2012 new project for Rural Entrepreneurship

now a lot of farmers and friends are also looking for a good project to get rich, want to get some extra income in addition to income, improve material life and economic level. So in 2012, in the end what projects are suitable for investment in rural areas to get rich? And now all network Xiaobian a look together.


City in the development of rural areas also change rapidly, with the improvement of living standards, for the construction of rural infrastructure is increasingly updated, rural road construction, housing construction and so cannot do without the automobile transport, and daily life also cannot do without transportation, such as daily cargo transportation, transportation and so on weddings and things. In the agricultural areas to purchase a small card business is very market. read more

Bank of Ningbo but less support for the bank to pay the cloud flash fingerprint payment

is increasingly fierce competition for banks. Major banks have launched online banking and mobile banking. So, what are the advantages of the Bank of Ningbo mobile banking? What are the drawbacks?

Bank of Ningbo mobile banking in the past year, there has been some improvement, especially in innovation, the introduction of the Apple Pay, and support cloud flash payment and fingerprint payment function. However, the Bank of Ningbo’s mobile banking types of financial risk is not enough, only the bank financial products and funds, recently welcomed by the user’s online application for credit cards, online loan applications are not yet developed. This time, the Bank of Ningbo mobile banking comprehensive evaluation score of 84.8, compared to last year, the total score has improved, in the evaluation of the inclusion of the top 19 mobile banking center. read more

The ice cream to make you more entrepreneurial ballet with ease

is always very lonely on the road to success. Ice cream ice cream is a very wise choice. How about Ice Ballet ice cream? A very good advantage of entrepreneurial projects, successful business, to choose to join Ice Ballet ice cream?

first of all, many people may worry about the problem of shortage of venture capital, and if the ice cream ballet together, there is no need to worry about this problem, because there are a variety of different investment models for your choice, Vladivostok shop, St Petersburg, Moscow, Siberia shop shop shop, four shop as you choose, the size of a also, the investment cost is different, so that entrepreneurs can according to their actual situation, choose their own business model, everyone has the opportunity. read more

Do the most exciting investment soup Kung Fu joined

said what is the most exciting, now is not to play, not to eat spicy hot pursuit, but, as the market now is the most popular theme brings the most exciting delicacy, enjoy the tongue to now many consumers, Malatang by virtue of its unique delicious taste very good. Good attracted many people now chowhound. To say that now the market development of one of the best non spicy soup brand, fire Kung Fu must go, it passes the Sichuan culture, combined with the characteristics of exclusive formula, with dozens of herbs as raw materials, to bring consumers are now the most exciting tongue to enjoy, it is a good investment to join the investment project. read more

How to operate the car 4S shop

The growing economic

, let the car into the thousands of families, more and more families to buy a car, this is the car market after the tremendous business opportunities, then, for the selection of automobile 4S shop business entrepreneurs, how to manage auto 4S shop has become troubled by their problems, the following small simple introduce to you.

1. to establish a service centric business philosophy, the establishment of a service centric business management model

– only service is a real product of automobile 4S stores. The choice of car brands is determined by the efforts of the car manufacturers, but the choice of which dealers to purchase by the car 4S shop service decisions. If we want to build the service brand, we have to be the creator of the service. read more

Hangzhou to create a unique entrepreneurial tea culture

most of the foreign entrepreneurs start from the cafe starting point, and the formation of a wave swept the world. Hangzhou from the Chinese traditional culture of tea, to create a unique "tea culture".

"for the first time since the summer of 2014 Premier Li Keqiang Davos forum for public entrepreneurship, innovation" entrepreneurial innovation since the surging tide, the wind blowing, the time has come to a!

"tea is the national drink, Hangzhou for tea". Beijing is different from Zhongguancun’s "entrepreneurial coffee", asked Hangzhou tea fragrance business, welcome eight party guests. read more

Do you know why your customers lose

food filled with the entire market, large and small restaurants everywhere, in the face of this fierce market competition environment, many restaurants do not seem to know what tricks can be used to get a meal. In fact, for the restaurant, in the final analysis, the nature of the product, in addition to the dishes taste, the following aspects are also important factors.

1, during the peak dining hours, do you have a welcome at your restaurant?

2, do you have any non – fee items in your restaurant? Such as the guests on the table, such as charges (although it can be returned, but does not indicate that the project will allow consumers to eat a meal in a bad mood.) read more

What are the prerequisites for online business Business

is now the continuous progress of the , so that many people like to buy things from the Internet, driven by the continuous development of the Internet business, many entrepreneurs want to venture online. The seven essential conditions of the Internet business, you do not have to care about these, this is only the experience we have started, perhaps only our problems, there are our views on these issues.

1. team: the concept of common recognition + exclusive skills + character of the people

the idea is not to say, there is no unified goal is best not to venture, or to the back or to split up. Exclusive skills, team collaboration, technology is the foundation of the website, if the technology is very weak, it is best not to start, otherwise can not be y expressed in the idea, delay the progress of the project, the most important for the start-up time, means and opportunity cost, web project development, the best start 2or3 +1 art, initial what will happen to the development is not important, don’t think the next 5 years, 10 years, you know we have no chance to survive the first half of the year. Technology is best to have a relatively strong architect, the product is the core of the site, you need to look at how to develop the basic framework of the future. read more

Good sales skills

some people are very good at communication, and the customer can Zilai Shu, but his sales is not necessarily good, and some people may be in communication with some stiff, but can be doing booming business, therefore, you can not sell and very, but to master certain skills, here is small series analysis.

1, the right welcoming skills

read more

Fire forces Hot pot shop what library join advantage

can meet the needs of different ages of food and beverage items are many, including Korean cuisine is one of the characteristics of the brand project. And Korean food in the domestic food and beverage market has been very high popularity, consumer groups across all ages. The fire brigade is a hot pot restaurant authentic Korean food on behalf of the brand, will bring the authentic rice cake pot to domestic consumers, do not have to go out of the country will be able to taste delicious korean. Fire pot operation of the hot pot restaurant operators, the size of the store is not limited, just a small investment can have a high profit, entrepreneurial worry saving. read more

Barbara’s money the duck franchise

hot selling children’s shoes, the best choice for small business. How about this? High quality brand to join the project, the best choice for successful business. If you join the bar to the children’s shoes, is also very exciting. So, hurry up!

Barbara duck children join money? Barbara duck shoes wholesale distribution of canvas shoes, sandals, sports shoes, cotton shoes selling consumer market among consumers to enjoy higher status, with many retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. read more

A large cup of tea shop to join how much money is needed

big cup tea brand development is a myth of the story, it will naturally be a worthy of you join the milk tea to join the project, then the investment of such a tea shop need how much money? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you:

joined the big cup tea brand because of the different modes of cooperation, join the fee will be different.

cooperation mode:

big cup aimed at creating a hundred years old, we hope more partners to join the big cup beneficiaries. No matter what kind of cooperation, as long as it is able to create a win-win situation, is the best mode of market cooperation. read more

Mobile hard disk ten brands list the whole

for a variety of electronic products, even if the memory is not large enough to withstand the passage of time for memory consumption, so many people will buy mobile hard disk. Mobile hard disk (Mobile Hard disk) as its name implies is a hard disk for storage media, the exchange of large capacity data between computers, emphasizing the portability of storage products. So, mobile hard disk which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the ten major mobile hard disk brand list.

mobile hard disk ten brands list NO.01, Seagate: read more

Dalian CCGF food health prohibited bulk food Approach

food safety get more people’s attention, each people all want to be able to eat healthy food, the only way to make their own health. Food packaging is closely related to food safety. At the Dalian Expo, it is strictly prohibited to enter the meeting room without packaging.

in March 15th this year, the 2017 annual "315 international consumer goods (Dalian) Fair" opened the curtain. As the first set of credit threshold of consumer goods fair in Northeast China, the Consumer Fair exhibitors threshold to upgrade again, strict control of the quality of food packaging, refused to approach naked selling bulk food". read more

C how good fruit drinks business opportunities the whole

successful venture to choose a good project is very important, excellent fruit C drink? Very powerful choice. Join the excellent fruit C drink project, open a C fruit drinks belong to their own stores, no worries no source, then, join the excellent fruit C drinks project, you still hesitate?

hot, thirsty, tired to drink a cup of fruit C drink, it will be rich in the rich fruit of the essence of the essence of the rapid extraction and suppression of mixed material into a bag, a bag in hand, delicious just a few seconds. C drinks can be produced quickly, do not wait. The high-tech extraction tea machine and removing bitter, fragrant tea taste, retain sweet, fresh tea processing base for 10 seconds. read more

Hardware sanitary ware stores is to make the whole shop

with the gradual expansion of the decoration market, we continue to increase the demand for sanitary ware. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join metal ware, open their own brand stores, the shop is made!

generally open a hardware sanitary ware shop to how much cost? With the development and expansion of the decoration, the demand for household equipment has gradually increased, opening a sanitary ware shop must be a very profitable project. Generally open a hardware sanitary ware shop to how much cost, of course, the choice of the brand is still very important, good brand has a good market reputation will have good sales. Bo Lun bathroom sanitary ware products are very popular with the majority of consumers, is a good brand to join. And as long as thirty thousand yuan will be able to successy set up shop management. read more

Home Furnishing supplies stores a lot of business opportunities constantly

now, what kind of projects can quickly get rich? According to market research, household goods stores, has been a very strong choice to join. Low cost, high profit. The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. So, what are you hesitating about?

Home Furnishing supplies agency lucrative, now on the market we see the store products, are ethnic mix, these brands, regardless of the style or style of speaking, all the atmosphere from the design master Caodao design, first-class fashion, loved by the people. This style has become the mainstream of the industry, so many people still choose home products. read more