FIFPro asks to return to football “when it is safe, not in two or four weeks”

first_imgHowever, the union representative considered “a good decision” to give priority to ending, if possible, national competitions, because they are “a financial pillar” and because they provide “social cohesion”, although he recalled that for many soccer players Feminine playing with your national teams contributes a good part of their income.In a debate with representatives of the ECA club association and the European Leagues, the FIFPro general secretary asked “to think about how to rebuild football” in the long term.“It will be different, probably smaller from an economic perspective, but it does not have to be weaker. Hopefully it will be more egalitarian, fairer and more economically sustainable, because we have seen it is that the economic model of our sector is not capable of working with crises like the one we’ve been through, “he reflected.The Secretary General of the World Players Union participated in this Soccerex debate by videoconference with the President of the European Soccer Leagues, Lars-Christer Olsson; the general secretary of the European Association of Clubs (ECA), Michele Centenaro; and the CEO of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros. The general secretary of the FIFPro world players union, Jonas Baer-Hoffman, defended that football should be played “when it is really safe” and not “in two or four weeks”, since if the return is anticipated and in danger to some player “soccer will be closed for a longer time”.“The worst that can happen is that someone comes back soon, has to stop because it creates a danger for the players, offers a bad example for society and then it will be closed for a longer time. That is why it is crucial that we work together and have the advice of experts to come back when it’s really safe, not in two or four weeks. We have to think about a longer timeframe, “he said in a video conference debate organized by Soccerex.The players’ union executive explained that footballers are concerned both about their risk of infection and about being “a bad influence on society” if they return to the activity prematurely, and that they too are affected by the economic problems that It leads to the suspension of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic.“Many players we represent charge 3,000 or 4,000 euros, for them losing two payouts is as important as for anyone,” said Baer-Hoffman, who added that anxiety cases “have doubled” among professional soccer players, as he It has happened to many people because of confinement.last_img

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