Several Benefit from Ecobank Christmas Gesture

first_imgSeveral organizations including the Christian Association of the Blind, Fatima Cottage Orphanage Mission in the Township of Dixville and the Old Folks’ Home in Jacobs Town have benefited from Ecobank’s Christmas donation during the festive season. The donation, which was spearheaded by Gibson Kollie, head of domestic banking, included bags of rice, toiletries, cooking oil and cartons of fish. “It is a tradition of Ecobank Liberia that at the end of every year we identify with the less fortunate and other vulnerable persons during the festive season,” Mr. Kollie said. “Our managing director, Mr. Gilles Guarard, wants you to have a good festive season. This is why he instructed me to come and bring you these items,” Mr. Kollie told the beneficiaries. In their responses, the beneficiaries, including Mother Victoria B. Young, founder of Fatima Cottage Orphanage, Beyan Kotta of CAR and others lauded Ecobank Liberia for its donations to meet the needs of ordinary Liberians.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Evolutionists Violate Church-State Separation

first_imgJohn G. West thinks he has the NCSE in a hammerlock.  The evolution-only advocacy group, headed by Eugenie Scott, has used religious arguments to promote evolution on their new “Understanding Evolution” website (see 02/29/2004 entry).  West, an associate director of the Discovery Institute, writing for National Review, claims they are violating their own principle of separation of church and state.    If creationism cannot be allowed in the science classroom for religious reasons, then why should evolution be advocated for religious reasons?  “One wonders whether those at the NCSE appreciate the irony of their situation,” West chuckles.  He caught them in the act:This effort to use religion to endorse evolution is part of a larger public-relations strategy devised by the NCSE to defuse skepticism of neo-Darwinism.  On its own website, the group advises inviting ministers to testify in favor of evolution before school boards, and it has created a Sunday-school curriculum to promote evolution in the churches.  The NCSE even has a “Faith Network Director” who claims that “Darwin’s theory of evolution… has, for those open to the possibilities, expanded our notions of God.”Strange talk for an avowed atheist like Scott, unless it is pure strategy and tactics.  But the Discovery Institute wants to see it backfire.  “It’s clearly a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.  What business is it of the government to tell people what their religious beliefs about evolution should be?  And what does this have to do with teaching science?”    Click here for an example of religious arguments used by the Understanding Evolution website.  See also the World Net Daily report.This is funny, but it would be even more entertaining if the ACLU took on the NCSE.  Don’t hold your breath.  For those two bosom-buddy groups, it’s not about science or logic.  It’s war: Worldview War I.See also this month’s quote at top right of this page.(Visited 14 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Why Use a Wacom Tablet or Stylus for Post Production?

first_imgMore than just a mouse alternative, a stylus may actually improve your work – especially in regards to video editing, compositing, motion design and color grading.Using a tablet/stylus may seem intimidating for those that have exclusively used a mouse before. In fact, it may still seem intimidating once you start using it, but you must give yourself a chance to get used to it. Over time it will become more natural, and ultimately a faster alternative.Having used a Wacom pen consistently for a decade, I’d like to shed light on how a stylus/table can increase your creative workflow, boost efficiency and make you more productive.Note: We’re not sponsored by or endorsing Wacom brand tablets, they’re simply the tablet of choice for most creative professionals today.Speed Via Hand-Eye CoordinationThe biggest benefit is speed. The same reason I use a tablet is the same reason professional swimmers shave their heads to improve their times by a fraction of a second, only in the post-production world those improvements are multiplied over time.A traditional mouse has an arbitrary correlation to its mouse pad; you can just pick up the mouse and reposition it. The tablet’s area maps absolutely to the full real estate of your monitors. The tablet’s left corner corresponds to the monitor’s left corner. You’ll find yourself snapping to the exact point you want when navigating the operating system. It’s this hand-eye coordination inherent in the tablet technology that speeds you up.Over the course of a busy workday you’ll trim seconds off what would take longer with a mouse. Add those seconds up over a ten-hour day and you’ll have saved a chunk of time. When you multiply how much time you save over a week or a month, it really becomes significant.Think about keyboard shortcuts. Isn’t typing command-C easier and faster than selecting Edit and then Copy every time? You may think the time saved is minimal, but when you get into that groove, the time adds up.Ergonomic FeelTablets have a slight learning curve, but don’t be afraid. At first most people don’t realize the pen hovers over the tablet as opposed to being pressed on its surface. It’s similar to holding a pencil. The relaxed hold prevents hands from getting tired. Hands are important, people. Treat them right.MappingYou can increase the tablet’s speed by limiting the area it maps to. For instance, with Wacom tablets you can adjust the preferences to constrain the proportion of the screen that the tablet covers. This is ideal for working with two monitors or a large amount of screen real estate. Some of Wacom’s tablets may be too big for certain screens like laptops. Constraining the area gives you the right sensitivity to zip around at the speed you want.Curious about the different sizes and types of tablets? PremiumBeat blogger Aaron Williams gives an AWESOME rundown on his Wacom settings, tablet recommendations, use in different post-production applications and more – Wacom: The Hidden Manual. More on my personal setup below…Pressure SensitivityOne of the main features that make tablets an obvious choice for designers and illustrators are their pressure sensitivities. You can achieve a wide range of nuance with a swipe, dab, or erase. This is ideal if your job revolves around illustrating either raster or vector graphics.Buttons…If That’s Your ThingI’ll be the first to say that as soon as I jump on a new Wacom at a gig, I disable all of the tablet’s buttons. I dislike my hand hitting something I didn’t intend. For most users, including myself, the buttons are an underutilized feature. The newer models sport less invasive buttons, as well as a touchstrip on either side that can be used for scrolling or zooming. You can flip the newer models around if you’re left-handed so the buttons really won’t get in the way. Tweaking the buttons to the functions you want will make you a power user. I should probably up my game.What I have found very helpful is taking advantage of the buttons on the pen itself. In addition to the main pen pointer and eraser, there are two buttons on a Wacom pen that can be set to any number of commands. I use them for right-click and double-click, so opening a document doesn’t even require tapping twice on the tablet, and no keyboard presses are needed.No Cleaning Out Gunk! No Batteries NeededIt amazes me how many people are still using conventional trackball mice. We all remember the annoyance of cleaning the accumulated black gunk from the treads of the mouse every few months. While more modern mice use lasers, it can be difficult to find the right surface which works with them.Tablets operate via USB, so there’s never a need to change out batteries. Wacom tablets come with a multi-button mouse too, just in case you need it.A few years back, motion design guru Nick Campbell at Greyscalegorilla gave his personal take on using a tablet: “Once you go Wacom, you won’t go back.” Check it out:Consider a ChangeIf you’re looking to take your professional work to the next level, consider a tablet. Once you have the proper grip and understand how the surface maps to your screen, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.Still want more info? Check out the official videos from Wacom on using tablets in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Even though the videos cover older versions of the software the info is still applicable today:Wacom Tablets and After Effects:Wacom Tablets and Premiere:Do you use a tablet in your post-production work? Share your advice/thoughts/suggestions in the comments!last_img read more

Giving a digital touch to Durga Puja

first_imgKolkata is making a ‘smart’ move as its peak tourism season opens with the Durga Puja on September 26, to be followed by the Fifa Under-17 World Cup finale in October.West Bengal’s Tourism Department is sprucing up the city’s brand image at airports and railway stations, and has launched a mobile app to help tourists do some serious pandal-hopping during the festive season. Information about high-profile Durga Pujas in the city and how to get there are included in the app. About two dozen major Pujas go thematic each year in Kolkata, modelled after such things as Buddhist temples and terracotta icons, and in the past, paid tribute to Satyajit Ray and the Ambassador car. This time, the idol in one display features ornaments seen in the film Baahubali. Visitors can get information not just on such displays, but real time traffic updates. The Sharodotsav (Durga Puja) app launched last week also has interactivity built-in to engage the fan.“We launched the mobile application keeping in mind the convenience of the large number of tourists during Durga puja, and also Kolkata’s people. It has transport and police links,” the State Tourism Minister, Gautam Deb, said. Those who want to enjoy the festivities without wading into crowded streets can opt to just view trending photos of the famous Pujas on their phones.Expert smartphone photographers can send their two best puja shots to the Tourism Department for a competition. “Users can send photographs to us using the ‘share pujo’ option. After the puja, the three best photos will be awarded,” said Manish Jain, secretary, Tourism Department. The photo contest will open along with the puja on September 26 and entries can be sent till September 29. As India’s football capital, Kolkata is also gripped by Fifa Under-17 World Cup fever. The Tourism Department hopes to attract large footfalls including foreign tourists when the matches are played. The city’s brand is to get a boost through increased advertising at Kolkata and Bagdogra airports and at Railway stations such as Sealdah, Howrah, and New Jalpaiguri.last_img read more