPN can bring back its ‘MNF’ magicWhile this isn’t the first time Manning has turned down ESPN — and other networks — it is the biggest offer he has declined, per Marchand.Marchand reports that ESPN’s offer to Manning may have topped Tony Romo’s record 10-year, $140 million CBS deal, if it combined his “MNF” salary with his ESPN+ shows “Peyton Places” and “Detail.” Earlier this month, Front Office Sports reported that ESPN was preparing to offer Manning a salary somewhere in the range of $18 million to $20 million per year.Despite shopping for their replacements, the network has not parted ways with current “MNF” play-by-play commentator Joe Tessitore or analyst Booger McFarland, who both received heavy criticism in their rookie year on the broadcast.last_img read more