Valencia cancels the press conferences and the tribute to the Guaje Villa for the Coronavirus

first_imgValencia reports that it suspends the press conference of Albert Celades scheduled for Friday in the previous match against Betis and also the “previous and subsequent” appearances to the game this Saturday in Mestalla. The club makes this decision at the request of the health authorities and as a preventive measure of infection by coronavirus COVID-19. The journalist Kike Mateu, of Intereconomía and Las Provincias, was the first case of coronavirus confirmed in the city of Valencia by the Generalitat Valenciana, which at the end of Thursday confirmed four other cases around the communicator. Valencia has maintained permanent communication with the health authorities in the last hours and “in line with the recommendations marked” by them “Any non-sports public activity with members of the first team is canceled in the next few days.”The tribute to Guaje Villa is postponedValencia is also going to cancel the tribute that the Guaje Villa would receive in the prolegames of the encounter. The Spaniard, to whom the club is going to dedicate one of the canvases of the Mestalla facade, was going to do the honor roll and was going to perform a private act in the Mestalla box, with attention to the press included. Finally, the club has informed the Asturian player that another more suitable date will be sought. Valencia, which has promptly informed LaLiga and Real Betis of the measures to be taken, he wants to isolate the members of his staff and also those of the Betic group of possible sources of contagion, such as closed spaces in the press room of Paterna or Mestalla. The club makes this decision after confirming last Thursday of the first positive cases of coronavirus infection, one of them in the “environment of the media that usually cover the first team information”.last_img read more

‘Oppressed Turns Oppressor’

first_img“President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who for over 35 years raised her voice against past governments while agitating against societal ills that kept the Liberian masses marginalized for decades, is gradually turning into a monster that might very soon become uncontrollable,” opposition political leader, Benoni Urey has declared.Mr. Urey stated that the President, who was oppressed by past regimes, has herself, turned an oppressor and is engaging in tactics to silence opposition political leaders who are critical of her government.An outraged Urey was addressing a press conference in Monrovia hours after his media house, Sarafina Ventures Incorporated (SVI), which operates Love TV and LIB 24 FM 105.1, was summarily closed down by the Liberian government on Saturday, August 13.Government said Mr. Urey’s media house was operating “illegally.” “The prominence gained during her days of activism,” said Mr. Urey, who is head of the opposition All Liberian Party, “landed her the Liberian presidency.” Urey believes that the President needs to live by those tenets for which she advocated, rather than deviating from them.“It is a shame that the President who for so many years fought for free speech and press is the same one that is fighting against it,” he told the press conference last Saturday, adding that the President does not care anymore and [feels she] can do anything considering that her tenure has almost ended. So she wants to jeopardize Liberia’s young democracy and relative peace enjoyed over the past few years.“All these actions clearly indicate that she is out for something different, and we need to beware and careful,” Mr. Urey warned. He posted on his social media – Facebook page— “Fellow Liberians, instead of our national security apparatus working to curb the alarming rate of armed robbery in the country, which has become a nightmare for our citizens, they spent their time at a meeting [last weekend] to plot on how to crackdown yet again on freedom of speech. Today, the government shut down my radio station, LIB24 FM, under heavy ERU police and NSA presence. “We all know that the real reason for the shutdown of both Voice and LIB24 TV & FM is not because of its failure to comply with requirements, but because of our critical stance against the government on national issues. This attack brings back fresh memories of our previous elections.”He declared, “I, Benoni Urey, say enough is enough. We have been patient; we have played our part in ensuring that there is peace and stability in Liberia. We will do everything within the confines of the law to ensure that our constitutional rights are protected. We will resist any draconian attempt by this government to further muzzle the free press in the hope of advancing their 2017 political agenda.”Meanwhile, the government, through the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, in a statement, said that the Civil Law Court effectuated the closure of Mr. Urey’s media house based on a “Petition for Preliminary Injunction growing out of a Petition for Declaratory Judgment filed by theLiberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) through the Ministry of Justice.”The statement, under the signature of Deputy Information Minister Isaac Jackson further stated that “The closure of the station is predicated upon the fact that the entity has not regularized its status nor paid its license and other fees for over 5 years in keeping with relevant provisions of the Telecommunications Licensing Authorization Regulations.“LTA regulations also require that any use of radio frequencies must be in accordance with a valid radio spectrum license or radio frequency authorization.”Min. Jackson also stated: “In addition to the station’s failure to regularize its status in keeping with law, Sarafina Ventures and Communications Inc. (Love FM 105.1 and Love TV Channel 7) unilaterally and without prior written consent of the LTA, transferred the frequency 105.1 to another corporation, LIB-24 Incorporated, which operated LIB 24 Radio prior to the closure.” “The unilateral transfer of the frequency 105.1 to LIB24 Inc. without the expressed consent of the LTA is in violation of Part VI, Section 15(1) and Section 20 of the LTA Regulations 0001(2008) which provides that ‘any Licensee wishing to transfer ownership or control of the License shall apply to the LTA in writing at least ninety days prior to the proposed date of transfer, or such other period as may be determined by the LTA’.Meanwhile, on the day of the closure, more than 25 officers of the Liberia National Police, Police Support Unit (LNP/PSU) stood guard outside the premises as court officers carried out the closure. Many angry bystanders who witnessed what was happening on 10th Street in Sinkor, where Mr. Urey’s media house is located, said some very nasty words against the government. One of them, who identified himself as Emmanuel J. Collins, said the government was only closing the station because Henry Costa, who is the lead host of the Costa Show, had said on Friday, August 12 that President Sirleaf was the “Big Boy 1” of the infamous Global Witness alleged Sable Mining bribery case.It’s exactly one month and a week after Costa’s Voice FM 102 was shut down, on July 4, 2016, by the Civil Law Court. Staffers and sympathizers of the Voice FM have continued to blame the government for being behind the closure because of Costa’s critical stance on national issues.LIB 24 began to relay the Costa Show, when Henry Costa and his co-host, Wood Nyanton, began broadcasting over the Internet a few days ago. Also on Facebook, the government continues to receive a huge backlash from ordinary Liberians.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Govt’s policy has been to reverse Amerindian land rights – PPP

first_img– as it welcomes candidates at National Toshaos Council 2019The People’s Progressive Party has accused the caretaker Government of reversing the land rights of Amerindians as the party welcomes the delegates of the National Toshaos Conference which gets underway today at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.See full statement below:“People’s Progressive Party (PPP) welcomes all the Toshaos, Councillors and other representatives of Amerindian villages and communities who have travelled from the coastal, riverine and hinterland regions.We continue to recognise and uphold the National Toshaos Council as the legitimate collective voice of the Amerindian peoples of Guyana. We continue to believe that this annual conference is an important national consultative body representing all Amerindian people, their leaders and communities. This became an important and highly anticipated event by both the NTC and successive PPP/C Governments to address concerns, remedy weaknesses, make proposals and take decisions on the spot. This practice reflected successive PPP/C Governments’ and the NTC’s determined efforts to engage with each other on issues of Amerindian rights and community development as well as matters of national importance.This 2019 Annual Conference of the National Toshaos Council, however, is different than any other held before. The NTC representative, Mario Hastings, at the launching of the Amerindian Heritage Month on September 1 noted the significance of the times, when he said: “We are uncertain of our political landscape and call for elections to be held soonest so that we can return to normalcy.”This Conference is taking place at a crucial and defining period in the life of our nation when constitutional rule has been undermined, and, where there is now an illegal President and Government who have defied the Constitution and the June 18, 2019, ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice and its subsequent orders.Several civil society organisations including the Guyana Bar Association, the Private Sector Commission, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (AmCham Guyana), the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana, the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, the Zadok Fellowship (an organisation of over 100 Christian churches), have all called on the Government to comply with the Constitution.The recent Guyana Bar Association release stated: “By failing to abide by the clear and unambiguous terms of the Constitution, the Government of Guyana has abdicated its responsibility, violated the Constitution, is operating outside of the rule of law and in breach of internationally recognised standards of democracy.”In a public statement issued by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth on September 23, 2019, Baroness Scotland made it clear that: “The rule of law and constitutional governance are fundamental Commonwealth values to which Guyana has subscribed. In this regard, and in accordance with the ruling of the CCJ, a general election in Guyana is now constitutionally overdue. A general election should be held in accordance with the unambiguous constitutional imperative to do so. The Secretary General has spoken with the Chair of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and discussed Commonwealth support to GECOM.”The statement of the OAS General Secretariat on September 28, 2019, underlined the importance to the people of Guyana of leaving behind the period of political uncertainty as soon as possible: “The OAS General Secretariat looks forward to the issuance of the proclamation required by Guyana’s Constitution to firmly establish the date for the elections. The General Secretariat will continue to follow the situation in Guyana and remains available to provide support as the authorities may require in ensuring the next elections meet the standards of transparency, credibility and integrity, required of all democracies.”In our press statements on the occasion of the 2017 and 2018 National Toshaos Conferences, we warned that: “Recent developments… are cause for great worry. Emerging trends in the body politik under the APNU+AFC coalition Government threaten Amerindian rights.”In 2019, however, developments since December 21, 2018, and the refusal of the President to comply with the Constitution for almost 10 months threaten political and economic stability and undermine democracy and the rights of not only Amerindians but all Guyanese.We, in the PPP/C, recognise that the most precious asset for the first peoples is the protection of their lands from encroachment; land represents their relationship with their environment and ability to survive and prosper.It was only after 1992, and under the PPP/C Administration, that the 60 odd communities which had received documents indicating some descriptions of the areas issued in 1976 were able to have their lands demarcated, and, thereby, finally be able to obtain their communal land titles. In fact, all titles held by Amerindian communities were issued by the PPP/C Government. Not one land title or extension of land title has been granted since the APNU/AFC coalition took office in May 2015.The participants of the NTC are well aware that the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) was one of the most innovative initiatives by the PPP/C Administration which also received international recognition. We initiated the largest pioneer carbon trading scheme for forest carbons which earned US$250 million revenue and contributed in a significant way to the further development of our country.Unfortunately, the APNU/AFC Government’s repudiation of the Low Carbon Development Strategy, and, the initiatives designed to enhance national, and in particular, Amerindian development, has destroyed long years of work at all levels to find a modern inclusive national developmental strategy for the future. The Government’s often mooted alternative of a Green State Development Strategy remains a mystery with no specific initiatives to address the developmental needs of the people. It remains a non-starter with no plan for comprehensive inclusive development of the country and its peoples. In its wake, there is an enormous vacuum.Under the Low Carbon Development Strategy several programmes, including multi-year projects, were identified that focused specifically on the development of Amerindian communities – the Amerindian Land Titling Project, the Community Development Plans, the Project for Hinterland Electrification and the Hinterland ICT Project, all were fully funded. All have stagnated due to the Government’s reluctance to move on these issues, or, they have been tarnished with corruption and or monies have been squandered due to corruption.In 2018, the Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs admitted before the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources that no titles or extensions of lands to Amerindian communities had been issued by his Government. Demarcation of titled lands is now at a stand-still. This is in spite of the availability of US$10.7 million that the PPP/C Administration left in the Amerindian Land Titling Project in May 2015.“Free Prior and Informed Consent”, a fundamental international principle has been repeatedly honoured in the breach; one of the most glaring examples is the decision by the Government to establish the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into lands. Since its promise in 2017 to the NTC regarding the CoI, the Government has not kept any of those commitments. This CoI continues to hang like a “Sword of Damocles” over Amerindian land rights.Most recently at the official launch of the Amerindian Heritage Month, the caretaker Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, apologist that he is for his Government, stated that: “… it is also important that Indigenous peoples understand that all Guyanese have a right to share in the distribution of our resources. We need to find a middle ground where we embrace this reality.”This language harks back to statements made by presidential adviser Eric Phillips in the media and Minister Keith Scott in the National Assembly that the Amerindians had too much land and they were “avaricious” and threatened that they would not benefit from the new oil revenues. Not one official of the Government has ever apologised to the Amerindian peoples or retracted these derogatory statements.Therefore, by acts of omission and commission, by words and deeds, the Government’s official policy has been one of reversing Amerindians’ land rights. The new administrative requirement of the submission of a Village Improvement Plan (VIP) for any community applying for land or an extension, as announced by Allicock, flies in the face of the Amerindian Act, and is meant to further stall any titles being granted.Furthermore, there have been more casualties along the way – the Government attempted to dilute the Amerindian presence on the Indigenous Peoples’ Commission and promises to reform the Amerindian Act could undermine the present safeguards of Amerindian land rights.The growing Government neglect of interior areas and Amerindian communities is visible and palpable.The roads, culverts, bridges and trails are in a deplorable state and villages face restricted travel and movement and an escalating cost of living. The main artery connecting the coast to Administrative Regions Seven, Eight, and Nine is in a worse condition than ever seen in the last two decades.The social sector – education and health services and their infrastructure – is declining at a rapid pace, compounded with limited school supplies and facilities and shortage of essential drugs and medical supplies everywhere and at all levels of the health system.The increase in the cost of living due to the 200 draconian taxes and fees of the APNU/AFC Government in the Amerindian communities, always higher than the coastal areas, has worsened dramatically, driving people into greater poverty.Due to the state of the economy, the lack of opportunities for youth, and, in fact, all Amerindians, has reached alarming proportions. There are few jobs available in these hinterland regions, nor are there jobs on the coast, to offer alternatives to Amerindians and hinterland residents.The illegal Granger-led Government is guilty of either the dismantling of or diverting resources of every single PPP/C-initiated programme that improved the quality of life of the Amerindian communities and their enhanced access to services, goods and opportunities as other Guyanese. Some of these included:– The Hinterland Household Electrification Programme terminated;– Funds for the US$17 million Hinterland ICT programme, are only now being implemented but with a great deal of corruption;– Termination of 1972 young Amerindian Community Service Officers effectively shut down the programme and impoverished 10,000 dependents;– The Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Training programme terminated; HEYS as an alternative is a skills training programme, not an entrepreneurial programme. From its inception it has been bedevilled by complaints of lack of payments for facilitators and participants alike. The issue of over $800 million being unaccounted for by the Auditor General remains unanswered. Now the entire programme is in jeopardy.– Limited access to scholarships both local and overseas at the post-secondary levels;– The termination of the “cash care” programme for all children enrolled in public-funded schools hit the Amerindian communities hardest;– Funding for approved Community Development Plans is in jeopardy;– School uniform materials have not been issued for almost 2 school years in many Amerindian communities.It is the illegal Granger-led Government that is responsible for worsening conditions in Amerindian communities, and, in fact, the entire country.Many have been the public promises by the Government but these have remained hollow with key and major issues remaining unaddressed and worsening conditions affecting the economic and social well-being of Amerindian citizens, coupled with alarming incursions on their constitutional and legal rights.As a result of the No-Confidence Motion and pending elections, the illegal President and Ministers are running into communities, including Amerindian communities, making new promises offering gifts of “David G” satchels, and other things, while ignoring the main issues these communities face of lack of jobs, economic development and access to goods, services and opportunities. During this frenzy of activities, enormous sums of taxpayers’ monies are being siphoned off for personal gain.The PPP/C assures the Amerindian communities that it will restore, resume and expand the programmes – which the caretaker Granger-led Government dismantled – and improve the quality of life of the Amerindian communities, enhance their access to goods, services and opportunities as other Guyanese, and integrate their communities into mainstream Guyana.As part of the first initiative of the PPP/C, we shall convene a national development conference in April 2020 for Amerindian communities to initiate the “Resumption of Development” of these communities.The PPP/C Government’s plans for Amerindian Communities and Hinterland Development will include the following:-1. Inclusivity – Uphold the principle of “Free Prior and Informed Consent” in decision-making by the Government and State agencies with Amerindian communities on issues and policies of national concern and those which involve their communities;2. Immediately resume the Amerindian Land Titling programme in compliance with the 2006 Amerindian Act;3. Fully finance the Community Development Plans thereby creating jobs and income;4. Increase Presidential Grants to fund and support other village activities;5. Hire 2000 Community Service Officers and expand the CSO programme;6. Improve agricultural support and infrastructure across the hinterland;7. Upgrade the hinterland roads, airstrips and water supply;8. Resume the Hinterland Household Electrification Programme and the Hinterland ICT programme;9. Improve working conditions for education and health workers;10. Improve education and health facilities and services;11. Remove hardship taxes on hinterland communities especially border areas;12. Remove VAT on air tickets and freight;13. Ensure that Amerindian and other hinterland residents benefit substantially from the proceeds of the oil and gas sector;14. Other measures that will benefit all Guyanese such as the restoration of the “cash care grant” to all school children, removal of the 200 tax measures including removal of VAT on essential items; restoring zero-rated VAT for machinery for agriculture, mining and forestry industries will also develop Amerindian and Hinterland communities;15. Improve ICT on coast and hinterland to provide quicker communication and integration of the hinterland region in mainstream society.The PPP/C’s track record in Government over the years demonstrated its commitment to our first peoples, our Amerindians – the protection of their land rights, the consistent application of the principle of “Free Prior and Informed Consent” in every case in their interaction with Amerindian communities, the implementation of agreed-on projects for the development of communities, reduction of poverty, and, respect for the duly elected leaders of Amerindian communities. We shall not deviate in our efforts in the new Government to restore and continue to improve the quality of their lives and integration into our nation as equal partners.The PPP re-commits to all the Toshaos, community leaders and representatives attending this 2019 NTC Conference to uphold the Guyana Constitution, guard democracy and the rights of all Guyanese as equals to enjoy all the resources and opportunities Guyana has to offer.Only compliance with the Constitution, rule of law, free and fair elections with a PPP/C Government can restore the quality of life of our first peoples, open opportunities and equal access to goods, services and opportunities for advancement.”last_img read more

Farrow tours Central African Republic

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Shaking hands with droves of cheering street children in Bangui, Mia Farrow began a weeklong tour of the Central African Republic on Saturday to draw attention – and aid – to one of the world’s forgotten crises. The 62-year-old actress and U.N. goodwill ambassador will visit some of the 150,000 people displaced by the nation’s simmering conflict and tour northern towns recently ravaged by fighting close to the borders with Chad and Sudan’s troubled Darfur region. “It’s called a forgotten crisis, a forgotten humanitarian crisis, but forgotten implies that it was once remembered,” Farrow said in the country’s capital of dirt roads and tin-roofed buildings. More than a year of instability in the impoverished nation’s northeast boiled over into a rebellion in October in which insurgents captured several towns. French-backed government troops recaptured the towns in early December, but they have been accused of burning villages to flush out insurgents. A separate rebel group has also launched attacks in the northwest. The United Nations says the violence has affected 1million people, nearly one-quarter of the country’s population, and that tens of thousands of women have been raped by different factions. The Central African Republic government has accused Sudan of backing the northeastern rebels, but Khartoum denies it. Farrow visited children at a UNICEF- sponsored project and met President Francois Bozize, who led a rebel army that overthrew the government in ’03 and was elected president two years later. “He was completely frank. He said: `We feel abandoned, we’re desperately in need of help. There is only so much we can do here, and we’re doing all of it,”‘ Farrow said. – Associated Press last_img

Extreme thunderstorm warning issued for both the North and South Peace

first_imgThey say severe thunderstorm conditions are possible for the morning and into the late afternoon Friday, favourable for the development of dangerous thunderstorms that may be capable of producing strong wind gusts, large hail and torential rain. It’s being reported that an area of thunderstorms currently over the Rocky Mountains is expected to drift eastwards over the Peace later this morning and this afternoon.They’re reminding residents that fast moving water across a road can sweep a vehicle away, and are asking you to be prepared for severe weather.- Advertisement -Environment Canada meteorologists will update alerts as required. You can email reports of severe weather to or tweet with the hashtag #BCStorm.last_img read more

Dry spell a good time to catch up

first_imgTHEY HAD IT ALL: Bogie and Bacall. Tonight at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, there is a special double feature of “To Have and Have Not,” the film on which Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall met and fell in love. Also being screened is their second film together, “The Big Sleep.” For details, call 323-466-3456 (FILM) or go to YULETIDE TITLE: Was “Fred Claus” just not the holiday classic you were looking for? Maybe it’s time to see “A Christmas Story” again – but this time on the big screen. The American Cinematheque is presenting a free family matinee screening of the film on Sunday at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. For more information, go to 818-713-3758160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! I just don’t understand these big movie studios sometimes. Far too often in recent months, they’ve released a glut of films on the same weekend – sometimes as many as five all at once – and battled for business. But today, only the thriller “Awake” is making its debut. No other newbies in sight. There’s gotta be a way to spread things out better so that good films don’t get overlooked. “Awake,” starring Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba, among others, is hardly “Spider-Man” or “Shrek,” the kind of movie that other releases need to get out of the way of – for fear of being trampled! Well, at least this gives people a chance to see some of the movies they may have missed. I think the Disney hit “Enchanted,” which enjoyed the second-best Thanksgiving weekend opening in history, will repeat as champ with a three-day take of around $20million or so. “Awake” should open in second place and might end up in the $15million to $18million range because of the lack of new competition. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREPettersson scores another winner, Canucks beat KingsCOUNTING THE MONEY: It’s far more common to be writing about some movie with a $100 million-plus production budget that is struggling to earn back its investment. Well, that is not the case with surprise hit “This Christmas,” which far exceeded expectations in its debut weekend. “Christmas” had a modest production budget of $13million and took in twice that in its first five days. I look for it to add up to $10million this weekend. HOLDOVERS: The lack of new product should help holdovers such as “Beowulf,” “Bee Movie” and “Fred Claus” add more dollars to their already impressive totals. The art-house flick “I’m Not There” about Bob Dylan remains in limited release but also should continue to draw big crowds wherever it is playing. THE $10 BILLION YEAR THAT WASN’T: After such a stupendous summer, there was a realistic chance that the movie industry might reach the $10billion mark in domestic grosses for the first time in history. But since those heady summer months, business has mostly lagged, and year-to-date revenue stood at $8.563billion as of Sunday. That’s 4.87percent ahead of 2005, but even commercially promising titles such as “The Golden Compass,” “I Am Legend” and “Sweeney Todd” will likely not be enough to push the total above $10billion. last_img read more

What You Are Not Being Told About Earth’s Magnetic Field

first_imgAll you need to know is right here: (1) scientists don’t understand it, and (2) without it we would be dead. Read more if you dare.In New Scientist‘s piece, “The paradox powering earth’s magnetic field,” Marcus Woo knows that we rely on our magnetic field:IT IS Earth’s silent defender. Without it, a constant onslaught of charged particles would bombard our planet’s atmosphere, changing its chemistry and disrupting our electronic infrastructure. Assuming any of that stuff was even there to disrupt. In Earth’s infancy, our guardian may have prevented the sun’s action from stripping away the protective bubble of gas surrounding our planet entirely, and so allowed life – and eventually intelligent life – to flourish.But then Woo reveals a tale of scientific nakedness covered by fig leaves. First, the fig leaves:This silent defender is Earth’s magnetic field, a force field whose source lies in the churning molten iron that forms the planet’s core. Electrons flowing through this fluid generate an electric current, which in turn creates a magnetic field. The core is a giant, self-sustaining electromagnet: a dynamo.Now, the unveiling:That’s been the general story for decades. But over the last few years, it has run into a problem. Evidence is mounting that the dynamo could only have emerged comparatively recently. At the same time, geological clues show that the magnetic field has existed for most of Earth’s 4.5-billion-year history. This contradiction – an ancient magnetic field without anything to power it – is forcing us to rethink our planet’s insides.Not a pretty sight. No dynamo? That’s dynamite.Marcus Woo is a moyboy, of course, not questioning the consensus age of the earth. Now, however, the moyboy position leads to a contradiction. What to do? Geophysicists need a dynamo tale for their billions of years, but can’t find a place to plug it in. What powers the convection that’s supposed to generate the field?So it seems that one way or another, the dynamo has been kept turning for most of Earth’s history. But it’s here we encounter the most recent twist in this magnetic tale. In the past few years, researchers have begun to doubt whether the first part of the story, thermal convection, could ever have happened – and if it did, whether it would have been strong enough to power the magnetic field. “If you want to rely on thermal convection alone, then we’re in trouble,” says David Stevenson at the California Institute of Technology.The fig leaves came off recently. Woo quotes Francis Nimmo: “Five years ago, everyone thought they knew the answer.” Under the best theoretical models, the dynamo could not have gotten jumpstarted till a billion years ago, billions of years after the earth’s emergence as a planet. But without it running from the beginning, life would have cooked under an atmosphere doing a striptease in the hot sun.Woo doesn’t want to leave the models naked. He brings in some tailors. One guy dresses the model with magnesium; another, with silicon. Others try entertainment till some covering arrives. Ever seen the Wobble Dance? The Jostle Dance? They sound lun-ey if not risque.Some researchers have even suggested that convection may not drive the dynamo at all. Instead, Earth’s wobbling rotation could jostle the molten iron. Or the moon’s gravity could tug the liquid core in the same way it causes ocean tides. “There’s a group of people that are enthusiastic about the idea, but I would say it’s probably not mainstream,” says Bruce Buffet at the University of California, Berkeley.For now, “everything’s up in the air,” Woo laments. Even the fig leaves. Try not to think about it.At the moment, everything’s up in the air. Even the thermal conductivity calculations could be wrong. In fact, a study contradicting Hirose’s measurements ran alongside his in the same scientific journal. “This is a fast-moving field,” Nimmo says. “I don’t think we have a completely satisfactory answer.”And you thought the tale of the Earth’s magnetic field was as elegant as Melanie Trump’s inauguration gown by Ralph Lauren. Sorry; that was only the textbook drawing for the TV animators. The real tailors are threadbare, leaving their critics in stitches.And that’s what you are not being told. The secular geophysicists can’t power the magnetic field or keep it going, and they can’t live without it. All these problems ensue because they’re moyboys. Take away the requirement for millions and billions of years: problem (1) solved. Think of it as intelligently designed for human life: problem (2) solved. So what’s the problem? Not evidence, but worldview commitment. (Visited 216 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Reprieve for blacklisted consumers

first_img5 September 2013 Previously blacklisted consumers have been given some breathing space, with the Cabinet approving a proposal to allow consumers who can afford to take up more debt to access credit once they have settled their debt. Briefing journalists in Pretoria on Thursday following the Cabinet’s latest fortnightly meeting, spokesperson Phumla Williams said that denying credit to previously blacklisted consumers “hinders growth”. “What tends to happen currently is that even if you have settled your debt, you still have to wait for a period of five years,” Williams said. “The proposal that has been made is to ensure that those that have settled their debt are able to continue their lives in terms of doing the business that they may wish to engage in.” The proposal was made by the Select Committee on Trade and International Relations following a report by the Removal of Adverse Credit Information Project. The report’s recommendations were first discussed in Parliament last year after it was noted that denying credit to those that were previously blacklisted without considering affordability was detrimental not only to consumers but also to the economy. Williams said the Department of Trade and Industry still needed to conclude internal processes before the Cabinet’s decision could come into effect. Meanwhile, Williams said the Cabinet had also approved several other Bills for introduction to Parliament, including the National Credit Amendment Bill, which seeks to give the National Credit Regulator (NCR) more powers to implement and enforce critical credit provisions. “The Bill aims to strengthen the capacity of the National Credit Regulator to address certain challenges, especially around court processes, and to strengthen enforcement and implementation of the provisions of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.” Source: read more

Real inspiration for Virtual Caches: part three

first_img SharePrint RelatedVirtual Rewards: The world is your oyster!April 10, 2018In “Community”Real inspiration for Virtual Caches: part twoOctober 17, 2017In “News”Real inspiration for Virtual Caches: part oneSeptember 19, 2017In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter” Our virtual trip around the world is coming to a close, but not without sharing several more Virtual Caches you can find! We’re featuring one Virtual Cache from every continent so we can truly circle the globe!EuropeName: Sie kommen! (Virtual Reward)GC7B6YKLocation: Germany(Photo by elfchen77)Oceania/AustraliaName: Whatarippavista!!GC7B7JNLocation: New South Wales, Australia(photo by bella at waggy)South AmericaName: MACHU PICCHUGC7B9HFLocation: Peru(Photo by Etibachtfan)North AmericaName: Chacchoben Grand Temple I — DGS Virtual RewardGC7B6TKLocation: Mexico(photo by aogagent1)AfricaName: Jubilee squareGC7B96XLocation: South Africa(Photo by RolandC)AntarcticaName: Winter WonderlandGCA93CLocation: Antarctica(Photo by: VeteranTributes)AsiaName: 天花杏醉人樓玉GC7B663Location: Taiwan(Photo by monkey_travels)We can still expect up to 3000 more new Virtual Caches to be published. So be sure to keep an eye out for one near you!Which Virtual Cache do you want to travel to most?Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

On Talking Points

first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now Pick any three Sunday morning political/talk/current events shows, like Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Meet the Press with David Gregory, or Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Watch the ones that share your brand of America’s political parties if it makes you more comfortable. And ignore the politics (that isn’t the point of this exercise). Instead, watch and listen carefully to the guests. Notice a few things.First, the guest commentators are have strong, focused answers. No matter how tough the question, they have an answer that doesn’t sound like it just fell out of their mouth for the very first time. They already know the questions they are going to be asked, and they are well rehearsed in their responses. They know what they need to say to score points.Second, notice how the guests from one brand of political party sounds very much like the rest of the other guests from that political persuasion. They may put their own spin on the answer, but the themes, ideas, and points that they make are very much the same (minus an occasional oddball commenter thrown in to shake things up).Finally, notice how the commentators stay on point. They don’t stray all over the place trying to bring in a bunch of new ideas and new points. They have chosen the best language to convey their message, and they stick with it. Unless they hear one of their peers make a point with particularly effective language, in which case you can watch that language be picked up and used to replace less effective language choices. It spreads like wildfire.Your talking points should be the same. You don’t have to sound like you are reading a script, but you should know what you are most likely going to be asked and how to answer, including the language to explain something complicated, if need be.If you manage a sales team, they need to sound very much like the examples you see on Sunday morning shows. They should all be on message, make effective arguments, and succinctly speak to your value proposition. They should also share their best language with their peers.What you say matters. How you say it matters. Language is influence. Write and study your talking points.last_img read more