Orphan among scholarship awardees to study overseas

first_imgBy Devina SamarooAn orphan is among four new Guyanese students who has won scholarships to study across the world at universities under the United World Colleges (UWC), an international organisation that has launched its second scholarship programme in Guyana.Masud LewisBibi Asseya MohamedThe students are Tyreis Hunte, 16, from St Joseph High School; Bibi Aseeya Mohamed, 16, from Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary; Masud Lewis, 17, from Bishops’ High School; and Nicholas Roberts, 17, from Educational Trust College.They were chosen by the National Committee of UWC (Guyana) from a shortlist of 16 students.Hunte will be studying at UWC Changshu (China), Mohamed at UWC Costa Rica, Lewis at UWCSEA (Singapore) and Roberts at – UWC Red Cross Nordic (Norway).Tyreis HunteNicholas RobertsLifetime opportunityIt is an opportunity of a lifetime for the four students. According to Hunte, when he received the good news, he was overwhelmed with joy.“I couldn’t control my emotions. I even woke up the next morning and asked if I was actually selected because it was still unbelievable. Being selected out of so many talented and intelligent young individuals who all have their own vision and plan to improve the future of the country,” he expressed.Hunte said this experience will grant him the ideal opportunity to showcase the Guyanese culture and traditions to the hundreds of other students from across the globe who will be attending the college.The other recipient, Mohamed, was incredibly elated when she was informed of her success:“UWC is a life changing organisation to many teens. As a 16-year-old just finishing high school it is a great opportunity to earn a scholarship from this organisation. The UWC colleges aren’t only about academics…They create a community with students from all different parts of the world. Going to UWC Costa Rica would be a pleasure for me,” she stated, as she urged other students to apply for these life changing scholarships.Lewis, the other winner, said he always “thirsted for an educational system which not only promotes and facilitates rigid academic goals, but also promotes unlimited and intense extracurricular goals along with the initiative to blend cultures and perspectives, with the aim of creating a better world.”With this thirst fermenting, he was overjoyed when he won the scholarship to study at UWC.“I wouldn’t have been able to afford studentship at any of the colleges without assistance and as such, I am eternally grateful to each and every individual who has made this ‘opportunity-in-a-million’ possible,” he said.Roberts, who spent most of his life at the St John Bosco Orphanage in Plaisance, always thought opportunities like these were out of his league:“When I was first introduced to the United World College scholarship, I thought for a moment that this was too big for me,” he explained.Therefore, when he won the scholarship, he was beyond ecstatic:“In my mind, I would have never seen an orphan going to a foreign country on a scholarship. Anyway the scholarship did not care if you were an orphan, a billionaire, an invalid or anything of that sort, it just cared about how an individual could change the world through education, peace, and fraternity. I am finally a part of something great,” he expressed.He explained that too often, individuals are defined by their background and only afforded opportunities based on those origins. But Roberts is encouraging everyone out there, regardless of their situations, to break boundaries and strive for greatness.UWCUWC Guyana, founded in 2015, is the Guyana branch of UWC, which has the mission “To make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”.UWC has existed since 1962 and Nelson Mandela was a former president of the board – his own children were educated at the UWC in Swaziland during apartheid.UWC has 15 schools and colleges across five continents all with distinctive characters but sharing the same mission, ethos and values.Last year four students were selected and are now studying at UWC. Kyle Joseph, a former Queen’s College student is in Canada; Merissa Peterson, a former of Diamond Secondary is in the USA; Saif Panday, formerly of St Roses High is in Singapore; and Stephon Roberts, who attended Bishops’ High is in China. (DevinaSamaroo)last_img read more

UPFI to Promote Healthcare, Education, Others

first_imgAmid a bad economy, vices and critical political challenges in Liberia, the Universal Peace Federation International (UPFI) has announced plans to help promote development in the country.The UPFI has an NGO (Non-governmental Organization) consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN).Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, the chairman of UPFI, disclosed that after the launch of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in Liberia (IAPP-Liberia) in July, the country stands to benefit from programs, including the construction of a Peace Road, to promote an international highway and railway.Dr. Walsh said the UPF will support healthcare, through a negotiation with the Government of Japan, help develop a curriculum for tertiary education, and promote entrepreneurship and coffee production.He made the disclosure to journalists yesterday in the conference room of House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, following a close-door meeting with him.The UPFI Chairman further said the UPFI in collaboration with IAPP-Liberia will establish the Inter-Religion Association, promote peace and development, mutual respect and cooperation.He further said the presence of the IAPP would promote marriage and family values as well as the physical and spiritual beings of Liberians.Dr. Walsh is the Secretary-General of the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation, and also serves on the International Council of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations and on the board of directors of the International Coalition for Religious Freedom.Others who were part of Dr. Walsh’s delegation included Rev. Adama Doumbia, Secretary General of UPF-Africa, and Rev. Pamela S.M. Mwanga, the President (Chairman) of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU)-Liberia.After its establishment, the IAPP-Liberia will provide a forum for 73 members of the House of Representatives and 30 members of the Liberian Senate, to form part of the parliamentarians from all nations and political parties, allowing them to come together to dialogue and cooperate with each other, to search for solutions to local, national, regional and global problems.IAPP will work with many organizations and associations of parliamentarians around the world, some formally organized as intergovernmental bodies and others informally associated.The primary objectives of IAPP include the following: to promote good governance in all sectors of society; to develop high-quality educational programs for parliamentarians, and to promote and encourage dialogue and cooperation among parliamentarians from nations around the world, with the aim of promoting peace and human development.Other objectives of the IAPP include upholding core and universal principles, recognizing that all human beings are members of one global family; to protect, preserve and uphold the dignity and value of each human being; to strengthen the family as the central and most fundamental institution of human society; to work to build trust, mutual respect, and cooperation among the world’s peoples; and to encourage respect, inter-religious dialogue as essential to building a peaceful world.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more