Training needed to improve leadership in education sector – Minister

first_imgFor Guyana to enhance and raise the standards of its educational sector, formal training of educational leaders is critical.These sentiments were expressed by Education Minister Nicolette Henry, during the opening ceremony of a three-day educational leadership conference hosted by the Education Ministry, which is aimed at improving the leadership qualities of educational leaders.Some of the participants engaged in discussion at the opening ceremony of the education leadership conferenceSpeaking at the event, which was hosted at the Roraima Duke Lodge on Monday under the theme, “Leading schools in a changing world and the challenges change brings with holding people to account”, Minister Henry emphasised the need for such an initiative and the fact it has finally been made a reality. Her keynote address focused on leadership and qualities which govern this skill.“I recognise that many persons may not have had the opportunity to benefit from formal training on leadership and so that training provides that opportunity and support that is needed for you to optimise performance. Having the foundational knowledge of leadership perspectives and system thinking provides an opportunity to improve your own leadership skills and resources,” she stated.Persons who attended the event were urged to utilise the advice and training given to improve their skills when educating others. The Minister explained that this conference was expected to modify certain aspects of the sector that were suited to tackling the changes of society.Henry noted that it was also expected that the leadership conference would set the pace for the much-needed change necessary in education today.“With so many evolving changes in education, it is the role of new leaders within the field to inspire great changes for the individuals, the community, and the world,” she added.In giving her opinion on the qualities of a good leader, Henry advised participants to display motivation, which was the most critical factor, highlighting that the creation of good leaders began with the modification of training of teachers and the implementation of a system-thinking approach.“The most profound aspect of effective leadership is ability to motivate others to enact change. This is not an act that occurs with leadership, but it is an act that contributes to effective leadership,” she said.Facilitator of the workshop, Dennise Hilliman, who shared remarks, stated that while the training was one that would not have a major impact “overnight”, it certainly would aid in the long-term benefits of good quality education.According to her, the world is considered to be more dangerous with increased life expectancy and virtual reality among the burgeoning issues. With this, she emphasised the need for teachers to maximise the use of their instructional time towards effective goals, since the task of educating children happened only once.Additionally, three panellists were featured and more advice given on the calibre of persons who would be considered inspirational leaders, with the Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana (UG), Professor Ivelaw Griffith cited as an example.Meanwhile, head teachers and other education officials from all the administrative regions of Guyana took the opportunity to participate in the activities to further improve their performance. They are expected to implement these new skills upon their return to the various communities.In 2018, great priority was placed on education with a large percentage of the budget allocated towards the sector.The training exercise for the next three days is expected to provide participants with foundational information on educational concepts, theories, and approaches that are frequently utilised in the delivery of education. In the future, the Ministry is hoping to have this programme delivered to all teachers in Guyana so that teachers can explore the perspectives of teaching.last_img read more

Wario Secret German

first_imgI hope Wario’s German roots come into play in some future game. In the next WarioWare, his game company crashes, and he returns home to find himself. And what if other Nintendo characters have hidden nationalities? What if Link is French, not Hylian? What if Donkey Kong named his island after himself after emigrating from war-torn Rwanda? What if Mario is secretly German, too?Waluigi, meanwhile, remains a man without a country. Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)’Astral Chain’ and Other Dumb Nintendo Songs Stay on target A few months ago I wrote a feature about how Wario is so much more than a wacky, evil Mario. “He’s Nintendo outlet for self-parody and deconstruction. He’s the Watchmen of Nintendo franchises.” But it turns out there are depths to this gross, garlic-eating guy that we hadn’t realized. A recently uncovered YouTube comment dropped the bomb that Wario is, in fact, German.Or rather, Wario was originally intended to be German. Wario Forums(!) user Glowsquid translated a year-old YouTube comment by actor Thomas Spindler. A former Nintendo of Europe translation employee, Spindler voiced Wario in the Japanese versions of Mario Kart 64 and the first two Mario Party games. Few noticed at the time, but Spindler confirmed Wario speaks several lines in German in those games such as “So ein Mist!” or “Aw, crap!”“The concept behind Wario was that of a German character and those responsible for the voice-overs at Nintendo back then intended him to speak German,” said Spindler in the comment. Not to offend the fine people of Germany, when you look at Wario now, you can see how a German heritage may have been the original plan. Compare him to perhaps the most famous German Nintendo character, Von Kaiser of Punch-Out!!. It’s all in the mustache and bad attitude. At some point after these games, however, Nintendo changed its mind and made Wario Italian. He is Mario’s evil twin after all, so it makes sense they’d have the same national origins. Or maybe that’s the only accent Charles Martinet (Mario and Wario’s current voice actor) can do. Wario, in all his glory.<><>last_img read more