Whether can report the telecommunication foundation operator TanCee to report the net example

recently reported, telecom, Netcom, mobile, Unicom, Railcom and other 5 major telecom operators frequently by its users to direct complaints to the Ministry of information industry, the general situation of Ministry of information industry will help consumers deal by the 5 major telecom operators based injustice and some provisions of the king and illegal behavior.

online there are some people behind the Ministry of information industry, said the good. For Chinese consumers, most of the previous use of fixed line, PHS, broadband, mobile phones and other communications services. Because of the Chinese telecom industry in a monopoly position, when subjected to violations of basic operators, we can only swallow, no complaints. read more

Talk about some of Dedecms’s recent pitfalls and how to prevent them

dedecms has been a very fire station CMS, mainly due to the support of the two major webmaster nets; but, people fire is not much, CMS too fire, the same will be ulterior motives of people eyeing. My site has been in use dedecms, some time ago once again under attack, attack the purpose is very simple, it is the black chain, that slightly revised code was restored, not very serious; this time the site was inexplicable to upload files, similar to the former one, while the other party has not enough time to modify the website but this template, indicating the site safety precaution is not in place, the other may ever again have administrator privileges, so to special Caution! Prevention measures website. read more

Novice must see vigilance website content operation five major mistakes

website content operation is a big and small thing, in most people’s eyes, content operation is equivalent to edit, copy, paste, update. If you run your website content as an editor, and you’re simply busy looking for material, editing and updating every day, you’ll soon get burned. How to do the content of the operation is not a few words can say, but the content of the operation of several major mistakes, and we can share briefly.

How does

do content operations

1, the web site has no specific theme read more

Put alimama ads be careful Baidu down right

usually have a large part of the site traffic from search engines, and the two largest search engine is Baidu and GG, I want to look at the website shortly before the http://s.okhot.net flow changes in my situation, I suddenly found IP be startled at the flow of less than 100, and since the station has been opened, it only started two months flow in 100, after the flow in more than 1500, I 90% of traffic from Baidu and GG, especially the college entrance examination before and after the traffic is not tens of thousands, why suddenly flow out? Is the site problem read more

Talking about the U design principles that those stationmaster understand from life

UI design is also known as the user experience degree design, which is currently in the SEO industry has been in pursuit of the webmaster, but how to do well, understand the user, understand what users need, what you want. I believe that the understanding of the user than we ourselves, because we are also "users" in this group of members, SEO webmaster should be from our lives in dribs and drabs, what users need to find,


, for example, take a look at the chart below. Yes, there are two pairs of slippers. Which one would you choose as the user? read more

Not you do not insist

      for a long time not to write the article, that is, the webmaster said soft wen. Well, a lot of it, in general, comes down to one thing: laziness. Well, not much. Let’s get down to business.

my 5 star composition was officially opened in April 13, 2008 and added some content. As before done some stations, but also used the CN domain name, the effect is not so ideal. So this time I switched to the COM domain name. I don’t know why, everybody knows.

well, begin to add a chapter of the content. Because it is a composition site, so find a lot of such information to fill the content of the web site. But I am a teacher, have colleagues in this area, so I brought my colleague’s composition and put it on the website after typesetting. You can say, I have around 80% of the content, basically all original. Because my request is not very high, the language teacher has evaluated the work, thought that the outstanding work I can publish to the website. At the same time, I also actively find some Chinese language teachers or leaders to let them authorize me. So as to avoid future copyright problems. Of course, it’s done through human relationships. Ha-ha。 Every day, slowly add content, website traffic also got up. At most it was May 18th, and on that day my station, which only opened for more than one month, IP actually reached more than 2600. I’m really happy. But I don’t have to say anything about the past. Usually website IP is also in 1300 to 1700 or so. I’m glad already. Because my station is less than three months. At this level, I think so. After all, it’s only such a short time. read more

How to quickly restore black sites

April 18, 2009, A5 security team Ryoko, the morning call. One user said the site’s Web site could not be accessed properly. Is it black?. There are some problems with the website user. User files are very anxious.

I opened the user’s Web site. Found, really is inaccessible. The page is blank. Just show. A line of english. Sure enough, it was black. Find the problem and pass the simple test. The user’s home page was judged to have been injected with an SQL injection. Therefore, the normal access is not possible. read more

28 push Liu Bing correctly put nternet advertising avoid foam risk

is now the Internet bubble has begun gradually, especially the group purchase websites have fallen, let people out of nearly ten years of Internet spring is gone, it is time to the Internet fall, if there is no further specification, do not believe that the future of the Internet, the winter is coming soon!

when the Internet bubble, the need for advertising advertisers to find good potential if the correct site on the Internet is very necessary, because even if the Internet bubble burst, but has trained nearly five hundred million of Internet users is a very large market, so these users will not be lost because some Internet site closures of interest, so as to find the potential website advertising to ensure the risk averse! 28 push Liu Bing (small stay soldiers) for everyone to summarize in the Internet nowadays, the correct way to choose to advertise the read more

Different types of online advertising practices

1, CPC ad general practice

CPC according to the computational cost per click, do Google Adsense advertising should be very clear this model, general domestic CPC click advertising costs much lower than the Google Adsense, so if you want to make a deep study of Google Adsense recommendations on CPC advertising, Google because of the flow of words used for Google or other Adsense the type of advertising revenue is higher.

GG is not cheating to pull! Do not cheat may be K, not to mention cheating, some friends say that their Google Adsense lost confidence or can not apply for the account number, you can try the domestic advertising union. If this is the case that CPC is specifically looking for those advertisements, and the advertisements if very kind of temptation, let a person see a click on the impulse to put ads on your site location can be significant, 100 people in general will be one of the 80 points of view of advertising if you choose and delivery the location is good, a day around 3000IP traffic sites, according to 40 yuan /1000IP clicks a day income to 50 yuan can still. read more

Hope Maple enterprise official micro blog ten misunderstandings

is now almost every day to the official micro-blog news, but we should see the operation number of good official micro-blog rarely, why? Here is a summary, ten errors in the operation of the official micro-blog.

1, the official micro-blog only as a news release window.

by micro-blog 140 word length limit, micro-blog is hard to like the company website, blog, news release that is not subject to explain a problem, limit at the same time, micro-blog’s influence depends on the number of fans and the number of the main micro-blog micro-blog forwarded. The news of micro-blog such content, is not suitable for micro-blog to the center of the WEB2.0 technology, there are few friends willing to reprint, more difficult to form a "burst" situation. Even with micro-blog services and marketing company, "Navy" support, the actual transmission range is very limited. read more

360 search let hard force Adsense see new hope

from 6.22 on that day, the entire Internet personal website began to abnormal. The first is Baidu included plunged, then the web page is missing, the webmaster forum began restless. Until Baidu released the low quality site announcement, we only know that Baidu should dare to kill no personal website, I know this is just the beginning, but I also silently in my heart said to myself, be okay. But for the next month, the ups and downs. At the beginning, Baidu traffic is not much change, but from the user’s page analysis, you can see, with WWW page keywords ranking has all gone, leaving only without WWW. This situation lasted for a few days, one day, suddenly, I found that all the keywords on Baidu are gone, and my station rankings are gone, and site can not find even the site. read more

A webmaster regrets do station such as life need to be kind

with the rapid development of the network, small living space is limited, how the law of the jungle in our network to survive? Actually do stand as the person, need to stand as their own kind! Home, all the visitors are my guests. First of all, the page must be clean, safe, responsible for guests and responsible for yourself. Do stop the most taboo Trojan, do not do a lot of popups. Secondly, we can not touch the contents of political high voltage lines, as well as illegal content, of course, can play the edge ball, the webmaster is also a person, want to live, earn a little money is not easy, read more

Guangzhou takeaway the dream of the network

in fact, I also know that to do technical work, a lot of knowledge must be understood, good, I am a person who really likes a lot of things, there is no learning fine.

since the promotion of Guangzhou takeaway – UU network, he encountered a lot of predecessors, pay more attention to the inside of the master, listen to a speech by Jiang Likun, in fact, I am also a kind of advanced even in front of me, I don’t know who to master, may be too little care the focus of these characters, like I really seldom pay attention to the celebrity and made what sensational event, but from now on, I will pay more attention to these people, because I know that I want to go beyond the old timers, they must first learn to do stand method, that I will be inquisitive the spirit, I will also make a thorough study of the attitude of competitors, I know this, at this time, I can only do such an industry, can not be careless and casual like. Time is up. read more

Jiang Lixin six development trends of financial websites

iResearch 2009 "China online financial information service industry development report" analysis that 2007-2009 is a critical year of financial website development, grasp the long-term trend of development, is extremely important for the future of financial website.

trends 1: users are king

iResearch consulting analysts believe that the "user king" rule in the network of financial information services industry is fully applicable. From the analysis of market share and user scale, financial website does not appear a single large case, each website competition is very full, the market position may change considerably in a short period of time (such as 08 years of great wisdom and compass). read more

How to open a clothing store to make customers feel value for money

is always the basic necessities of life of people’s life theme, the apparel industry is hot people as everyone knows things, for entrepreneurs to join the clothing sweat is to start making money, clothing stores business good business strength to become prominent abnormal real value in the eyes of everyone the opportunity, but also need to master the most want to have a successful new business from technology. All aspects of the best innovation to meet the new tomorrow, but a good grasp of business skills in clothing stores before, went to see more!

read more

For the girlfriend to download movies doctoral students were punished by the United States

I’m now studying for an Ph.D. scholarship. I’m going to be a graduate assistance in a school department. The basic job is to upload a web page to a subordinate website of the school. Two weeks ago on the weekend, in order to share a Chinese movie for my girlfriend in China, I uploaded the movie illegally and made a website in an obscure place and put a link for her to download. Do not want her to use Thunderbolt download. I didn’t delete the movie in time. Resulted in serious consequences, as follows: read more

From garbage stations to regular stations 5 months P reached 5000

as a growing second rate webmaster, to tell you the truth, the purpose of my website is to make money, so at the very beginning, I chose to do the garbage station. Because the garbage station can bring a lot of traffic in the short term, so that it can gain profits in a short time. Here, I will talk about the construction, operation and profitability of my garbage station.

in order to obtain a large amount of traffic, I constantly pursue hot keywords, and a large amount of information collection. You can see my site Road Leisure network " hotspot information module, " this section is my purpose of the site, and all around him, the plate in the pursuit of popular keywords at the same time, the crazy collection. GOOGLE has a feature is special treatment for new sites, keyword ranking is very high. So I stood in the early days of the station, even reached the average daily IP around 4000, and up to more than 6000. This time I met the purpose of fighting money, that is my station put 2 popups, but also put an exchange chain, advertising revenue of about 50 yuan a day. read more

Dong Jiangyong talk about the future trend of the industry internet

Thousands of stationmaster lecture hosted by

Anhui Internet Alliance has been to the forty-first period, the period of guest Dong Jiangyong, President of Beijing excellent media, master of management science and engineering, a former director of NASDAQ listed companies Sohu (Nasdaq:SOHU), IT IT network channel reporter of channel editor, is one of the representative of the Internet and media circles in the new generation. In 2007, as an angel investor, she participated in the work of Bianews website. At present, the website has quickly become China’s largest network editing media platform, and has great influence both inside and outside the industry. read more

Analysis Chutian Adsense station secret Adsense new opportunities

Chutian Adsense station development fast 2 years, from the domain name registration time and to its website published "announcement", speculated that its site should be 09 years in November began on-line. Flow and IP but by leaps and bounds, it is the rise of stationmaster websites in the rookie! Blue style, simple navigation harmonious and beautiful typography and a large number of original articles, all. In the Internet industry impetuous today, a long time did not smell such an original concept of the original website. read more

Borrow ten thousand pieces of website destined to be a personal webmaster for a lifetime

just graduated, some time ago has been busy work things, for a long time did not write anything, and many have been familiar with the webmaster friends did not contact. But now I teach in college and have lots of free time, so I decided to return to the familiar stage of the stationmaster.

speaking of returning to this familiar webmaster stage, excitement, can not help but sad.

one, borrow 10000 pieces of rental server, establish the first movie station

started building my first stop in February 2006, out of interest in the film, when I chose to be a movie station. See other owners 05 years of harvest, especially in mind was fever, do not understand the technical circumstances, like teachers and friends borrowed $5000 to rent half of 100M exclusive server, then 100M alone into 2200 a month rent (behind listen to friends that I was knocked down a lot). When you rent a good server, my site about one day only sanwubo traffic, nothing fundamental advertising, thinking of a skylight would cost nearly 80 dollars, the heart began to scared, but the money has been to, no way, anyway, and from that time began to push the wide road crazy. read more