The three reason for the new station within a month to go beyond the old station ranking

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site outside the chain for the chain, stability and the best quality

spiders crawl the integrity and improve the new master program, and connected to the

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website also pursue the site outside the chain so much wrong, now the site outside the chain should be the pursuit of stability and quality, such as why my website to be able to seize the love of Shanghai ranked in a short period of time, my first site outside the chain is very stable, I will go to the A5 or Chinaz submission intervals of a few days, so in the invisible website increases the stability of the chain, help website rankings. Secondly, I choose the site is high weight, high PR site, do the chain no matter more or less can improve the quality of the chain site in these sites, the author suggests that no matter what type of website should be based on the stability and quality in the construction of the chain, less to the forum, go to the station. read more

Observation and summary of future search engine adjustment direction may reach

I believe that the role of

third, the user’s search behavior will directly affect the website weight.

with love as everyone knows, Shanghai launched Scindapsus algorithm, Mars, pomegranate and so on a series of adjustment algorithm, the needless to say, is to purify the Internet air from various aspects, and vigorously support the intention to do the hard station webmaster, after adjustment for love Shanghai as an ordinary Shanghai dragon staff, how can we in keep up with the pace of future search engine, as soon as possible to adapt to search engine, I think it is very important in accordance with the standards of search engine, today the author’s own understanding and to optimize for their love of Shanghai to understand and share the future website optimization direction we should grasp what key points. read more

Wangzhuan common tricks secretThe brilliance of the advertising mission site will surely go into the


is a constant color on online gambling, is now a hot trick on the network, whether we often see advertisements in the group of experts, take you to play s.s.c earn 500 AD, in fact experts will make money, why would he take you to make money together, eat


For example, 178


shlf1314 on the most common of a trick, we see free training, guidance operations, the project operating income will be at least 3000 yuan or more is


after years of running, in the 07 year, when the advertising task website of the originator, atask station due to copycat and operations over the poor, to collapse by 58 AD webmaster task network first, commissioned by Chen, 3000 yuan to develop this program. This program was already has a prototype advertising task site, function of basic taste but because of the condition at that time, and not too many details, then a few years also increased the details of the project, a few websites related innovation which is the earliest, the advertising task network. read more

Medical website Shanghai dragon also useful it

first, because of the fierce competition, brand words have heat in the search engine very hot, a unique brand of words have been ranked several pages, a popular word is unthinkable. Therefore, those words and brand popular keywords is not easy to do in front of, especially for the new station is even more so. So, the long tail word coverage is another breakthrough. These long tail words were not chosen at random, need to be screened with the needs of users to search. For example, in some of the symptoms of the disease, certain symptoms of what is going on "," a certain symptom is what disease "and so on with the nature of the word is ask users search more, but the competition is not big, if included is normal, as long as the corresponding content can have a good ranking. Although the search is not popular keywords, but the coverage rate is large enough, can also bring a lot of transformation, and the transformation of the long tail word rate is relatively high. read more

n May 28th after Google and love Shanghai update


fell in love with the sea is not PR, but the love of Shanghai has its own weight algorithm, apparently frequent updates to the site and the original content site is high weight site, even if Google PR value is 0. I think this update will make many of our webmaster of the site’s weight will have a new understanding. This article from: what method can fast acne www.lclxfzgg贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source

second, often update site enterprises, generally lower PR value. Due to the anti chain Google no longer update, led to some enterprise stand alone outside the chain to enhance the PR enterprise station all drop weight. I have a business update station every day the chain, but not too many changes in the content of the website, but the Google rather baffling my PR2 site down to pr1. After the enterprise station Links strategy some difficult. read more

Methods to find the long tail keywords




statistical software


analysis of your competitors

analysis of long tail keywords conversion rate of

long tail keywords conversion rate is directly related to the website can benefit, so to the site of the long tail keywords regular analysis, put some long tail keywords conversion rate and low down, make great efforts to do long tail keywords high conversion rate. So slowly will be the best use of long tail keywords. It is more difficult to do. "

loves Shanghai

The use of

stood in the user’s point of view read more

n 8 22 Shanghai announcement message of love

2, combined with various data. May refer to other search engine data, reference statistics and so on, comprehensive consideration of the quality of the site.

love Shanghai official on August 22nd announcement that Shanghai will further upgrade the love algorithm, mainly directed at the content of cheating in the site. Has been for many webmaster "content is king" as a motto, but most of them are not relying on original content to truly practice the truth, but a "pseudo original", "collection" of these methods to achieve the goal of the site "content is king". read more

The site is down right how to do

!Three, the recent operation of



!Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

website right down topics:

special chain optimization:


: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

so we can get if the domain name node detection, this part mainly involves two points: first, second DNS domain problems, server problems. The stability check of DNS, this point is generally not easy to check, it is easy to be the owners believe that the server is not stable. But can still through the PING data to examine, for example: the use of love station tools for PING detection, so if there is a problem the timeout some nodes may be: server room, two DNS. But then continue through the website: IP detection "timeout problem: if you still can be determined as: a room or a single web server problems. IP: and if there was no "timeout" but through the "domain name" node detection is a "timeout", then it can be identified as: the domain name DNS server problems, please contact the domain name service provider to resolve, or simply consider replacing the domain name server. For example: will show the response of IP and response time, and a plurality of nodes can be compared to "Chinese million net" domain name, or relatively ideal read more

How to judge the site was K

website right down topics:

this is the Shanghai dragon Er most want to see, but the site has been K station the most obvious display, website ranking 100 after all. This phenomenon is often on behalf of the site has been K.

site is K station is the most obvious manifestation included zero, link overload. Then through the love number index data and the chain of Shanghai webmaster tools to building site is K station. If you do not verify love Shanghai Webmaster Tools friends on the site, can use traditional language commands site and link to check the judgment. read more

Love Haifa nervous Shanghai dragon ER in the future how to walk along the road

we have a client’s website, I do more than a month with conventional optimization methods, the weight increased from 0 to 1, ranked by 100 members outside the row to love Shanghai second, as shown below:

this is the first of a new site in the website to collect content rarely, there is no use of the technique of cheating, we normally do outside the chain, so it was not love the Shanghai attack. It seems love Haifa nerves are not recklessly, at least.

since the last love Shanghai twice on our website K later, after ranking fell to one hundred, there is no way we had to use love to do the Shanghai promotion ranking. For three days we included the site every day from the original 1400 helicopter to 3800, and also ranked directly on the home page. By Friday, we accidentally discovered the site Domain and returned to normal in A5 webmaster tools can query to our website ranking. From the point of view of these circumstances, Shanghai love promotion or quite helpful. As shown below, our July 6th website Domain query. read more

Google WebGL browser graphics Angle prototype

yesterday, Google announced that Kokkevis Angle has Vangelis programmers, through the OpenGL 2 certification test suite. WebGL provides a low level graphical interface, follow the MAC OS X, Linux, iOS and Android OpenGL; but the promotion is still less than OpenGL. Windows comes with a standard Microsoft Direct3D, and Angle is the OpenGL command is converted to Direct3D.

3D map WebGL technology based on Angle effects

brings (Hongkong Kowloon)

Kokkevis said: "Angle is our continued efforts to push forward the necessary steps of network platform. No Angle, can not be a computer running Windows on the WebGL standard, also cannot start MapsGL. MapsGL is the WebGL interface of Google map 3D building based on an optional function, as well as some different from the ordinary online map tool." read more

Site link how to integrate four problems for effective management

your site link quality

site link your

article is mainly about how to do the site content updates, from the angle of time to space and so on on the site to update the contents of this article, the author would like to express station on the website of the link management, website link into the link management link management and external internal management, internal links can promote the work site of internal optimization, the chain link is not good management can promote the site’s weight lifting, so no matter what kind of people should start from these two aspects, strengthen the link management of the site, the writer share some links strengthen management method, hope to be able to not strong to the webmaster produce link management role. read more

Do these details the spider will be more likely to follow you

details determine success or failure. We all know, many web site optimization can not do it, the fundamental reason is that in the specific details of the optimization, should pay attention to what the details of it, today I will share my own experience three.

for example, when we go to open a page, its path is supposed to be www.xxx贵族宝贝, but when we enter the path out of the carriage return after the loading is www.xxx贵族宝贝/index.html, this is a problem, because a page, only one path to participate in love Shanghai rankings, generally is www.xxx贵族宝贝 like this without tail. If a page appears multiple paths, the search engine will think your page is not standardized, and on your site for punishment. The following figure, is typical of the URL standard. read more

Hao Bing how to be included in the post love Shanghai quickly before release

We choose to post

home page "the latest posts" section of the Forum:

some new friends that forum outside the chain, is very simple, do not post or replies? Is the replies and post, but these posts are immediately included? You know, after the post was collected, inside the chain can only play a role. Want to be in love in Shanghai included the successful launch of the former, the main is to stare at the latest post, the general forum is divided into two kinds, "the latest posts" plate, such as a push and push the 28 forum, another is not "the latest posts" section, such as the A5 and the laggards so, we are to analyze, according to the two forum in Shanghai, if we love our links included before leaving. read more

Domain home is not the first hurt me

three, simply copy and paste the cups. If this is the right down there is no words to say, "aware of the tiger undeterred". Before Yichang Shanghai dragon made a stand, is to buy the domain name itself PR is 3, the weight of the good, he used to do some target keywords ranking is very good, then copy and paste, snapshot stagnant, and pages long tail words and page target keywords >

, a short period of time often hosts are attacked, the rotation IP, as we all know, the search engine is the most taboo. But once because the server inside the other sites with IP following right down, even suffered a mechanism to love Shanghai to wake up. Yichang and Shanghai dragon is the United States with the fatcow space, we all know it is very difficult to speed with the domestic rival, once attacked, users can not access, by the point of injury did not discuss, so we choose a time when the host space must think, choose some with hard, fast stable host. read more

The chain blog experience summary FAQ reply

answer: some blogs or websites allow users to send a comment with a link or a signature with links, when to send the Shanghai dragon Er will not display your comments or prompt activation of spam website system. Possible reasons for this problem are the following: the website itself to comment on the new registered users of the number of links have been restricted, it is possible that the user once the number of links too much activation of the anti spam system website, can lead to recurrent.

answer: this type of blog or website to link and comment on the requirements of a strict review system, if not to comment on article content, add random link paste the URL will lead to hair up after the blank page, this kind of website is the most nofollow tag, only a very few can send. read more

Shanghai Longfeng rookie you know 404 software will bring disaster to you

2, will be used by the bad guys: if you think your website there is no dead links, soft 404 does not matter, you are wrong. Although your website no dead links, but if you find your competitors website there is a soft 404, he may put your soft brush 404, give you 404 and a lot of soft outside the chain, let love Shanghai included empty page, your page is similar, and you love Shanghai right down.

may be a lot of Shanghai dragon new friends do not know, even many veterans often ignore. When the spider visit to a non-existent page, under normal circumstances will return a 404 status code, told the Shanghai spiders don’t love this index page. But sometimes, for some reason, spiders in the index a page does not exist, it will return a 200 status code (success index), which is a soft 404. In this way, although in the eyes of the user, this is a 404 page, but the spider is that this is a normal page. read more

The details of three mistakes in the construction of the chain of the Forum

Please see that the

is the forum daily attendance instead of a signature, a few years ago to do with the web site included forum registration is still good, but now in attendance when the web site and effect? I asked the question in the forum, the answer is not what some say Public opinions are divergent., role, some forum robots set in shielding spiders crawl sign; some say some are not shielded or can do when the chain; some say is not even when the chain, or can be extended under the website read more

Shanghai dragon embarrassed exit joking injury to be broken

we may feel very strange, what is the relationship between Shanghai and the Dragon mentality! Here I explain simple, just on the surface is to write website ranking, in order to flow, yes, I do not deny this point. "The mentality of the decision behavior". If we just want to show to the website search engine, while ignoring the real needs and feelings of the user, so I want to do this station also will be very tired, not simply abstract to the fun. On the other hand, even in the treatment of a rookie Webmaster Station time to "user experience" as the premise, not thinking of how to make the station to do more in line with user access, but only to Shanghai dragon and the chain for the emperor of the so-called love with Shanghai practice, adjust the K garbage station "principle, I believe those who stand on the picture, not far away, after all, the search engine ranking finally according to user experience for reference. read more

The 3 way optimization and transformation of the transformation of the company burden in the know

2, to the real marketing.

immediately turned into

who did optimization friends all know, many companies are optimized with the keyword to charge customers fees, so the ranking of words become the key charges, but for many keywords, then a strong Shanghai dragon can not guarantee stable ranking on the first page, especially the hot competition in the industry, and a large number of orders need to continue to do keyword ranking work, but also the lowest maintenance period of 12 months, during this period the ups and downs of keywords is normal, so the maintenance work has been accumulated, and the new single pressure, the formation of a large number of the accumulation of work, the burden is more and more big, but few companies employ the optimization so this is to optimize the master, the state will gradually increase, the burden is more and more big, lead to customer chargeback, even accumulated list. read more