To speed up the visit speed of website Yslow optimization limit

host Shang Xiaozhang’s blog picture:

Yslow is a YAHOO "scoring system, a detailed list of parameters affecting the page loading speed, there is no more to say.


I think the web optimization is mainly divided into two categories, one is called soft and hard optimization optimization. Software optimization mainly includes: the server and the browser cache class local cache, the optimization is mainly on the changes in parameter settings. Hard optimization includes: transmission line, CDN, the number of HTTP requests, bandwidth and other infrastructure projects. read more

The shopping website page layout should be how to set

finally, to guide customers consumption, in fact these are just a few very small, Zhang Yugan shared a little of his own experience. More about small details but also you >

with the rapid development of society, all for the sake of convenience, the Internet shopping has become a way of living. Online shopping has the advantages of high transparency, simple operation, time saving, buy a wide range, fast logistics. I believe most of the girls have the habit of online shopping. Let as a business how to let customers quickly find themselves in the vast Internet? Customers to access the site is the first page layout, by means of optimizing the layout to set can guide customers to click to buy, so as to promote consumption. The Fujian Shanghai dragon blog about shopping website page layout should be how to set up according to their own experience to read more

Do more effective strategies for core keyword ranking

3, every day to find 3 of the industry to do B2B area core keywords, with 4 Web site, to sign post reply about 6 to the forum every day, to do a few questions every day. There are some of the chain method to love Shanghai.

ranking, most people would say, content with the chain, this is really good, but imagine, many web site optimization thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, do, sometimes encounter love Shanghai cramps, the algorithm of large adjustment, a lot of artificial. So how are we going to win. Who knows to do high quality content, who knows to accumulate external links, high quality content, and the external links is not a day for two days can be made, this is a long process. This time some people may be tempted to do blog group, or buy a large single, if you have money, you can do, hold a degree. The content of outsourcing, outsourcing chain. These are outsourced, the rest is your strategy. To learn how to monitor and plan implementation. read more

Analysis of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme and execution From what aspects

3, web site structure analysis (such as DIV+CSS or table), static or not, whether URL is unity, the absolute path, site map, site directory depth and site navigation

analysis of web server IP, independent of whether or not the speed and security, whether it is right to drop (site:, included), Links quality, the number of the chain, the site update frequency, website included (note that this does not mean the number included but included percentage, if the site is only 50 pages included more than 45. That included percentage is very good, such as the Shanghai dragon 362 com this site later can continue to increase the high quality content) read more

n the construction of website code is written so that the correct way to open the Shanghai dragon

at this point of view Shanghai dragon CSS, so it could not be better, but there are some sites afraid of some problems, the text uses font redefined attribute, in my opinion, this step is really no need to please, the function only needed one the program, compared to the re defined in each text, then the search engine spiders will be more in favor of CSS properties that define a one-time, so we still don’t superfluous.


site pages more, then certainly will use a large number of CSS and JS code, the code is too much will cause the search engine to grab more difficult, so we proposed a unified external call way for deployment, further streamlining the page code, then some will ask, how to do that in case of external calls the website has not failed? Waste? Like this problem can not be said that may not happen, but not by external calls, will greatly increase the web page loading speed, if the JS file is large, it would be even worse, the possibility of successful call is very small, the station deployment path is correct, no basic what’s the problem. read more

Outside the chain of keywords ranking how much value

then how to say, the information content of the chain platform didn’t like the official website of the same, can have a large number of the company’s products or services related to the content of the information to the user reference check, but after reading this message is not below, although a lot of the chain will be in contact with different channels, but it is always difficult to make according to the user to chain the publisher left to come to your website or contact you, unless your content is very good and targeted, remind visitors to further understand your company’s desire. read more

Chen Xiaohuan the common site of love Shanghai included problems and Solutions

when the corporate website first, there is a new station: Nanjing decoration construction team, the domain name is贵族宝贝, is now in the top. Build a day on the night included, and the second day Shanghai first love immediately. So the website construction and structure is very important for the love of Shanghai included.

Many webmaster for

for new sites included problems.

how to solve?1

2 do not use the frame structure and the JS jump, the use of HTML language.

5 the appropriate original articles and pseudo original combination. The site within the original, must be related to the original article, for example we do website optimization, you can start a stock, it is wide of the mark. read more

Master ad campaign proposal for conquering advertising affiliate sitesHorizontal expansion or vertic

has become so important to the grasp of the trend that the "beacon" of the head echelon is self-evident. Since last June, the second month will release the popular original short video UGC list at the beginning of February 2017, the first list released, careful people can see a short video in the new year a few important variables: for example, "Papi sauce" is through the MCN transition to obtain greater possibility, "love gossip grow the association is with the strong interaction and all the fans to expand capacity, complete self iteration. read more

Meters music will soon be listed three new board target future capital marketsf competition means b

technology news September 5th morning news, recently, Beijing meters online Polytron Technologies Inc meters Music announced to the new board listed letter, this month will officially visit the capital market, this also means that the other leading meters music online music platform has become the first China music shares.

the "wrong" is how to stop investors exit

for the "wrong" investors, there are usually four ways to stop even the protection of the existing their income: read more

Ten Henzhao Ma Yun used in the Ali MamaArt network Liu let art down the altar

content review: she is the art of electricity supplier "art point" founder, want to do is to break the "circle of paintings, insiders buy Paintings" pattern, so that art has become mass consumer goods


, who landed at New York airport in July 4, 2010, has just graduated from Qinghua Academy of fine arts. She has the opportunity to be a visiting scholar at major universities in the United states. Out of the airport, the impact force is coming, like a sculpture of public buildings in New York as full of sense of design, small art gallery and Art Museum let her away, side is on the scene copy child paintings. "You know, I grew up copying books," read more

Make money financing glory a lot PO going to A shares Or ha ha RMB exchange rate out of the mid

those two years have been examples of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions all day long. Every day you hear about the wealth myths of the game industry.

ha ha,

in June 2016, Zheng Shanshan handed her first company to her successor, returned to her old property, aimed at overseas Chinese assets allocation and management, and founded second companies".

has been in the real estate industry veteran of 12 years Zheng Shanshan realized that the middle class of overseas asset allocation just began to emerge. In fact, the real estate intermediary for the market to do enough preparation, from the chain home to the housing world are on the line in batches, the United States, Australia, Japan, Britain and other places overseas housing. read more

Knight Discussion on the website profit patternClassified information station ‘ll draw a list for y

fully illustrates a problem, that is, the value of information, so I want to transfer this value to our local classification information station.

Advertising Federation: http://s.u.admin5

talked so much nonsense that there seemed to be nothing to do with the subject. Well, let’s get down to business. I have done 1 years of local classification and information network, recently IP was around 7000, carrying the most are about recruitment, this information from another aspect that is now recruiting network traffic how good to do, but I have the experience to do anything else, I often think to find a new way for himself but, look at themselves are old, really sad, this is not 1 years ago to choose the new road? Today saw new and want to do, this is not to deny yourself, so, I still insist on my point of view, to insist on his own choice of local classification of this road. I believe that the information age is the site of the world classification. Funny to say, I didn’t charge any advertising fees for more than 7000 IP so far, because I didn’t put up the affiliate ads because I thought the local stations could make money without hanging a few codes. To put it bluntly, that is now the network has been refined, extensive type has been unable to keep up with the times, sooner or later to be eliminated. read more

This year 90% of incubators will die because entrepreneurs can’t keep up with quality Part oneAdver



is the depth of advertising words appear, "there is a meal of no embarrassment, there is no one place of wandering, when there is advertising, advertising without the lonely" will be a nightmare never happen?

many people think that national entrepreneurship will make a lot of people to start their business, and then two worries, the first is no one to do things at ease, and the second is that after the failure of entrepreneurship, many people will fall into poverty crisis. In fact, on the second, I have seen a lot, how to say, I am not very encouraging the so-called no bottom line business, no margin of safety risk is very high, and often do not, most of the debt business people, the results are not good, do not believe the so-called fight to win or die now, this old story. read more

Wangzhuan tutorial training a theoretical study of flow differenceTencent announced temporarily limi

human society is based on commodity economy, and trading controls the behavior of people in society. Everyone is in a different transaction, farmers farming out the grain, vegetables and fruits to the market; the worker is his own services sold to factories in exchange for payment; of course is their own labor to national civil servants in exchange for compensation, different civil servants in this transaction were also obtained in social status. Traders are among the best known people in the world. They use the theory of difference very well, and they often win in trading. The above is the macro principle, for the majority of webmaster, for guiding practice is very meaningful. read more

Lazy from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial eightSaaS big data cargo pocket for small and medium c

with the continuous development of the platform, cargo pocket for the seller to provide services, in the original international express and electricity supplier packet on the basis of an increase of FBA. "From 2016 data, FBA really occupy a lot of body mass, this year we will still focus on electricity suppliers, small packets and FBA."."

today, a one-stop cross-border logistics platform goods bag hunting cloud network reported exclusively to hunting cloud network revealed that the platform has completed nearly ten million pre-A round of financing in the capital last year, with the cast lead Road, amoeba. read more

Micro blog rich myth continues 90 years of science and technology men selling cosmetics into billion

and founder of Li Wenxiang’s dialogue for nearly three hours, not a minute wasted, no nonsense, he only told us a grassroots Polytechnic male entrepreneurship into billions of dollars in the micro-blog story, but also really inspirational.

wish the webmaster a happy Spring Festival!

respected webmaster, Hello,

During the period of

more League information goes on:

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

as an entrepreneur interview, I strive to explore the key points of the growth of entrepreneurs. It can be said that Li Wenxiang’s entrepreneurial life is closely linked with micro-blog. read more

The exposure of several new Wangzhuan need to understand the project Qihoo new product Qihoo experie

this popular scam over a period of time in 2010, but in the beginning of 2011 has been exposed, but recently began a part-time, what can be said as long as you work hard, earn one hundred to three hundred yuan or so, some of my friends feel fast, see the online typing part-time occupation this is very inviting, would have no ground for blame with their skills and earn some money, but now I tell you, this is a trap, why do I say that, because there are Chinese characters recognition software that specifically is so specific to the type of books text scanning down, then there are special Chinese characters recognition software. Sometimes may be wrong but to make a correction on the line, so that both the speed, efficiency has been greatly improved, the cost is also very low, Do you think it necessary to type online part-time jobs? read more

Personal experience cheated by liar 1100 yuanTaobao guest joint promotion let me day commission to

3, I submitted my website’s Logo to them, they put my Logo on the head of the topic page, and set up the picture link of my website at the bottom of the topic page.

1, they put all the goods in the store are set up Taobao promotion, and then select a large number of goods made of thematic pages, such as "home items spike", "home supplies" to enjoy".

my Taobao customer has a maximum Commission of

per day

, I am an ordinary webmaster, right, I should call myself webmaster now. In the past, I saw an article in Admin5, saying there were no 5 or 6 stations on your hands, and you were embarrassed to tell others that you were a webmaster". Now count the hands of the station, there are 6, 7, and seems to deserve the title of "webmaster". In the past, my website mainly brought revenue to me through shlf1314 advertising and sh419 alliance. At the beginning of July, a Taobao shop in the mall Home Furnishing supplies business contact me, said they were a "Taobao customer joint promotion" recruitment activities, recruitment promotion of their products. At first I didn’t understand what they wanted to do. In the webmaster circle, it seems that Taobao customers are not favored because the volume is too small, and the form of expression is also very simple. I used to try Taobao, but with little success. Moreover, Taobao is not to get customers to promote his products to promote the link, promote their own websites on? What is the "joint promotion"? I hold a curious mind, carefully look at their introduction, they found the way new recruiting Taobao Ke Ying, I think they are planning staff the idea. After trying to do it, I soon got a single one, and the best day, the Commission reached 139 yuan. Now, let’s take a look at all of you and see if there is any prospect of this promotion model. Maybe we can learn something from it. read more

Explosion red under the kitchen two major problems what to eat What to makeGlobal search engine sear

assumed threshold is more and more high. "Circle of friends", restaurant dinner let people even praise melancholy, cook and put disc chic, shooting elaborate delicacy to win a round of applause, the kitchen has become a way of life and social fashion.

since September 2011 on-line so far, "kitchen" mobile terminal applications have installed capacity of 13 million, 300 thousand active users, the user produces more than ten thousand recipes. You know, the most popular dish is "sweet and sour pork ribs". It is the first dish in the kitchen to break through the 10 thousand people ‘s "done" to upload learning works after the teaching menu. read more

Pegasus travel founder Yuan Yue entrepreneurial opportunities have been tilted to 90Shout out we’re

answers several webmaster’s words:

Yuan Yue revealed that Pegasus brigade is to build such an entrepreneurial territory. On the day of the forum, entrepreneurs from Germany, France, Japan, Belgium and the Taiwan Straits and other places launched the global youth entrepreneurship recruitment order and the global launching ceremony.

April 22nd, as one of the featured forums of the fourth China Shanghai international technology import and Export Fair, the Global Youth Innovation Forum was held in shanghai. read more